9 places in Saskatchewan named after body parts

Arms, knees, heads and jaws


Moose Jaw (Troy Fleece/CP)

1. Big Arm Bay

2. Eyebrow

3. Elbow

4. Knee Lake

5. Arm River

6. Head Lake

7. Skull Creek

8. Bone Creek

9. (Moose) Jaw

Source: Natural Resources Canada

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9 places in Saskatchewan named after body parts

  1. You forgot Regina.

    • “The city that rhymes with fun.”
      Mick Jagger, 2007, performing in Regina.

  2. Our settlers had no creativity, that’s for sure. Many of our names are the same as they were in the ‘old country’.

    • Plenty of creativity in your settler family.

      It was a brave bold stroke to start naming baby boys, “Emily.”

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