Announcing the Great Canadian Faceoff -

Announcing the Great Canadian Faceoff

Do you look like a Canadian celebrity?


Mike Duval from Penetanguishene, Ontario as Red Green (Steve Smith) from the Red Green Show.

Have you ever been mistaken for Shania Twain in the line at Tim Hortons? Does your moustache prompt comparisons with Jack Layton? Could you be the long-lost twin of Sidney Crosby? Or Stephen Harper? If so, Maclean’s wants to hear from you. And we want the photographic evidence.

Maclean’s is launching our Great Canadian Faceoff. We’re searching for the country’s most recognizable faces and biggest celebrities. Our inspiration for this cross-country photo hunt began in April, when Capital Diary’s Mitchel Raphael uncovered New Brunswick insurance company employee Jacques Pinet, who’s a dead ringer for government House leader John Baird. Pinet’s resemblance to Baird is so striking that he’s even fooled security guards at the House of Commons. So can anyone beat that?

Send your submissions to and check regularly to see how your fellow Canadians match up against some of your favourite celebrities.

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Announcing the Great Canadian Faceoff

  1. If you have been mistaken for Shania Twain – good for you – you are an attractive lady – lol

    • Oh puh-lease, all the time is like we are looking in the mirror – lol

      • Well then, like I said, you are very lucky :)

  2. That is spooky. 

  3. political celebrities?  these people smile because they have financial security and pensions for however they are in supposed public service…they are also howling smiley because they have duped you i and everyone else!
    in america…big difference,,,there they have self made people… kings queens and celebrities not even close to the canuckian way of life where the political brown nosers are famous…ghawwdd how boring!