Barbara Amiel on dogs

EXCLUSIVE: A rare one-on-one video interview with Amiel at her Toronto home, accompanied by her two Hungarian kuvasz


Photograph by Jessica Darmanin

Barbara Amiel’s look at the cutthroat world of purebred dogs in our April 2 issue (“Chasing perfection,” Society) received an overwhelming response. This week, we followed up with a special iPad extra, reproducing the story with additional photos and featuring an exclusive video interview with Amiel at her Toronto home—her first one-on-one, on-camera interview in years. Amiel talks about her motivation for writing the article and her passion for dogs, including her two loyal Hungarian kuvasz.

Get the full video, “Chasing perfection” story and photos on your iPad in the Maclean’s magazine app.



Barbara Amiel on dogs

  1. I don’t have an ipad.  Can I read this article in another format?

  2. Am not going for the ipad fad. Since no one else (tablet) is invited to this party, am not gonna read it. 

  3. I’d hardly call iPads a “fad”; but I’ll side with you on the discriminatory not as an non-iPad user.

  4. Sad that people can’t embrace the innocence of this article. iPad or not, this photo is beautiful and, having 5 dogs, I can appreciate the content!

    • Oh I would really appreciate the article if I read it. I love dogs! However, the constant “get it on ipad” gets me down. It’s like there are no other tablets in existence @_@  I know it probably sounds childish, but I have a Transformer. 

  5. what’s an ipad? I’m not part of this so called new fad nor do I want to be part of it !!!! I hate these so called smart phones. Why can’t anything Just be simple???????  

  6. That is the ugliest living room I have ever seen.

  7. I am not interested in reading anything this ridiculous woman writes.  Why does this magazine continue to pring Mrs Conrad Blacks writing. 

    • Obviously the magazine continues to “pring” her articles because people read and perhaps enjoy them.  You do have a choice @Trudyf2000!

  8. Exclusive? That’s great because so many organizations are fighting to break the barabra amiel on dogs story. Exclusive interview with your own weak columnist? Why? How many views has this had? More than a dozen? 
    Today is March 31st. How did you article in the april 2nd issue generate “overwhelming response” days before it was published? 

    Trudyf2000 is correct is asking: why does this magazine publish her? Why? Who is reading her?

  9. Get it on ipad, marketing hook. Forget it.

  10. I loved Ms. Amiel’s article in Maclean’s, Chasing Perfection, and as a subscriber to the magazine would love to see the interview and her marvellous dogs at home.  However, I don’t have an iPad, no need of one, and therefore have to give interview a miss.  A great pity as I always enjoy reading Ms. Amiel’s adventures with her dogs. 

  11. I too would like to read the article but do not have an ipad!  I do know how to text though!!

  12. Stop with the iPad stuff. 

    Who is this woman with the dogs again and why should we care? Isn’t her husband a serial killer or something?

  13. Shucks.  I thought this was an article about Conrad.

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  15. The plural of kuvasz is kuvaszok.

  16. The iPad thing is getting worse. There are apps I can’t get because I don’t have the latest model!