Bieber beats up paparazzo? -

Bieber beats up paparazzo?

Paparazzo sheds every last bit of self-resepect and tells the world he was beaten up by teen heartthrob


Head: Justin Bieber, (Chris Pizzello/AP Photo). Body: Robert Stieglitz (Jens Meyer/AP Photo). Montage by: Erica Alini.

It looks like all of Justin Bieber’s rough housing with Mike Tyson and friends has finally paid off. The Stratford, Ont.-born teen heartthrob turned lesbian icon is now a suspect in a “misdemeanor battery” case in Calabasis, California, where he currently lives. Bieber and longtime celibacy sponsor Selena Gomez, the story goes, were leaving a local shopping mall on Sunday afternoon, when a paparazzo tried to take J.B.’s photo, allegedly blocking the pop star’s car in the process.

According to said paparazzo, a scuffle ensued, one Bieber apparently won–because the next thing the paparazzo knew, JB had driven off, leaving him with a very convenient tummy ache. (Onlookers say a lawyer who happened to witness the altercation immediately approached the paparazzo and suggested he call an ambulance and file a police report–likely with an eye to a possibly lucrative lawsuit.) The police arrived shortly after. According to TMZ, “the photog complained of pain in his upper torso, an ambulance was summoned and he was taken to a local hospital where he was examined and released a short time later”.


In case you were wondering whether paparazzi have even a morsel of self-respect, the answer is officially no. Because the only thing worse than being beaten up by Justin Bieber is, I suspect, willfully telling everyone you were beaten up by Justin Bieber.

As for Biebs himself, I can’t say I feel sorry for him, what with the never ending supply of money, fans (he is said to gain a Twitter follower every other second) and outlandish gifts from big sister Ellen Degeneres. But this video does make me feel even less sorry for the paparazzi than Bieber himself.


Bieber beats up paparazzo?

  1. Hey Teits (seems like a equal opportunity short form to Beibs),

    Not crazy about the bad photoshopping in this article. Temper the carotene on the noodle with an orange filter next time.

    But, I thought grafting a Stephen Harper head on blue boy at the Ottawa sex exhibit would be a priority (Stephen Taylor no doubt is working on it right now).

    Heads up in case you want to blog: Blue Boy’s only real erogenous zone is the hypocathalamus taxcutteus. It’s bone shaped.

    Elaine’s mannequin continues to looks ok, no complaints.

    -not Dot

    • Teits? Take it easy there or Patchouli is going to report you. BTW, I am convince that macleans staff are among the alias who post comments.

  2. Haha it can’t be a worse thing than being beaten up by Justin Bieber. The paparazzo should hide in shame.