Canada’s 10 most trusted brands

Tim Hortons is number two on the list. Who’s the lucky number one?



Dollars (at least in Canadian Tire money) to doughnuts, these companies enjoy the strongest reputations among Canadian consumers:*

1. Jean Coutu Group (pharmacies)

2. Tim Hortons

3. Shoppers Drug Mart

4. WestJet

5. Research In Motion

6. Bombardier

7. Yellow Pages

8. Alimentation Couche-Tard (convenience stores)

9. Canadian Tire

10. Saputo

*From a survey of consumer attitudes toward companies based on, among other things, their corporate citizenship, leadership, performance, and products and services.
Source: Canadian Business (2011)

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Canada’s 10 most trusted brands

  1. How did Saputo get on this list …. maybe Canadians thought the question was most trusted brand to poison you when they were answering about dairy company. I don’t consume dairy products myself but I do buy them for my partner and family/friends and I refuse to purchase anything made by Saputo.

    Saputo should be on list of Canada’s Top 5 dodgy companies, not on list of most trusted,

    CP – Dec 2010:
    “Canadian cheese giant Saputo Inc. is expanding a recall on certain cheese slice products because they may be contaminated with Listeria bacteria.”

    TorStar ~ Jan 2012:
    Authorities are recalling 80,000 litres of Neilson 2 per cent milk in Ontario and Quebec because of the risk of contamination with cleaning solution.

  2. I know I can always trust Tim Horton’s to brew me up a cup of something which tastes like a combination of rotting flesh, toxic smegma, and poop.

  3. Clearly no message here for Enbridge o, the arrogant, disfunctional Keystone Kops of public relations. Now, having learned nothing they are on about a ‘plot’ against them. I haven’t seen this since Richard Nixon. Clearly incompetent and out of touch. Are they still in business this week? Still reporting to the juniors at the PM’s office?

  4. I’m surprised to not see PC/Loblaws on the list.

  5. I don’t understand the Tim Horton’s cult. It’s coffee. That’s all. Not extraordinary.

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