Canada’s 6 sexiest athletes

According to Sportsnet magazine, these are the ones we watch—win or lose

Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP Images

1. Adam van Koeverden, 20, kayak

Andy Devlin/CP Images

2. Sheldon Souray, 35, hockey

CBC Handout

3. Tessa Bonhomme, 26, hockey

Darryl Dyck

4. Ashleigh McIvor, 28, ski cross

Martin Rose/Getty Images

5. Cristy Nurse, 25, rowing

Graham Hughes/CP Images

6. Heather Moyse, 33, bobsled/rugby

Source: Sportsnet magazine

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Canada’s 6 sexiest athletes

  1. I think AvK is 30, not 20.

  2. I’m a wee bit disappointed Alexandre Despatie isn’t on this list.

  3. This has to be currently active athletes because otherwise Manon Rhéaume tops the list.

    Am I right people?

  4. Not much in the way of sexiness in Canada, then, eh.

  5. I thought this was a news magazine: sexy athletes and manicures don’t quite hit the mark – basically, it’s trifling tripe.

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