Everybody in Canada would live in this province if they could

We’ll give you a hint: Ontario came in second place. But which province, often identified by its initials, came first?


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Everybody in Canada would live in this province if they could

  1. I’d like to see the question that was really asked-it had to be VERY leading. I’ve lived in B.C., Nova Scotia, Alberta and Ontario. B.C. is at the bottom of my list-I thought I’d get moldy while I lived there and it was the only one of those 4 where extreme socialism was the main ideology.

    • LOL well I agree with you about the ‘moldy’. I thought it would never stop raining!

      The Liberals there are the old SoCred though.

  2. I lived in Ont. Que, and now PEI. I would not choose BC for a host of reasons.
    PEI is great and has so much to offer.

  3. It doesn’t rain there nearly as much as people seem to think. Ottawa has had a lot more rain than the Fraser Valley this year. That’s not the norm of course, but the myth that “it always rains in Vancouver” is just that. They do get a lot of rain, but it keeps things nice and green; mid-temperate rain forest is beautiful for that reason.

    However, BC, like the GTA, has become absurdly, and needlessly, expensive, and for all the wrong reasons. (Not just because everyone wants to live there.) The Fraser Valley and the GTA have been ground zero for Canada’s failed monetary policy, with housing prices inflated to the stratosphere. That property inflation has created many thousands of self-entitled nouveau riche who think they got that way via inherent cleverness. Some will keep that wealth. Quite a few others are in for a surprise. Which is a good thing. Maybe he GTA and Vancoucer area will become tolerable places to live again. It will require the cleansing purge of a violent housing correction to set things right again, so who knows when that will be, if ever.

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