How to Be a Better Canadian: A Toast to Canadian sparkling wines

How to Be a Better Canadian: Drink Canadian wine

Top sommelier Véronique Rivest shows the best sparkling wines made right here in Canada


Maclean’s presents the next instalment in our patriotic video series, designed to add to your already encyclopedic knowledge of this great country. This week: Top sommelier Véronique Rivest toasts the champagne of Canadian wines.

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How to Be a Better Canadian: Drink Canadian wine

  1. We do not drink in Canada. Just too taxing, it became revenge for a rude taxed year.

    Its not hard to drop $100 for wine, spirits, beer a week per person. But if you put $5,200 in a TFSA for 40 years at 6% return or so, you would have a million tax free spendable cash.

    Or its 2 weeks for two at an good all inclusive where you can drink a lot, eat a lot, sun in shorts and not parkas…..

    Or in a cash account, invest it to retire early. Or pay the mortgage down to reduce tax payed money going out the door and reduce risk.

    And I bet many a drinker spends a lot more than $100/week on mostly taxes. Some I bet even carry credit card balances so $100 to booze, $200 in carry charges, possibly $3 million out he window in 40 years of doing this.

    • Dave can tie his tax rant to anything.