Justin Trudeau on 10 of his favourite swims in Canada

From our archives, Justin Trudeau on his favourite dips in Canada

Pierre and Justin Trudeau rafting. Date unknown (Trudeau family)

Pierre and Justin Trudeau rafting. Date unknown (Trudeau family)

Reprinted from Maclean’s Book of Lists.

“Over the course of my life and travels, I have rarely resisted the urge, upon visiting a beautiful place, to strip down to my skivvies and jump in the water (regardless of how cold or inappropriate it may be). Here, then, is a non-exhaustive list of some of my favourite dips from across the country, from west to east.”

10. Swimming with the icebergs in Alsek Lake, Tatshenshini River, Yukon

9. Falling off my surfboard at North Chesterman Beach, Tofino, B.C.

8. Jumping a fence and poaching a random hot tub with friends and beverages in Whistler, B.C.

7. Soaking in the natural hot springs along the Nahanni River, N.W.T.

6. Flipping off the top deck of a houseboat on Lake of the Woods, Ont., to impress my dad

5. Racing out of the sauna at The Outpost and into Maskinonge Lake, Temagami, Ont.

4. Half-drowning my way through the Washing Machine, clinging to my kayak, Rivière Rouge, Que.

3. Leaping 60 feet off the bridge of an icebreaker into the fjord off Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunavut

2. Paddling down the Margaree River in an inner tube with my one-year-old son Xavier in my lap, Cape Breton, N.S.

1. Diving into icy waters off the rocky beach at Cape Broyle, Nfld., with my brother, after a campfire meal of lobsters, steak and Jockey Club, on the snowy May weekend of my bachelor party.



Justin Trudeau on 10 of his favourite swims in Canada

  1. I totally love Justin Trudeau.

  2. Hard-hitting stuff from Macleans here. Tell us about about something even more daring, like the time he forgot to brush his teeth, or stayed up past 10:30 p.m.

  3. Why does this dreck get published?

    • For pretty much the same reason they publish the dreck of Harper riding an ATV through an area he shouldn’t have in Yukon. Or is that somehow different?

      • You feel that JT’s “favourite swims” compares to the PM making announcements related to arctic policy? Ooookaaaaay….

        • Man, what a lovely example of conbot logic…really lovely. Is there no end to conbot stupidity?

          No the subject was whether the stories were important and should they really be newsworthy.You and Andrew make a great team.
          My only point was if they’re going to publish the “dreck” of Harper ATVing around the north what’s so wrong with this story – they’re both bumfluffery. Media fill in for a rainy day come summer doldrums. They could have easily done an expose on Harry’s bits and pieces. Who cares!

        • You feel that going for a spin [at tax payer expense no doubt] on an ATV has anything at all to do with the PM making announcements related to arctic or northern policy? Ooookaaaaay….

      • PM Harper is the leader of your country—has been for the past 7 years and probably will be for the next 10 years despite your nitpicking about a little dust thrown in the Yukon.

  4. Can’t wait for Harper’s 10 most exciting five minute ATV rides in Canada’s North. Two down, eight to go.

    • Though I can imagine photographs of Justin’s in his swimsuit and I just don’t want to even think of Mr. Harper in his trunks.

      • I can imagine Justin in a trunk,on a slow moving train making it’s way across the foggy moors of England.

  5. Seriously? Who actually took up the time to write this? Did someone let Mitchel Raphael be “Editor for the Day”?

    • Would you prefer more from the F 35 blooper reel?

  6. does Trudeau love to go swimmin’ with bowlegged women?

    • Sounds more like Justine loves swimmin with bow legged men… and some people suggest that Justine is nothing like his Father…

      • He has his mother’s brain and she’s an old hippie burn out with mental issues. Go figure. He is a cardboard cutout of his father, thank god. We can’t handle another Marxist twit in Ottawa.

  7. Whats next… Justines favourite outdoor sites to poop? “I pooped in the bushes right beside the Plains of Abraham, to impress my Dad”. I look forward to more exciting “coverage” of the life and times of Trudeaus vacuous kid… Where is Justines favourite spots to somersault ? and which somersault impressed his Dad the most? Please let us know the next time Justine farts, cause we want to smell it too.

    • Again ! After Stephanie (Dion) we have Justine (Trudeau). What is it with the anglo mind that makes it equate speaking French with being unmanly?

      • hey! don’t paint all anglos with the same brush as the loser agbove!

      • And what does it say about the CPC caucus that every MP was too scared to box against him, necessitating bringing in a senator.

        • I know this one!


          Who in their right mind wants to do anything to raise the profile of this clown whose only significant achievement is having a former Prime Minister for a father.

          • So who’s your daddy?

          • A certain Harper appointed Senator it would seem.

  8. compelling stuff, JT.

  9. Is Macleans changing it’s name to Tiger Beat.

  10. And what’s his favorite color? Favorite Movie … oh he’s so dreamy.

    Good work reporters …. great news story. I’d never have known about the Tofino mishap …. god we’re lucky to have Mcleans.

  11. What is that brings out the haters to any Trudeau story? Yet they come like flies to the outhouse, whining about all the coverage the pretty boy gets and why does anyone bother really – yet still they come…i think you all have a secret Justine mancrush…or you’re really afraid he might catch on!!
    I’m sure you’ve all given him a few gray hairs over this story. But as i said most of you had no problem lapping up photo ops of the PM illicitly ATVing in the Yukon…both stories are lightweight bumfluff . The only thing remotely interesting is that Harper in a typical CPC/PMO f**k up managed to plough through the middle of a disputed area. And in JT’s case he swam in some pretty nice spots…if you don’t like it don’t why bother reading it? I guess hypocrite and partisan are pretty much synonymes these days.

    • Nobody minded the story about Laureen hiking across the wilderness either.

      • Heh, heh, with her special RCMP security guard.

        • Weird isn’t it? A summer fluff story and he gets vicious attacks…..yet the story about Laureen……

      • Heaven help her if she had gone for a dip then.

    • You ask what brings the haters out to Trudeau stories.
      The answer is fear and envy. They KNOW that this guy has the charisma and smarts (and boxing skills!) to bring down the charmless harper, and so they post the most ridiculous, partisan, cry-baby comments. If only JT had lost that boxing match — then they’d have something to crow about. But I haven’t heard Ezra call him a “prancing pony” lately either.

      • If boxing skills are your best asset for PM, you are in trouble. Green Party has Georges Laraque and he would make poutine out of Justin. If you think Justin is smarter than Harper, you might be a Trudeau fanboi.

      • I really couldn’t care less if they don’t like the guy or think him stupid [ i can’t stand Harper for instance]. But they never put out any kind of coherent argument…just as you say envy and fear or projected hatred of his dad; Some of them weren’t even around to have a legit reason for hating. As you say fear and envy fuel a lot of it. Can’t stand mindless stupidity and hatred myself.

        • If you can’t stand “mindless stupidity” and “hatred” why are you so full of it? Whats your “coherent argument” for your blind cult like passion of all things Trudeau? Hey, I hate Hitler and everything he stood for, but by your “reasoning” because I wasn’t around during Hitlers reign of terror I therefore have no “legit” reason for hating him… interesting… Is that Trudopian “logic”… Is your “hatred” of “Harper” born out of fear and envy… or is that type of generalization exclusively reserved for those that don’t worship at the alter of Trudeau?

          • Didn’t comment on JT anywhere here did i? In fact i called the piece bumfluff.
            I gave it a try with you bud. I’m done. Haters never seem to stop hating for some reason. Sling your hook and spew your venom elsewhere from now on.

          • So you have such an inflated view of your own self that you believe you can order people to express their views elsewhere.
            Let me let you in on a taste of reality.
            The only people who give your scattered ramblings any notice are those leftists cultists who follow Wherry around.
            Those of us with an objective viewpoint think you are a fool.

          • You’ve already proven yourself stupid, why bother confirming it?
            Obviously i can’t tell him to get off the blog – just not bother replying to me or expect any kind of reply. God you conbots are thick.

          • “Those of us with an objective viewpoint think you are a fool.”

            Objective…you mean like Ezra? Really why do you dump all over Aaron Wherry when you probably get most of your news from such straight shooters as Levant or Fox news? Do you know what the word ironic means by any chance?

    • Don’t want to question your expertise in “bumfluff”… but you should really quit crying… you’re going to have a stroke. Why do Justine “bumfluff” lovers like yourself get so upset when others don’t share in you’re man love for all things Trudeau? Calm down, not everybody loves Justin Beiber either, but it’s certainly no reason to stroke out.

    • Maybe because the Shiny Pony has never done anything with his life of notable accomplishment? That he is famous for being famous, part of the lucky chromosome club? Just sayin’……

      • Fine. But that’s your opinion. [What had Harper done prior to becoming PM? Nothing of note outside of politcs] I just don’t understand all the overt hatred that seems to fly a soon as his name is mentioned.
        Oh well i guess the same thing happens to Harper. Can’t abide the man myself. The dif is i can give probably a dozen sourced reasons why i can’t stand him.[ hmmm, i did originally type hate even though i didn’t intend to. I don’t believe in irrational hatred, but i have my limit too].

  12. Has Justin tried swimming off the coast of West Australia ? He should.

  13. The more I see this Justin Turdeau the more he looks like Mick Jagger. Wasn’t Maggie hanging out with the STONES back then? Just asking.

  14. Be still my beating heart.

    I could only make it down to #6 when the tingles running up my leg made a mess a little higher.

    Thank you Justin.

    • deleted

  15. Half-drowning my way through the Washing Machine.

    Maggie had some laundry issues,or maybe she knew what she was doing.

  16. Killer number 5, can’t beat a sauna at the Outpost after Bisco