Poll: Have you ever taken a day off to celebrate your anniversary?

Justin Trudeau is going to do just that. It’s a scheduling play that has people talking.



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will take a day away from his overseas tour on Wednesday to celebrate his eleventh wedding anniversary with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. In addition to forever ruining it for all those who try to get away with a greeting card, it’s a decision that has people talking.

“This is the kind of work-life balance that I’ve often talked about as being essential,” the PM said when asked.

So … informal reader poll: Have you ever taken the day off to celebrate your anniversary?

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Poll: Have you ever taken a day off to celebrate your anniversary?

  1. I suspect that growing up as a child of “privilege”, Trudeau is unaware of most employers expectations ie; leave days, sick days, . Nice place to take an “anniversary leave” day. The taxpayers foot the bill for another politicians exorbitant expense.

  2. My parents anniversary was always a special day for them and they often took time off. Sometimes a day, sometimes a week. They often took a week around Valentine’s Day too – just a mid winter break – and Gram would come and visit while they spent it at a hotel, resort, on a short trip, or whatever. We all enjoyed the break!

    Maybe that’s why their marriage lasted for 64 years….

  3. My husband and I have been married for 62 + years now. We always tried to spend some time together on our Anniversary but did not shut down our business. We realized that it was more than an inconvenience for the people we worked with, as they lost the day’s pay if we were not there. I know this will not happen to the Trudeaus, as we taxpayers will cover the cost of the people travelling with them. Just another few dollars from the people who have to work on their anniversary

    • He’s not paid by the hour you know

      Obama went to a Buddhist temple and then a noodle shop for the day

  4. By force-feeding the Nation an endless diet of sweet, sugary love stories about Justin and Sophie and their adorable, angelic children, Maclean’s is in danger of causing an epidemic of diabetes in its readers.
    Steady readers are advised to get periodic blood and urine sugar tests or modify their reading habits.
    An ounce of prevention…..etc.

  5. Why would a well-respected media source such as Macleans lower itself to become a groupie for this crap? You have such capability to generate intelligent, thought provoking and exciting content yet so many media groups are making fools or themselves trying to turn everything the MP and Liberals do into nothing short of a message from the Hand of God. Please come to your senses and understand that Canadians will be happy to read good things about the Liberals and Opposition Parties when it is deserved but we all know when it is deserved. We also know when it isn’t. It’s called integrity and you know it in your gut. This trying to manipulate the masses is making a mess of our country and may in fact destroy it as we all continue to bicker over the insignificant. Give us thought provoking, intelligent articles that aren’t one sided and put us back on the right track. It is the best thing for all of us. Please. And thank you.

    • I couldn’t believe it was MacLeans. I thought it was the National Enquirer. Why can’t they stop making everything so personal? “AnniversaryGate” now?

  6. You know why Trudeau can do something stupid like cross the floor and bring the opposition whip to his seat and still end up growing in popularity? Because a lot of very silly, very loud people make a very large deal out of very small things.

    So what if Harper did not take a day off? He also spent millions and millions of tax dollars buying advertising for his party. At the end of the day, I bet Harper’s abuse of tax dollars took more from the treasury than a one day down time so Trudeau and his wife can have some time to themselves.

    And if you think it is uncommon for people to tack on holiday time during a business trip, think again.

    • Gayle1: You apparently expect no higher standard of diligence from your PM than than your average Joe Canuck Six-Pack? Or is it only because he’s a Liberal that he gets your stamp of approval?

      • I expect him to be honest, trustworthy and fair. I expect him to govern with integrity, and keep his promises.

        So far so good.

    • Let’s not forget the 1.1 million to fly his limo to India

  7. This is so beneath MacLeans. We are not the prime minister and not expected to work seven days a week. Did you learn nothing from elbowgate? Leave them alone to enjoy their anniversary. You should be ashamed.

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