No passport required, great travel destinations in Canada -

No passport required, great travel destinations in Canada

Maclean’s summer getaway guide


Summer Getaways: No passport required

Our annual guide to summer travel highlights across the country.

When the cirque comes to town
Birdies, belugas and broadway
Ontario Ontario
Sandy beaches, big city sights
Alberta Alberta
Where to find your inner cowboy
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
Look, Up in the sky
British Columbia
Plenty of sights and sounds
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador
Enjoy the rocky roads
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
Taste, the adventure
New Brunswick
Jazz riffs and tidal raves
Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island
Swings, sails and celebs
The North
An amazing race
Where famous Canucks go to play – Travel-savvy celebs pick their favourite holiday posts

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No passport required, great travel destinations in Canada

  1. Travelling in Canada is way to expensive, hotels/motels are outrageously pricey, I can have a hotel for 2 nights with a huge breakfast buffet for two people for the equivalent of $300 in Germany.
    The same goes for meals, you get decent big meals for half the price than in Canada. And they wonder why the tourist industry is suffering.

    • Agree 110% being from Toronto it was cheaper for us to go to Belfast for a week last year then it would have been to spent a week in Halifax

    • You've got to be kidding. We recently finished a 9 day road trip through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for less than $100.00 per night including breakfast.

    • then stay in Germany.

    • I spent 300 bucks for a month in Thailand :) Beats anything I can imagine in that uptight nation of Germany. I spent 30 bucks a night in The Andes in Argentina. I was guided on a 8 day trek through the Peruvian Andes for $250 US. Germany is the one of last place I would call cheap.

  2. I concur!! Drive down for 1-1/2 hours and fly out of Buffalo to say Florida is cheaper than paying the taxes alone flying out of Toronto. And I just spent over $500.oo for a night stay at Niagara Falls because the kids wanted to watch the fire works at the falls. It likes they know they got you and they make sure they take advantage and stick it to you…

    • Sounds like your problem is you're a hostage to your kids.

      • Sounds like you don't have any kids. It sounded like you're a hypocrite!! You defend Toronto as if it is the center of the universe and then probably will turn around and complain about the same place you avidly defending. Politics, employment, pollution, immigration…
        No one here is dishing out Toronto or Canada in particular, at least I do not see any. They are simply making comments that it is too expensive to travel in Canada compare to some other places. I must agree with them. I bet if Philcanko doesn't have any kids, he would not be complaining about dropping few hundred dollars here and there. But if you have to take into account that you are spending for more than you and/or your beter half, the cost simply adds up.

  3. I agree, it would cost me twice as much to go spend a WEEKEND in Toronto as it would to spend a full week at a all inclusive 5 star resort in the Caribbean

    • If only we could get the working class to accept a $2 an hour minimum wage, Toronto could be the paradise for all that the Caribbean is.

  4. Canada oviously is more expensive than travelling to the U.S. It always has been and always will be. Have you been to Europe? It's double or triple the prices than in Canada.
    As a Canadian, we also have to support our economy once in a while. If we always spend our money somewhere else that's why the prices stay high.

    • "As a Canadian, we also have to support our economy once in a while. If we always spend our money somewhere else that's why the prices stay high." Ummmm no, but I'll let you figure out the micro and macro economic approaches to that. Canada isn't "obviously" more expensive than the US or Europe, it varies on region as well as HOW you travel (travel light, economy locations, etc.) among MANY other factors. Please, generalizations are weak arguments.

  5. I enjoy traveling (i.e. car) to Northern Ontario. From Mississauga to Sault Ste. Marie, Wawa, Rossport or Thunder Bay via TransCanada Highway is not to be missed. This year I may go beyond Thunder Bay.

  6. Seems like everybody forgot about the West Coast…in B.C. there is something for everybody..from the Rockie Mountains, Desert Country, and the Pacific Ocean. The price's in B.C. are resonable and there is so much to offer, only problem is that once you experience B.C. you probably would not want to go home…

  7. I've been everywhere you can go to in N.A……now that I've retired I vowed I would never cross the border to the Ugly States of America …….anywhere !!! CANADA …all the way…..I live in the Fraser Valley….but I've also lived in the Annapolis Valley and places in between….we have the best of the best in Canada…..

  8. Good idea! Quebec looks pretty awesome.

  9. Nahanni is a must – one day

  10. We did the whole east coast trip last summer. by car Away for 2 1/2 weeks and probably spent about $3,000 for 4 people. While it was expensive we all view it as the best holiday we have ever taken and would do it again.

    • That only works out to about $750.00 per person or around $ 45.00 per day, per person…that's not to bad at all really !

  11. One week in Cuba, incl. flight, accomodations, meals and drink can be had for 4+ star for under 1000.00 for 7 days. Taking the train from Toronto to Halifax plus accomodations plus food plus drink let alone cost of getting around Halifax can run you to 1750.00 for one week, and that is with being frugal and doing economy travel. Sorry, but would prefer to travel to Cuba and its white sands.

    • Do not forget the Rum,

  12. Canada is still relatively cheap, especially compared to the UK. In the UK, restaurant food is at least double than what it is in Canada, and gasoline prices are probably more than double. Maybe there are huge deals in Germany (and probably the US). But buying gasoline and restaurant food is much cheaper here than in England (we travel to England every other year to visit family and can't believe the high prices there — still like England though! ).