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Ten ways to green your home

Should you use a dishwasher? Are you thinking solar panels? Can you get your hands on some ladybugs?



Ten ways to green your home

  1. Turns out that the way to "green your home" is to use green products. That are green. Great reporting, MacLean's.

  2. I guess a three word article comprised of 'Use Common Sense.' didn't fill up enough copy. Can't wait for next week's tips on 'efficiently breathing' article.

  3. Right! Let's go back to the wood stove, the horse and buggy, the party line telephone, 80 year old communication devices (for this group that may actually be a good one)……

  4. Definitely no dishwashers anymore. The SPCA is overstocked with stray dogs that will be just too happy to lick your dishes!

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