The 10 best Canadian cities to raise kids in


Calgary skyline. (Dolce Vita/Shutterstock)

To figure out the ideal places for raising your brood, MoneySense magazine evaluated everything from house prices and health professionals to child care spaces and the size of the population aged 14 and under.

1. Strathcona County, Alta.
2. Burlington, Ont.
3. Calgary
4. Red Deer, Alta.
5. St. Albert, Alta.
6. Winnipeg
7. Regina
8. Brandon, Man.
9. Ottawa
10. Edmonton

Source: MoneySense (2012)

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The 10 best Canadian cities to raise kids in

  1. Possibly your worst list yet.

    • ……that Alberta must be a great place.

      • PIty about the people that live there.

  2. I checked my list of cities, but I couldn’t find Strathcona County, Alta. Is it new?

    • Strathcona County is the area east of Edmonton which includes Sherwood Park

  3. Really, Winnipeg? As someone who’s lived there for a long time, I can’t think of a WORSE city to raise kids in. Every child north of Portage Ave. is carrying a knife, and knows how to use it. Murder Capital of Canada. Even the locals call it Stabberpeg. But, I guess it *is* affordable when you’re 13 year-old is slinging rock for the IP and earning some serious bank.

    Seriously, lots of nice communities around Winnipeg…. just not Winnipeg itself. That place is a cesspool.

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