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Minus what?!?

The all-time coldest temperatures for capital cities in Canada


The all-time coldest temperatures for capital cities in Canada:

City, temperature (° C)

Victoria, -15.6

Edmonton, -49.4

Regina, -50.0

Winnipeg, -47.8

Toronto, -32.8

Quebec, -36.7

Fredericton, -38.9

Charlottetown, -32.8

Halifax, -29.4

St. John’s, -29.4

Whitehorse, -56.2

Yellowknife, -53.9

Iqaluit, -45.6

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Minus what?!?

  1. In Bridgetown , Annapolis Valley N.S. The temp. is -5 Celsius

  2. You forgot Ottawa, – 38,9′ on December 29, 2033

    • In 2033??? That is really long-range forecasting!

      • It was 2003. There were five weeks in which the temperature did not rise above -25C. I went out to my car one morning and found it to be very warm. The cold spell had broken and it was a balmy -15C

        • I remember that, and still have some of the clothing that I bought for that event.

  3. 1 above today….3 above tomorrow. Join us on the south coast.

    • Nice. South Coast of ….?

      • Canada…surrounded by the Great Lakes, near Windsor.

  4. a balmy minus 40 in Yellowknife tonight

  5. Note to self: call in the army for Toronto the next time it dips below -30.

  6. Will be +37 deg. c. here in my town, Queensland, tomorrow.

  7. But that still doesn’t beat the all time record for Canada. To experience the biggest of the big chills, you would have had to be standing outside at a place called Snag in the Yukon back on February 3, 1947. According to the record books, that was the coldest it’s ever been in this country, when temperatures bottomed out to a stunning -62.8C.

  8. What’s worse, 55 below in Wpg. in March 66 blizzard – just ask anyone who experienced it.

  9. So this is what counts as a newspaper article these days – a list pulled off wikipedia?

  10. This cold was created by those damn Liberals , in Quebec.
    ( I am sure some believes in this theory ).
    Conspiracy !!!

  11. And Global warming is where again? That’s right it is deep in the oceans, or maybe it is high up in the skies, or maybe on the top of a mountain or down in a valley or somewhere that no one can find it but it is there, we know it to be true and we need billions of taxpayer’s money to prove it.

    • This is why the term, “global warming” has been replaced by “climate change.” We’re into a time of record highs and lows, with averages sometimes not seeming to change much at all–just a gradual shift upwards.

  12. Ottawa? Capital city? You kidding?