The Maclean’s all-new and interactive Guide to Great Canadian Pit Stops

The best in roadside dining, as chosen by readers of Maclean’s


On a fateful evening in July I drove past the remnants of a summertime haunt on the outskirts of St. Thomas, Ont. My family and I faithfully frequented The Polar King for footlongs, french fries and always a vanilla soft-serve dipped in butterscotch.

Although the charming roadside pit stop no longer exists, it got me thinking, “Surely, this country must be busting at the seams with similar off-the-beaten-track food destinations.”

It got me thinking of some other stuff, like:

I invited you to submit your favourite roadside destination. Boy, did you deliver.

So let me introduce you to the first edition of the Great Canadian Pit Stop map:

*Please click on the image below to access the interactive map.

There’s bound to be more, so leave your comments below, on the map’s page, or email them to macpitstop@gmail.com.  I”ll be sure to add your suggestions to the second edition next summer.  That’s right, the second edition.



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