Video: The dangers of going gluten free 

Cathy Gulli discusses this week’s cover story


Gluten-free products are a $90-million enterprise in Canada alone, and the sector is expected to grow at least 10 per cent each year through to 2018—an astounding feat for what is primarily a food-based category.

As Cathy Gulli explains in this week’s cover story, manufacturers are geting the message. Kellogg’s revamped its Rice Krispies recipe, first concocted in 1927, by removing barley malt (the source of gluten in the original) from its gluten-free version so it could advertise as a cereal “that’s easy for kids to digest.” Campbell Company of Canada claims to be the “first mainstream brand” to feature a gluten-free symbol on its soups and chilies. Tim Hortons hailed the introduction of a gluten-free menu item in mid-July—a chewy coconut macaroon drizzled with milk chocolate—as nothing short of a “defining moment in our Canadian dining history.”

In the video below, Cathy Gulli explains why the explanation for the recent explosion in demand is a spectacular mix of real medical concerns, changing views on what accounts for a healthy diet, savvy marketing and celebrity influence:

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Video: The dangers of going gluten free 

  1. Your headline is misleading as I understand gluten is a fairly recent addition to human food.

    • This comment is misleading. Gluten is a protein present in certain types of grains, like wheat. The extraction of gluten by kneading is what makes dough stretchy. We’ve had bread and grains for thousands of years and gluten’s been there the whole time. While you can buy high-gluten flour, gluten isn’t something that we manufactured to put into food, but something that’s been there since humans started eating it.

      • You are both correct. While gluten itself might not be a new addition, the massive increase in the quantity of gluten in our diet certainly is. We’ve been eating grains for thousands of years. And that grain always contained gluten. However, we’re eating a lot more products that contain gluten-heavy wheat than we used to, and the wheat we grow nowadays is different from what our ancestors ate a century or so ago. Gluten does allow dough to “stick together” and rise without collapsing, and therefore does make baking easier. So we’ve selectively bred wheat to have more of it. And we’ve added wheat to more and more products in our carb-intensive and over-processed diets. We are now consuming so much that many peoples’ digestive tracts can’t handle it, and it does seem to be taking a toll on the health of many people.

      • Say what you want but personally I started to get very suspicious when I enter the stores lately and the FIRST THING that greats me is “gluten free” bread, flour, etc, etc. Yes, it was always there but the way we are bombarded of late there is something unnatural about the whole thing. But then again , as stated in MacLeans Magazine, gluten is a $ 90 Mill. industry. That makes it all worthwhile for someone I would think.

        • I have Celiac Disease and I have not seen gluten free products prominently placed anywhere in a grocery store in America. I always have to search for them.
          I have been on a no grain diet now for almost two years and I feel 100% better then I did on a gluten or gluten free diet and many of the autoimmune issue I was struggling with are gone.

          • I feel very sorry for you that you can’t get the products you so desperately need in the US. We here in Canada on the other hand are being inundated with the gluten free products and it just makes you wonder. I know there are people that need this product to survive I have a good friend and she uses it all her life. But I was always under the impression that people who need to be on a gluten free diet are way in the minority and therefore why give the unsuspected purchaser the feeling :”am I doing something wrong here”? Should I buy this stuff? After all, its staring me in the face no matter where I go (this is so in Canada). I see teenagers that insist on eating the gluten free things because the come up with the idea that they stay slim by doing so. This is such a false message all this is being send out. But like our MacLean Magazine reports, the gluten free industry cashes in to the tune of $ 90 Million a year on selling something o us that only a few need. They send the message:”you need the stuff” and yet, it can make a person very ill and people can die because the gluten free products robb us of many necessary nutritions needed especially by the young teens.

          • I’m not sure where you are buying your food, but I eat gluten free food and it’s not prominently anywhere & I live in Canada too. I definitely have to search out products that I can eat, that are safe for me to eat. Wheat is not the food it once was and is actually not very nutritious to begin with. Of course if people are just using eating “gluten free” as an excuse to eat cookies and sugary crap than yay that’s not healthy, but it’s not healthy with it’s wheat alternatives either. On the other hand if one eats as most people who avoid gluten do, our foods are completely nutrient dense, like our breads for example are loaded with high quality fiber (way more than the wheat alternatives contains) at a whooping 5 grams per slice in the silver hills one in my kitchen which has no preservatives, omega 3’s, non-gmo, organic, loaded with vitamins and delicious. Try comparing some labels. Why would gluten be good for you anyways? I eat mostly veggies, fruits, quality meat, and some gluten free products that are easier to digest and therefore less irritating to the gut. NO one has ever died from eating healthier. There is nothing wrong with healthier options being made readily available for those who choose to live better and live life without the pains caused by modern wheat. It’s about time that some companies have started to acknowledge their gluten free consumers, and believe me I’d say they have a long way to come yet. Maybe you should actually try it before you knock it. I bet if you went gluten free for 3 months, you’d realize you feel so much better than you ever did on wheat.

          • Hi Adena, we buy our food in a regular food store, e.g. Metro, Food Basic, PC Superstore, Loblaws and I do not seek out gluten free products. I do not have any problems with my digestive system, knock wood. Besides you are supposed to have a certain health check before you “think” you need to eat ‘gluten free’. You see, I am a bit cynical and not very gullable and when people who studied for us the value of gluten free like the article shows written by Cathy Gulli, I give it a good listen and I pay attention, You see, I am not a doctor and as I learn, even they are puzzled by this new fad. So I listen and lean to my own common sense and digest what has been said about it and I come to my own conclusion. You know as far as feeling better in two month after eating gluten free? My husband and I went on a walking regimen for 6 month, just walking fast for 40 minutes 5 days a week. He lost 50 pounds in the process and felt grrrreat and I (women have a harder time with loosing weight) I lost only 15 pounds but I lost 5 inches around my waist, I want you to know, I was not an obese person with a big belly, we both just wanted to feel better and we did. We eat all the good stuff and in our 40 years we have been married I never have loaded my grocery cart with chipc, pop, popcorn, candies et. That isle I always avoided. We too, me in specific eat lots of fruit & vegetable and I too eat very little meat since I underwent a buggert up Gallbladder operation that put me 7 month in Hospital . But that is another story. By the way, I don’t understand the value of Omega 3 either and I stay away from that too. I don’t know anything about it and I don’t eat what I don’t understand. Makes sense I think.

          • You sound like you’re doing really well; I would still suggest you pick up a copy of Wheat Belly (under $10) and read about today’s wheat and what they’ve done to it and how it IS causing health problems that may not show up til you’re older. It is NOT good for you in any form – but don’t take my word for it. Read the book – I’d love to discuss it with you.

          • Hello Lynn; Purchased the book Wheat Belly and must say I was a little disappointed. Sorry about that. Somehow I expected to read something new. I knew from the media reports that our Wheat and bread has been tempered with , most food has been. But I was hoping the author had an alternative suggestion to the beloved bread, especially the ryes and the good heart bread I adore. I find it hard to now look at a slice of bread and have to think:” this has just as much sugar in it , more as if I had a teaspoon of raw sugar, plus. I don’t know, his book is open ended, no solution to the gluten free problem really. I also find his recipes not much help since I eat all those vegetables he suggests already. The only solution I can think of is, to stop those people that alter our wheat and therefore bread and other foods by adding and subtracting ingredients that are important for all of us. This practice is making certain people very wealthy and is making us consumers very ill. Was nice to chat with you. Please reply to me.

          • I think you missed one of the most important points: when you quit eating wheat, you don’t miss it. Honestly. And Costco has a gluten free bread from Silver Hills that’s really good.
            Part of the modification of the wheat gene was the addition of an appetite enhancer…most of the country is addicted to wheat in many forms and especially bread. I hope you try it – after one week you’ll definitely notice a difference. I felt better after 4 days and wayyy better now – and I’ve been wheat/gluten free since February. There are many alternatives to bread – but you MUST read the ingredients and eat it accordingly. Some is made of potato starch, rice flour, tapioca starch, etc and is very high in carbs. However, on any diet, they’ll say eat 2 pieces of whole wheat bread a day so if you stick to the “official food guide” and do the same for that kind of gluten free bread, you’ll be okay. I found smoothies to be awesome and I’ve found some great recipes. There are many sites with great recipes – and I’ve been getting pretty creative in my kitchen. I hope you try it – I’ll look forward to hearing how you feel after a week. :-)
            keep me posted.

          • Thanks for getting back; Let me explain my take on gluten free which is, sorry to say, not a positive one. I few these gluten free products as a fad that virtually over night appeared on the scene. Admitted , for some, a good friend of mine included, the gluten free is helping her even though I hear that some ‘gluten free’ is also not what it is cracked up to be. There is to everything two sides and we must look at both of them. I am not one that condems something off the bat but I am a person that investigates something like the gluten free craze and listen to all reports, for or against. I don’t know if you read the article in MacLeans Magazine, I did, it is our weekly Magazine. The reporter went through a very thorough investigation on the subject and I can’t help but giving her write up a lot of attention. Why? Because it simply makes sense. What worries me is the fact that, as was reported numerous times, that gluten free products are stripped of most of the nutritions that a person needs. This is a concern in my mind. It also concerns me that in the long run, years from now these gluten free products will do a disservice health wise to the users. By that time you might have developed ‘Celiac’ desease ( as reported in MacLeans) and then it is difficult for the doctors to help. In some cases it will take a long time but in others deaths do occur. I don’t want to scare you here or cry wolf, by no means. I understand that this regimen you are on is working for you but my worry is what will happen down the road? I realize they have altered the wheat and that is a terrible thing but by making the bread gluten free ? I am not convinced that this is the answer. Let me know your take on what I said.

          • There are many other foods for us to live on besides wheat – and bread is NOT beloved – it IS slowly killing us all. You really DON’T miss is once it’s out of your system but you have to put an effort into getting it out. Forget gluten free products – there are other breads out there, gluten free, that aren’t made from potato starch, rice flour, etc…I mentioned one in a previous post. People just don’t realize that after the initial panic “OH NO! I CAN’T GIVE UP MY BREAD!!” the craving and urgency to eat bread disappears. If you like to cook at all, making a transition is almost easy – it’s just a bit of research and looking for recipes and different ways to make things you like. And, on ANY diet, usually only 2 pieces of bread is recommended anyway. I just don’t get the panic. Hope you make it.

          • Lynn, personally I really don’t try to ‘make it’ , I am 76 years of age and have the near perfect weight now, was never obese. I just take part here in a , to me , interesting conversation and give my take on ‘gluten free’, not on bread per se. To me, bread is not that much ‘beloved’. I was born in Europe and there I ‘loved ‘ the bread. Since I came to North America many years ago I did never managed to ‘fall in love’ with their bread. That white spongy consistency I called ‘cotton batten’ . Canada is my new home, I love it with all my heart but,,,, bread was never included in my loves here. We do have an excellent Baker here in town who used to live in Montreal and he bakes a very goodn ‘Good Hearth” bread, (Multi grain, roughage content) he gets his grains still from Montreal they in turn receive it from Europe. Also, if I eat 1 slice of bread per day that would be a wonder, for breakfast I like to eat 1 English muffin (Oak run farm) or I have a small bowl of Special K cereal , not the gluten free “K’. What worries me and others is what the nutrients they take out of the gluten free products will do to those who use it (and don’t need to) 10 years from now. Here is what Michael Dennis of Greenburgh, N.Y. says in the new MacLean about ‘gluten free’ products an the end of his long post:.,,,,The real challenge isn’t so much eliminating gluten per se as it is ditching the convenience foods and eating more fresh food as our much healthier ancestors did. And that pertains basically to me and us at home, I always buy fruits and vegetables along with my meat and other main foods on my shopping trip, chips, sugary soft drinks and fries etc. are never an item. So I agree with Dennis, if one eats smart, stay away from the junk one does not get overweight in the first place, like our ancestors did not. Wishing you the best on your journey.

          • Gerlinda, I’ve read the article very thouroughly, and nowhere does it state, or even suggest, that eating a gluten-free diet could cause Celiac disease. It’s not something that one “develops”; either one is born with the sensitivity, or one isn’t. Yes, symptoms can develop, over time, becoming intolerable, but the underlying cause is genetic. If the genes aren’t there, the disease doesn’t “develop”.

          • You might have a point there, I just know they had Celiac desease mentioned in the article and it was mentioned that if you eat gluten free the doctors can not check you for Celiac desease, I guess that what it was.

          • I certainly will go to the book store here in the next few days and be looking for the ‘Wheat Belly” book, thank you for suggesting that. Oh, and I agree, would like to disgust the book with you after, hope this forum won’t be closed by that time then. Would you like to join me on my time line on face book? That would be nice I think. Same name in facebook. Are you on there. Let me know.

          • Hear, hear!!!! I’m totally with you. I quit wheat in Feb and haven’t felt this good or been this light in over 30 years!!

          • What are you talking about, Gluten free products are literally everywhere.

          • There are a lot of them about, yes, but they neither taste very good nor are many of them good for you. I’ll *occasionally* buy Kinnikinnick bread, or Udi’s, for the sake of convenience at holiday time, or in summer when it’s just too hot to bake, but it’s not an everyday thing, I love making my own bread – it tastes far better than almost anything I can buy, and it’s better for me too. That said, I can often go almost a week without bread, It’s nice to have, for sandwiches, toast, etc, but I don’t feel like it’s absolutely necesssary every day. Yes, I do get grains – I eat whole grain, brown rice pasta, brown rice, and I am fortunately able to tolerate pure oats (most oats are contaminated with gluten, either because some have grown among the oats and are harvested with them, or contamination has occurred during processing), That’s another whole grain. There are flours readily available ground from whole sorghum, millet and teff, to name a few. People jumping onto the “gluten free” bandwagon still make it a little harder for those of us who truly need to eat this way, because of their demand for the highly processed packaged products, that look, and try to taste like, the foods they are used to eating, which were highly processed to begin with.

          • Inundated? I had to shop for my 82 year old mother whose Naturopath recommended a 2 week gluten elimination to see if it was part of her problem. I had quite the time scouring the shelves for gluten free products and even the choices at the organic health food stores weren’t exactly overwhelming.
            As it turns out gluten WAS a problem for her and in the meantime I lost 5 lbs. eating the same way. She stopped having major gas and bloating.
            Gluten has no nutritional value on its own. Fruits, vegetables and meats (preferably organic) along with a natural sourced multivitamin and mineral supplement can provide you with optimal nutrition. We can entirely dispense with processed carbs, especially those that contain gluten.

          • Well, let me assure you, we here in Canada are being bombarded with the gluten free stuff , no need to go searching for it. I agree, like I said, for those who have to be on a gluten free diet (because they had a doctors checkup and were told to be on one) must use it. But for people that never had a problem (I’ve been eating the regular wheat and other food for 76 years and am just fine) there is no need to go and eat that stuff . We learned from the article in MacLeans why the sudden overload of gluten free products in our stores occurs, someone is getting rich to the tune of $ 90 Millons a year. Oh and it is also reported that in many cases the gluten free stuff is 5 times more expensive then the regular food and that on top of being a danger to a normal persons health, For me, no thanks.

          • Um, I do live in Canada.
            You claim “you’re just fine”. I used to be a werewolf but I’m alright Nowwwwwwwwoooo.
            Seriously, good health is more than just the absence of disease, and if you’re taking any kind of medications you’re not “just fine”, nor will you be.
            I don’t go out of my way to buy gluten-free products. I just stopped buying/making processed carbs. Never mind reading food labels, just don’t buy processed food — that market is worth 1000 times that $90 million.

          • Hello x-Werwolf whatever that is. I am lucky I never been “a Werwolf’ that , I guess, is why I say I am fine. Furthermore, how can you make assumptions about anyone you don’t know and never met. How can you speak for me? How would you know what I have gone through health wise or otherwise? How would you know that I had a simple gallbladder operation that went badly wrong because the surgeon cut, by mistake , three times in my bile duct . Instead of spending only one day in Hospital as promised by doctor I had to linger there for 7 month with many side effects to follow and in my third month there I nearly died.
            It took three years for me to recover from this nightmare and I am still will never be as I used to bee after the 3 more surgeries that immediately followed the afore mentioned operation. So yes, I AM FINE NOW, as fine as can be expected and I am lucky to be still alive after all that. I thank God for this fact every day. So you see lady, you making judgement over others is not exactly a wise thing to do. You must fancy yourself a clairvoyant when you assume I take all kinds of medications. I get a kick out of it when ‘the chicken tells the egg’ about Life. I bet I could you tell you stories about Life that make you head spin. It’s all about life experiences. But that is another story. I will not answer any more posts from you because you are one of those people that don’t want to rationally disqus (disgust) an issue but rather want to stuff their opinions down other peoples throats not matter what. Try it on someone else, you got the wrong person here.

          • What a rant. First, you apparently have no sense of humor. Secondly you just proved my point — your health was not and is not “just fine”. I said “if” you are on medications, so if you’re not (and I hope you’re not) then you’re not “just fine”.
            If you were 76 years old and looked and felt like you were 40, I’d buy it and ask what you did to achieve the results.
            You were the one endorsing a wheat diet and inferring that you were the picture of health. You were suggesting that others who choose to go gluten free without a doctor’s say-so don’t need it. It looks like you’re the one passing judgment on the choices of others.
            Do yourself a favor and spend some time reading some natural health publications or the book “Wheat Belly”.

          • Laurie, tell you what, Kiss me. I have no intention to talk to you ever again. Way to ,many normal, intelligent and tactful people right here for whom I am using my precious time.

          • Hi Ursulas, I’m so sorry to hear that you suffer from Celiac Disease. If you’d like – you can try TOLERANT FOODS Red Lentil Pasta and Black Bean Pasta. You can buy it online. We at TOLERANT FOODS have used ONE singular ingredient – the Legume – & have created a one of a kind, organic, non-GMO product from this incredibly magical powerful little pod. Refer to the nutri decks on . We are trying to help save one human “bean” at a time!!! : )

          • I have Celiac too and was on a GF diet – am now transitioning to a grain-free diet and already feel 100% better… whole foods or no foods. My energy has returned and I can *think* — it’s quite remarkable.

      • you are a shill. Its amazing anyone agrees with your nonsense

      • “Thousands of years” IS a fairly recent addition to human food. And dwarf wheat is only decades old. I never trust the new kid.

    • Sorry, but you understand wrong. It is very unnessesary in our daily diet. Oh and can be very dangerous to our health.

  2. I believe the main problem with the gluten free craze is that many of the foods advertising themselves as gluten-free are pretty much free of any other useful nutrients. Like sticking a green label on a cleaning product that contains the same old chemicals, a gluten-free label doesn’t guarantee product quality.

    • If you have gluten problems the nutrients in gluten containing foods don’t matter as you will have malabsorption problems so they won’t get absorbed anyway. In many cases this is actually the first noticable symptom.

      • Yes, and in people who are entirely gluten-intolerant (i.e. those with celiac disease), it causes severe illness and malnutrition. A friend of my wife’s cannot even eat something that has been prepared in the same oil as some other non-gluten-free food (i.e. breaded chicken fingers for example), even if the food itself is gluten-free. She gets seriously ill. Some others seem to be merely gluten-sensitive – though doctors are loathe to recognize this possibility.

        • im the same way, i went 25 years without knowing why i was always ill. now my GI tract and Immune Systems are so far out of wack all i can eat is rice, beef, squash, and a few fruits.

          • have you given up wheat and gluten? Wheat Belly’s an awesome book and packed full of info’. saved me!

    • Why would you expect that? Gluten-free means gluten-free. Only vacuous Oprah watchers will take that to mean next uber-healthy super food.

  3. Its interesting and I have done alot of reading from trusted sources. The biggest potential problem is that our culture being saturated in bad habits and fast foods, just adopts creating something gluten free as opposed to focusing on a healthier alternative. I went to a gluten free show last year and was horribly disappointed in the fact that they were predominantly selling sugar based products that were gluten free. That does not support us in making healthier choices in my opinion.
    Would love to share a great article that is linked to a variety of studies that show the scientific results of gluten damage to the body. Please let me know if you are interested in the information.

    • Yup. That’s what the cardiologist who wrote Wheat Belly says. Most gluten-free products are just starchy carbs sans gluten. Same processed crap.

      • “Processed Crap.” Now THAT’s a label that should be required by law!

        • Hahaha love it, great idea!!

          • Crap that can make people sick and some ‘up there’ very wealthy at the same time.

        • Hello RagingRanter & Minou : ) Totally agree!!! A gluten free product you might try is TOLERANT FOODS Red Lentil Pasta or Black Bean Pasta, we at TOLERANT FOODS have used ONE singular ingredient – the Legume – & have created a one of a kind, organic, non-GMO product from this incredibly magical powerful little pod. Refer to the nutri decks on

          • Unfortunately, lentils and other grains/legumes cause similar issues with many gluten-free folks. Nice sales pitch, though.

          • Yes, Minou, I know that for a fact. That’s part of the problem. Highly processed gluten free flours don;t contain enough protein to make baked goods with a half decent “mouth feel”, and legume flours (soy, fava bean and chick pea) are often added to provide that protein. Some people who can’t eat gluten really can’t eat legumesm either – if I do, for example, I end up with a migraine that has me spending the next two days in bed. In fact, I found it harder to give up beans than it was to give up wheat. I really, really liked my beans, and there’s a bread, soca, or farinata, that’s made entirely out of chickpea flour that is do die for – but I can’t eat it, delicious as it is.

            The truth is that many people are sensitive to more foods than they know. Sometimes they avoid them, realising that they don’t feel well after they’ve eaten them, or just go on eating them, not knowing why they feel unwell.

    • I would love to see this!

    • I would love to read the great article that show the scientific results of gluten damage to the body.

  4. Get tested for iga/igg DGA/EMA/tTG, if any of those are positive you should not be eating gluten. Also it is still up in the air if anyone at all should be eating gluten at all due to gut permability issues with gluten interactions with zonulins even for those without hla-dq2/8. The studies involving zonulins have all been within the past few years so most doctors won’t know anything about them. See pubmed for the studies.

    People didn’t start eating gluten in large quantities until after the flawed Seven Countries study came out in the late 1950s, which demonized fat, and led to major changes to food recommendations and processed food composition. Of course all that fat had to be replaced with something and it was replaced primarily with gluten containing grains. We are now seeing the fallout from that.

    • Thank you for this well educated comment. I am a believer that we all should NOT suddenly eat gluten free food. Celeriac disease is mentioned in the MacLeans Magazine and on many of the Google articles I read. We will only learn much later how sick some people gotten when it is too late. I am worried about the promise the stuff makes (you be slim if you eat it) for the young are so easy to believe the things the read today.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if the current zolunin studies lead to gluten being generally demonized within the next decade. From the early studies its looking like the significant rise in allergies in general, eg peanut allergy, over the past few decades could be due to the increased gut permability from eating increased amounts of gluten.

        My whole family has celiac/gse and has been proven via testing. I seem to be mostly fine eating battered items but not the larger gluten items like breads. Of course my wbc is still around 13 at the moment, it can take 2 years for DGP/tTG to return to normal after going gluten free.

        Unfortunately very few doctors know anything about celiac/gse, at least in the US, and will outright refuse to even do the tests when asked. It took 6 years of switching doctors before one would test my sons, both of which came back positive.

        • Took me the better part of 15 years to get a diagnosis, I was at home growing up in a wheat-free household because my dad had an allergy… that saved my life really. But all these problems started cropping up when I left home… because my wheat intake increased. Fastforward ~ 15 years later, I get diagnosed, three years after that I find out it has been tied to my mental health issues. Ugh. At least I was diagnosed by 36? But it’s been hellish.

          • Supposedly there is wheat in 80% of the products we eat each day. Is it any wonder it is causing us problems? Even for those who aren’t gluten-sensitive, I can’t see it being a good idea to rely on one single grain for so much of our nutrients.

          • Today’s wheat is NOT good for us – in any form. And it’s in red licorice (sadly), jelly beans, salad dressings, and so much more. The bio-tech companies want us addicted to their products – they don’t care about our health.

          • wheat actually prevents the absorption of nearly all major minerals. it binds to these minerals in the stomach


          • Maybe they didn’t think hitting the ‘LIKE’ button seemed the appropriate response?

          • Hello Liz, very sorry to hear of the diagnoses. May I suggest you check out TOLERANT FOODS, we at TOLERANT FOODS have used ONE singular ingredient – the Legume – & have created a one of a kind, organic, non-GMO product from this incredibly magical powerful little pod. Refer to the nutri decks on

          • I can feel for you, I don’t have the same problem but I had other problems (fowled up surgery that put me 7 month in Hospital. So I know a little what agony is also. But to suffer for 15 years and so young is hard to take.

        • Hello, I am heartily sorry to hear your whole family suffers from celiac disease. M
          ay I suggest what others suffering from celiac disease have tried. You can check out TOLERANT FOODS, we at TOLERANT FOODS have used ONE singular ingredient – the Legume – & have created a one of a kind, organic, non-GMO product from this incredibly magical powerful little pod. Refer to the nutri decks on

        • I found this conversation very enlightening and want to thank all the contributors. Sue Tennant, Silver Springs

    • DGA above was a typo, it is DGP – deamidated gliadin peptide.

    • Anti-tissue Transglutaminase Antibody; tTG or tTGA; Anti-Gliadin Antibodies;
      AGA; Anti-Endomysial Antibodies; EMA; Deaminated Gliadin Peptide Antibodies;
      DGP; Anti-Reticulin Antibodies; ARA. these are the most common tests. Usually doctors order Anti-tissue transglutaminase which in Ontario now costs $125.00 It is not covered under OHIP anymore and the most likely cause is that Celiac disease is the new rage, everyone thinks they have it.

      • I recently had a celiac test performed and received these results. They were never gone over with me by my doctor and the only reason I have this is because I requested a copy of my results. Can anyone help me with this?

        Immunoglobulin A, Serum 116 Range 68-378.

        Under that it says Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IgA by Elisa (00-97709) and Gliadin Peptide (deamidated) Antibody, IgA (00-51357) to follow
        REFERENCE INTERVAL: Immunoglobulin A

        Not even sure what it all means. Is this only a partial part of my testing? Thanks!

        • That means only your Total IgA came back so far, so you have no results to know if you have celiac/gse or not. tTG and DGA the other two tests it mentions are still outstanding for you.

      • Also you can be positive for only one of the results and still have the problem. Both of my sons who are still relatively young only tested positive for one test each, one of them was positive for DGA and the other one for tTG. Also if you happen to be unlucky enough to have selective IgM deficiency, which is quite a bit more rare than celiac, you could potentially even come back negative on all the celiac tests and still have it. Unfortunately that’s what I have. So its good to also have an immunoglobulin panel run as well.

        • Thanks. I’m not too familiar with all the tests, but I will read up on it. Shouldn’t my doctor have gone over this with me. For all I know I test positive for some of these other tests and they haven’t even noticed the tests came in. I will call them tomorrow morning. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and they were checking me to see if I’m absorbing well.

    • Yes, I agree a person with those problems should get tested and we should not all rush out and buy gluten free products just because they stare us in the face at the Canadian supermarkets.

      • It’s really not about replacing all your favorite wheaty goodies with substitutes! Change the way you eat and what you focus on instead. Skip the gluten-y foods (including junk foods–as mentioned above–like jellybeans) that have hidden gluten. Do some research to find truly gluten-free alternatives (um…strawberries?). Once you get rid of your symptoms (assuming that’s why you’d be willing to go gluten-free), you won’t be tempted so badly. I can have a slice of cake one day and hardly be able to move the next day, so believe me, I don’t care HOW good that cake looks, it’s not worth it! (Ditto MSG, aspartame.)

  5. After I read my MacLean’s magazine today about gluten free products many of my long standing answers about the product have been answered, in fact all of them. Thank you MacLeans Magazine. Oh and I do not find the headline misleading at all and one does not go just by the headline anyway. I READ ALL THE PAGES ABOUT THIS SUBJECT and came away a lot more educated about the product then I was before. I was so glad that finally someone explained to me what it is all about and why I just in the last while been greeted with stacks or gluten free products. Why? What was that sudden need (so the manufacturers tell me )for me to eat gluten free bread, etc. ? I mean, what have we done before this new product or by product arrived on our grocery shelves? Did we all get sick? No, it is just a fad , a new idea. It is a sort of diet food that, like all diet foods, costs 5 times as much as the regular food. How save is it. I read in MacLeans as well as in numerous Google articles that this product can sometimes give people Celiac disease. Read it up, Google is full of this info. I don’t deny that some people do have to go on the gluten free diet, I have a good friend that has to otherwise she could not exist. But to suggest that gluten free presents us with a better, healthier life, is untrue. It is also dangerous to suggest that ‘to not eat gluten free products’ make you get obese. It is being mentioned at the same breath as ‘diet’ but many people go on diet for one reason or another and not solely to loose weight. But the gluten advertisement suggests and mentions the word diet a lot.

    • Today’s wheat is the culprit – it’s very DNA has been modified to the point it’s no longer wheat. Quit the wheat, the gluten will follow, and you’ll feel awesome. The wheat is NOT good for any of us.

      • I would suggest that wheat is not the only food that has been modified, it happened to many products. Nothing that is modified is good for us. Even the cattle, the foul etc. are being modified, they get injected to that the meat grows faster and more. The milk cattle get injected so that the cows give more milk and the list goes on. Why is this so? So the ones at the top can rake in the Billions that derive from all this messy practice on our good food, once good food.

        • I agree with you and it’s hard to not eat anything modified, and I find the 2 MOST harmful foods are wheat and corn and all their derivatives. They are causing major problems in our health, our economy – everything. The food industry does NOT care about our health; the medical industry does NOT care about our food. vicious circle.

      • The DNA itself has not been modified through anything other than old fashioned selective breeding techniques. We don’t have GMO wheat, at least not in large quanitities. But you’re right, the wheat we eat today has been selectively bread to produce yield above all else, and it’s quality is not that which our ancestors enjoyed.

    • Keep in mind the word diet only means what you eat, or in other words what goes in your mouth. A gluten free diet therefore just means eating food that doesn’t contain gluten. It doesn’t mean anything to do with weight loss. However most people who switch to a gluten free diet feel better and do lose weight because wheat in a large contributor to inflammation for a lot of people and can cause great distress to our intestines as it’s been altered so much through breeding and modifications that it’s no longer properly digestible to many people. It causes at least strong food intolerance reactions for most which can manifest as any of the following and much more: fibromyalgia, arthritis symptoms, gut issues like IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, migraines, endometritis, edema, gas, bloating, cramps, stomach ulcers, heartburn, intensified PMS for women, the list goes on and on. These foods are healthier options when eaten as such, reading labels and being aware of what we eat is always important. Anyone who feels they got celiac from eating gluten free products, was probably just upset to realize that they always were celiac and didn’t know till they tried eating wheat again and got a reaction, which is called an elimination diet, eliminate the expected culprit food, and monitor the reaction when it’s reintroduced, this is the cheapest and easiest way to determine food intolerances and a good idea for anyone who wants to be aware and in tune with their bodies. There’s a great book on this called the “False fat diet”, where it’s explained that we hold alot of water weight and fat when we eat foods that don’t agree with our bodies usually which we have over-consumed. The biggest culprits that most find reactions to are: Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Soy, Sugar, Peanuts & Eggs, but the books explains that we can really react to anything that we eat every day, as we are designed to live on a variety of foods. We need to avoid GMO foods, eat a VARIETY of whole foods, stop eating processed crap, eat high fiber foods (like gluten free bread & veggies), eat fruit, eat organic whenever possible. It’s all about healthy choices. I would encourage anyone who is unsure to try eating gluten-free for 3 months and then reintroduce it to your diet and see how your body reacts, if your fine by all means keep eating it, but I bet the results may surprise you as to how much better you realize you feel without it.

      • AMEN! oh, and False Fat Diet… great book!

    • so now that you have read all the pages and the article you are an expert?! It is not just a fad…. gluten-free living is better for you PERIOD. Before you go trashing the lifestyle I dare you to try it and see what happens to your body after one month of gluten free living…. you will sleep better, have more energy, be more focused, more pleasant and your cravings will go away. Gluten will make you obese, it is an appetite stimulant, the more gluten you eat, the more that gets stuck in your gut and causes inflammation of the joints and bloating. But you can go ahead and eat your genetically manipulated and highly processed wheat and watch your blood sugar soar at the same time.

      • I never claimed that I am an expert now that I read the article in MacLeans, but you know I am an open minded person and if someone takes the time to finally explain to me about a product that has been stuffed right in my face (I never saw or heard ANYTHING from the manufacturers , a claim that the wonder food is solving all my perseived problems which I believe is their duty to do so) if someone takes the effort to explain I most certainly will listen. You know what bothers me about people like you? If people don;t agree with you and your way you get right away personal this is such a big character flaw. Now to your Presumption that I thrash that life style I like to repeat: It is irresponsible that some manufacturers bring out a product which can make people ver sick and when this happens and it will then those gluten free users are on their own. Don’t think for a moment that they come to your rescue, we know better. As to your presumption that I: would sleep better, have more energy, be more focused, be more focused and my cravings will go away I will say: Are you a clairvoyant ? You can actually see what my need are? And you want to preach to me that I should not think I am and ‘expert”? You have several character flaws there chef. Just to mention, I am 76, sleep like a baby, have energy many younger family member envy me for and am focused like a fox. I have been on the Internet right from the beginning and on the computer since 1990, steady. Many of my contemporaries don’t want any part of it, for me, it sharpened my senses immensely. One word of advice, don’t judge people that you don’t know and even those you do know.

  6. The gluten free diet is intended for those with celiac disease or a gluten/wheat allergy. This is not some “diet craze” for me. This was a life altering change after I was diagnosed with celiac disease 4 1/2 years ago. It rubs me the wrong way as the article says “even Tim Horton’s and Rice Krispies are getting in on it”. I’m sorry but, THANK YOU, to those companies who are noticing the prevalence of celiac disease in our society and are working to provide us with more options. Not always healthy options, but that is for the consumer to decide for themselves. Before starting any “diet”, you should always consult your physician, if you are experiencing stomach problems you need to find out the source. And don’t start a gluten free diet before any celiac testing as you will end up with a false-negative result!

    • I believe you and appologize if I, this time, neglected to mention that this is not for everyone a ‘diet craze’. Like I mentioned here before I have a good friend who uses gluten free 24, 7. She couldn’t survive if she didn’t. I should have said:’gluten free is not for everyone, it i for a mall minority of people. I know people with teenagers who think if they eat gluten free products they won’t get obese which is folly. Those young people starve them self of many good nutritions which they cut out of there diet and are nessesary for a healthy diet. I think we all have to learn a lot more about this relatively new phenomena and should be more broad minded with those company’s like Tim Horton that offer some gluten free foods to those that really need it. Sorry for your suffering with Celiac disease.

      • Here is the part that everyone seems to be missing! To eat gluten free does not mean you have to eat gluten free products. A healthy diet can easily be maintained without wheat, and by reducing your processed carbohydrate intake, you will lose weight!

        • Well I am much more enlightened now, I did not know this but it makes perfect sense. It’s the same with everything as far as foods go. You watch your diet and stay away from the processed stuff and you are on your way. Thanks for that.

        • YES!!! ^^^This! Fruits, veg, meats, nuts. There’s no need for “substitutes” at all! Most people seem to live off of ready-made foods instead of cooking “from scratch,” and therein lies the problem. Nearly every mix, box, bag, or tinfoil pan of food you can purchase ready-made is processed junk! Simpler is better!

          • I agree completely Minou!!

    • Removing wheat from your diet is NOT a fad diet – it’s just taking something bad our of your diet. There are NO bad reviews from people who have given it up. If they’ve switched to foods with too much unhealthy carbs (potato starch/flour, rice flour etc,, they won’t get all the benefits. Do your research – read the book.

  7. What we have to realize is the “nudge” factor. Governments use food studies to nudge us into eating the way they want us to. Yes, some of us are gluten intolerant (me included) but this didn’t become a big fad until the global warming hoax and food politics hit the media. Fields of wheat take up a lot of water and a lot of space. Currently in the crosshairs are all kinds of protein (cow flatulence, fish depletion, battery hens etc. etc.). Some governments are actively encouraging people to eat insects. This is so totally ridiculous. It just shows you can sell a politician anything as long as it is backed by the UN and a chorus of Hollywood stars.

    • I agree with you except for the mention of “until the global warming hoax. My dear wallhousewart, global warming is NOT a hoax I want you to know.

      • Ah, but it is. The climate may be warming a tad but it has always gone back and forth from the medieval warm period to the Little Ice Age. Don’t believe what government paid and academic government granted scientists tell you. The common element behind both? Government. Starting from the UN down, government has only paid to back research into “man made” climate change. It has not used its financial clout for just research into the climate.

        • Anyone who has not heard of Global warming lives truly under a Rock. But I am not arguing with you or debating about the for or against the subject for I see you have made up your mind already what you believe. More power to you, but let me warn you, you are in the minority with your believe.

          • Perhaps you would like to check out the latest leak from the IPCC where nations have presented them with 1,500 changes they would like to see because the IPCC has not explained very adequately where the warmth has gone. Arctic ice is 60% more than it was this time last year and the north west passage is closing up fast.

          • I can see you are not one to give up easy. You believe what you believe and good luck to you but forget that you can’t influence me in any way. I don’t give a fiddlers fart (pardon my bluntness) what the IPCC (whatever) says or has said, I listen to the people that count like our Canadian scientist David Suzuki, now here is a man that makes sense. Just click on this link , sit back and learn.


          • OMG. You are one of the sheeple. You’ve been watching this person since you were five, right. Sorry. Suzuki is a fruit fly specialist not a climate scientist.

          • Hey, you should both go to: and learn about what is being done by our military and our government to alter the weather and make global warming appear legit. There is no point in debating global warming or climate change. Time to look at geoengineering. Investigate it. Very important you stop arguing about what is, and isn’t propaganda.

          • My goodness, you don’t only call me names now it is David Suzuki, why don’t you go right away to bed with your right wing buddies because you have to be a righty to be saying those stupid things you have been saying all along. Well, tell you what, you are not intelligent enough for me and therefore I bit you Good bye, sionora , never to talk to you again. Don’t answer , not interested. Too busy to talk to all those other smart people here that really have something to say that makes sense.

          • Don’t know how old you are, Gerlinde, but your name sounds like you might be older than the “Heather” generation. In the mid-to-late 70s, they were telling us to beware the coming ice age, remember? Not sure I’d bank on these silly weather studies. The earth and its atmosphere is a living thing–not something that’s easily predicted forward. (And if you want information about the cyclic nature of planetary climate, use the “google” you like so well to look up just that: evidence of cyclic climate change in history.)

          • Minou, I don’t know how old you are either, but frankly “I don’t give a ” fiedlers fart”, like Frank McCourt said in his book “Angelas Ashes”. Then comes my name, so you get personal. You know what I think of people like you? They get nasty and personal because of their lack to say anything intelligent. Oh and back to my age you nastily say I “might” be older than the “Heather???” generation , whatever that is but then again who cares. But I have a word of wisdom for you: a wise person once said:”Don’t laugh because of my age, you will get old yourself one day,,,, IF YOU ARE LUCKY. Think about this lady, there is a lot of wisdom in that. Finally, no I am not one of those people that predict the world is coming to an end not have I ever predicted the weather or the future for that matter. I really am a person that has her feet firmly on the ground and have a sensible belief. If people like you, I mean prejudice people like you, would only know about each person’s life that pots here or anywhere they would be astonished to find how small they themselves really are. I think you are one of those small people. I had a look at your avatar and read,,,, Beloved lover of Jesus, well for being such a religious person you sure don’t sound nasty and not so giving. I am not a bible pusher but I am a good person that would do anything for my fellow neighbours in need. Bye, no interest with talking you any further.

          • Goodness, Gerlinde. Take a look at my head of white hair. I wasn’t slamming age, merely attempting to place you in hopes you’d hark back to the science lessons we likely shared in the 70s. I’m sorry you were offended, truly, and I didn’t mean to be ugly. Please forgive.

          • O.K. apology accepted, and I am sorry as well of being so wordy. Must have had a bad hair day. I think though this posting in the media is a new thing and some of us have to learn it a bit more. I have to anyway. But I have heard from others over the years I belonged to different garden forums that you can not compare the written word with a spoken word from face to face. So much gets lost in the translation. Computer interactions are just not the same as real human interactions.

          • You are sooo presumptious, walhouse, ha, ha, ha,,,,,

  8. “They are foritified,they lack vitamins, minerals, fibre”… wow, back to Wonderbread then :-/

    • Give up wheat – and whatever you do, DO NOT GO BACK TO WONDERBREAD. That crap’ll kill you. PLEASE read Wheat Belly – and make some informed decisions.

      • Haha – I’m already Celiac on strict GF diet. I just find it hilarious the “justification” for *not* going GF is because GF foods are fortified… most of our foods are so over-processed it’s ridiculous.

    • One thing that Cathy conveniently left out is the primary fortified item in bread/flour is folic acid. Which is a problem in and of itself. Look up unmetabolized folic acid, it is thought to be one of the causes of cancer. Many more people have problem with MTHFR and MTHFD1 than have celiac, which mean they need the proper active form of folate, methylfolate, which is found in non processed foods. Some countries have already stopped fortifying flour with folic acid due to these issues

  9. I think the health issues run deeper than gluten. I think it comes down to the contribution of grains to insulin resistance and compact cholesterol, with gluten and allergy issues being a slightly less common but still prevalent symptom.
    I’ve been eating loosely paleo and I’ve personally never felt better. I eat as much fruit and vegetables as I have appetite for, and one or two meat main courses per day. No processed foods, no dairy, no grains except occasionally rice. I cheat about once a week when I go out with friends, because there’s not a lot paleo friendly when you go out.
    I’m down to 170 pounds from 210 (I’m somewhat muscular) and I no longer get indigestion, smelly flatulence, constipation, or diarrhea.
    I also don’t feel constantly hungry like I used to.
    Every time I’ve left paleo for more than a few days I’ve gotten some form of intestinal distress and what’s more interesting, I’ve felt ravenously hungry and unsatisfied no matter what I eat. This doesn’t go away until I go back to paleo for a week or so. Like magic, No more cravings or unstoppable hunger.
    I think people overstate the importance of grains and dairy in diet. From everything I’ve ever experienced they cause me to feel like garbage. Eat some spinach or kale and take a multivitamin, it gives you all the same things both of those food categories provide.
    That being said, no diet or dietary plan is good for everyone. Making INFORMED choices about what you eat and cutting out all of the processed garbage that’s pumped into our food is the basis of any healthy diet.
    Unfortunately the health of consuming grain or dairy products can be debated with all the current additions to the ingredient list.

    • We consume too much starch. Too many starchy carbs. Definitely. The old “fat is bad” mantra that was blasted at us by health experts from the 1960s until today has really done us a disservice. Diabetes and obesity rates are soaring, and not just because the population is aging. Yet all kinds of starchy, sugary, carb-laden products out there proudly declare themselves “fat free”, as though that were a virtue that sells itself. It will take another generation at least to reverse the psychology that “fat is bad”, and maybe a lot longer than that.

    • What does North America produce in vast quantities – wheat. Once again the nudge factor. Government wanted to sell the wheat crop and so the Canada Health Guide insisted that you have so many servings of starch a day.

    • This comment also sums up my experience with eating largely wheat free, while completely avoiding products labelled “gluten-free”, and striving towards a more paleo inspired diet. I dropped from 208 to 179 in 4 months, without increasing exercise or ever feeling hungry. No diet has done that for me before. I have far more energy, no mid-afternoon crashes and my mood has also improved! Don’t knock wheat-free unless you have actually tried it as you might be surprised. Again, avoid gluten-free or you are simply substituting one evil for another.

  10. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 8 years ago after having adverse symptoms on and off for at least 20 years. There was not a lot of information available then apart from the Canadian Celiac Assoc. and 2 or 3 cookbooks. Changing my diet was difficult at that time – I needed to read every label with caution in order to take in no wheat, barley, rye, or oats (unless certified).For a while there was even an ongoing debate in the Celiac community about the safety of various distilled alcoholic beverages. I am amused to find so many people deciding to go gluten free and to see so many products now available to meet this”need”. So many of these items are far from nutritious – just read the nutrition label. If you are Celiac, going on a gluten free diet will almost certainly result in weight gain since you have been unable to absorb many nutrients due to damage by gluten to your digestive tract.

    • It really depends on how you react to inflammation — I think if you have a body type that is slender and have had — er how to put this – watery output more often then not, then a GF diet will help fix that damage. For me, I’ve lost ~20lbs, but I was already overweight, and my general reaction to gluten is that everything becomes inflamed, and nothing moves. Since going gf b/c of Celiac, I’ve found that my inflammatory responses are not as bad as they were, bowel movements are normal and not ‘backed up’. I think we have a lot more research to do to really know what are reactions are to foods, etc…

  11. There are NO dangers, only better health. What a stupid title for this article, so very misleading. The problem is all this fake substitute food. Just eat natural proteins, vegetables, fruits and nuts and you will have all the nutrients you need plus healthy fats, olive oil, coconut oil and butter. Throw everything else in the garbage. You will feel a thousand times better, just follow this simple plan.

  12. What she misses completely is that it takes some 14- 17years (a well knon stat) before someone with Celiac or wheat intolerance gets a diagnosis, that is why patients relly lastly on their Phisician and head rather to the Internet!

    • is this article wheat industry sponsored or AMA sponsored? either way, it is an opinion piece, and a bad one at that.

    • I’m 36, took probably half of that for diagnosis,and most of that I wouldn’t have had luck with had I not lived outside of North America for a year.

  13. Ridiculous news coverage.

  14. I have Celiac Disease and I have not seen gluten free products prominently placed anywhere in a grocery store in America. I always have to search for them.
    I have been on a no grain diet now for almost two years and I feel 100% better then I did on a gluten or gluten free diet and many of the autoimmune issue I was struggling with are gone. Get rid of the grain. All bread products do is put fat on your derriere. Gluten means GLUE!

    • Please don’t get into buying the substitutes, anyway, when they do become available. They’re JUNK…in no wise “healthy.”

  15. The problem with ‘wait and talk to your doctor’…they don’t listen..and would rather write you a script. I spent over 15 years telling doctors of health issues..was sent for test after test..all coming back fine. Took gluten out of my diet and within 3 weeks noticed huge improvements in my health. IMO the only thing unhealthy about a ‘gluten free diet’ is buying the processed crap labelled gluten free. Lots of studies coming out on the dangers of gluten..not just for people with celiac or an intolerance.

    • Some doctors even after you get them to run a celiac panel will only run the cheapest panel covering only tTG. Some people only show up positive for DGA or have immunoglobulin problems so won’t show up at all on just a cheap celiac panel. The comprehensive panel covers IgA/IgG DGA/tTG/EMA and an immunoglobulin panel (a/e/g/m) can help rule out general antibody problems. There is also the potential for AGA native gliadin antibodies or IgE allergy to wheat as well. Its still hard to get an AGA test even in the US.

  16. if you eat a “normal” diet ( i.e., rich in “NATURAL” foods, starting with whole raw vegies, fruits, nuts, animal proteins, GOOD fats) and stop eating crap like processed baked goods, avoiding gluten foods is not only beneficial but easy… that way when you do crave a donut or pizza, the gluten free option is not difficult to obtain… the HARDEST part about going gluten free, as a cook, is learning the new “rules” to baking… it’s been 4 months for me, and I have no more GERD, my chronic pain is now intermittent and the excess weight I have had my entire life is falling off effortlessly… limiting natural “inflammatory” foods has also helped….. the woman in the video is a spokesperson with an opinion… She did not present a single fact.

  17. An appetite enhancer has been added to the DNA of today’s genetically modified wheat. What people don’t realize until they quit eating it, is that the craving/addiction/ ends with it out of your system. My son told me about Wheat Belly the beginning of February; I quit eating it – and gluten – that day and ordered the book. Since then I’ve lost the “bloat” in my gut (that took less than 4 days), lost 35 lbs., my blood sugar is totally normal, thyroid/cholesterol etc ALL good! Best of all, the three liver tests I had show my liver functions heading rapidly towards normal. Wheat Belly saved my life. There is really great food out there to eat – and breads that aren’t made with potato/corn/tapioca starch and bad stuff. Coconut/almond flour is great to cook with; coconut oil as well.
    I would like to know, Ms. Guilli, if you actually ever read the book. I gave a copy to my doctor; he read the back cover and said he should maybe be giving it to his patients. (I’ve given away over 30 to friends and strangers.) He was skeptical in February; he’s totally impressed now. If everyone knew the repercussions of eating today’s wheat, there would be many more healthy, less obese people in this world.

  18. She sounds like an idiot “gluten-free foods are unhealthy”….Yes, ask anyone. Fruits, veggies and lean proteins are quite unhealthy.

    Perhaps she should have qualified that with “processed gluten-free foods”.

  19. We offer five free no grain recipes for download at The No Grainer Baker. You can get them from our Facebook page:
    We believe people are better off not eating grains at all. It helps with weight loss, those that are trying to manage their insulin balance (people with heart disease and diabetics) and of course is critical for celiacs and those with gluten intolerance.

  20. Does she have ANY idea how many people HAVE gone to their doctors and had their symptoms discounted, or who been tested negative for celiac (but feel much better GF anyway)? If more of the general public felt that their doctors were taking their concerns seriously, and/or if more doctors were better-versed in nutrition in the first place (HOW much coursework do most doctors have in nutrition?), there might not be a rush of people consulting Doctor Google in the first place.

    As to whether GF foods are actually nutritious, well, my experience is that if it HAS to actually SAY it’s GF, probably not. GF breads and cereals and cookies, for example – GF junk food is still junk food. But vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, and seeds are and have always been gluten-free, and loaded with nutrition. I figure I get a lot more nutrient-dense foods eating Paleo than looking for GF substitutions for foods it turns out I don’t really miss that much. My thyroid is happier, my migraines are gone, and we rarely if ever get sick any more. What’s not to like?

    Is there a danger in consulting The Interwebz for medical advice over one’s doctor? Probably. But IME there there can also be danger – GREAT danger, to the tune of spikes in blood pressure, migraines, and episodes of being unable to find words for things, so possible mine-strokes in my case, not to mention the deterioration of my thyroid! – in trusting one’s doctor and not investigating for oneself.

    • Doctors live to 58 on average. You don’t want to listen to anything they say

  21. the world needs to stop manufacturing crap and calling it food…we need to boycott manufacured gmo , high calorie , low vitamin junk and bread is one of them.

    • if you live in america, then you have the right to do as you please. so people can buy this crap if they want. What needs to stop is the so called education we get that tells us to eat over 6 servings of bread a day and so called education that tells us that bread has a place in diet. It should not be banned, if you really believe in AMERICAN ideals.

  22. The most interesting thing here is this one question… who the heck is Cathy Gulli and how is she even remotely qualified to comment on this topic?

    It is estimated that over 60% of Caucasians are gluten intolerant. Not Celiac, not necessarily able to be tested by a doctor, or anyone for that matter.

    The easiest (and best) thing to do, and your naturopath would agree, would be to remove the potential irritant. The two biggest on the list are dairy and gluten (but there are others, especially including soy).

    Spend six weeks without the irritants and then see how it feels to reintroduce it to your diet.

    This is not to say that “gluten free” implies healthy, because it clearly does not. These are not health foods she speaks of. Last I checked, your fruits and vegetables didn’t contain gluten. Nor do a lot of grains, especially including rice.

    • I’d like to know if she (Cathy Gilli) even read “Wheat Belly”. There’s a lot of really good, TESTED information in there. Bet she hasn’t.

  23. JUST DON’T EAT GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS!!!!!!!! You don’t need them to be gluten free!

    • I agree

  24. This article seems to be attempting its readers to keep wheat in their diets. As a major wheat producing country, Canada will take a hit like the United States with the decline in wheat consumption around the world. There is not enough research done on the modification of wheat over time and the impact of it to our digestive systems and how humans handle “super proteins” coming from wheat gluten produced today. This article is simply to high level to sway me, and I didn’t need a doctor to diagnose my symptoms, they were too blatant and disappeared after removing wheat (only after 3 food elimination tests conducted 6 weeks at a time). Doctors never diagnosed my issues – I DID! Canada and United States ought to consider swapping out some of their wheat crops in the future if they are going to lose profits instead of asking us to continue eating wheat if we aren’t able to do so for allergic or celiac reasons. Gluten free is here to stay, get over it!

    • Canada and the USA need to get rid of Monsanto and his poisoned, modified seeds and go back to the wheat of yesteryear – which was NOT bad for us. Same with corn and it’s products.

      • The wheat that is the problem is not GMO’d, it was hybridized for high gluten content before DNA was even discovered.

        • GMO’d wheat IS a problem – we probably don’t get any other kind any more – not that’s pushed by the Big Box stores. ALL GMO products are dangerous and not good for us. Since they started pushing GMO products (especially wheat, corn, soy) the incidents of obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, heart attacks, mental illness and more have all sky-rocketed. Lots of RESEARCHED info in Wheat Belly – give it a read.

          • You apparently didn’t read Wheat Belly yourself, or forgot most of it, perhaps you still have nutrient deficiencies from eating wheat? ;-) It explicitly goes into detail about the hybridization before DNA was even discovered.

            GMO may also be a bad thing, but the real problems with wheat are gluten involving the autoimmune issues and its effect on zonulin signaling for everyone. If I remember correctly Wheat Belly didn’t mention zonulins as it is probably too old to have included the more recent research.

          • The wheat belly blog does cover some of the zonulin information, pubmed has more.

    • They could also do the obvious bit and stop growing the current high gluten wheat and start growing/gmo’ing low/no gluten wheat instead. From what I recall Wheat Belly mentions several ancient but still grown varieties that are low in gluten.

    • I agree with you – of course they’re trying to keep us eating wheat. We eat the bad wheat, we get sick. We go to the doctor and he gives us pills. They give us a quick fix and we go back to eating bad food, get sick again, and head for the docs. The ones benefitting from this are NOT us consumers: the food (wheat) industry and the “Big Phara” companies are laughing all the way to their banks – and they don’t give a fat rat’s ass if we get sick or not. The sicker the better – their pockets are lined and that what matters to them. Pisses me off! March against Monsanto in October – more has to be done to wake up the public and stop the big corps.

  25. Doctors are just like politians. They’re suppose to be doing what’s best for YOU, the people, but that’s NOT profitable so they go for the profits and keep you coming back by treating the symptons and not finding a cure. There’s no long term profits in CURES! THe auto industry could make a car that would last you a lifetime but they WON”T.

  26. foods that are NATURALLY gluten free such as meat veggies and fruit are NOT bad for you it’s packaged foods glutened or not that are dangerous. wheat has been hybridized to be farmed easier and this has increased the amount of gluten in wheat. research Einkorn, I have celiac and have found that ANY doctor i have spoken to face to face knows very little about this, what other complications come with it and as far as internet information, i have found CREDIBLE doctors, some who have the disease also, so advising to stay off the internet for info is just another fear tactic and insult to intelligent people everywhere.

  27. If someone has food intolerances (as I have for most of my life) the medical community takes no interest or responsibility. After many years of discomfort and frustration I have finally reached a point where I’ve figured out my “safe” foods. Allergy specialists have the attitude that if something is not going to kill you due to anaphylactic shock then it is of no concern to them (I have seen 2 allergy specialists and both have told me the same thing) . My regular GP takes no interest either. What is one to do other than experiment with our own diets? I would love the medical community to give me a helping hand but they are unwilling. Naturopathic practitioners have given me some misguided advice over the years. Luckily for me I have reached a dietary balance, albeit extremely limited.
    It’s time for the regular medical community to recognize the impact food intolerances is having on the health of our greater population. Someone needs to do a study on the diminished productivity that it causes.

  28. I feel like part of the Gluten free / Wheat free health benefit is leaving all that processed junk behind. Including most Gluten free products. Stick as close to nature and natural foods on any diet or food lifestyle and you will feel amazing. I’m Gluten/Wheat Free and a vegan. I feel incredible. I buy Fresh organic produce, Nuts & Seeds, Legumes, I eat as much as I want without ever having overwhelming cravings for anything. Leave the Gluten free products in the store, they usually have twice the other junk to make up for the Gluten Free label or have wheat hidden under another name.

  29. The only danger is in the commercialization of “gluten free” and the junk food that people are being conned into consuming. A natural, unprocessed, whole foods diet free of sugar, starch, and grains is optimal for human health and “gluten free” is a part of that sort of nutritional approach. There is no “danger” in getting rid of most (and for some of us, pretty much all) sources of dietary carbohydrate.

  30. I eat real food, LCHF. Yes, that means high fat, high saturated fat. It just so happens to be gluten free.

    Fortified? One minute they say vitamin supplements don’t work and the next we should eat fortified foods? Ha, silly.

    Listen to my doctors? I tried that. Since listing to the interweb I’ve dropped 25lbs, my 19 years of proliferative retinopathy with 4k laser zaps and a vitrectomy is in complete remission, I think better, I perform better (exercise and more), and my lipids now rock. My LDL s now lower on a high saturated fat diet than it was when that health care professional had me taking a statin. Statins. A drug with extremely poor evidence supporting its efficacy that damages muscles (heart is our largest muscle) — insanity I say.

    Gluten sensitivity is still on the radar as a trigger of type 1 diabetes. In fact a Canadian study shows 48% of us type 1’s are sensitive to it. No doctor will give you a gluten sensitivity test in Canada. They don’t believe in it.

    Let’s finish with he fat fears. Dr. Krause has shown there s no association between saturated fat and heart disease, none. Nobody has ever demonstrated how fat might kill us. The science actually says sugars make us fat by triggering excess insulin which is the fat storage hormone. And all those excess burger buns do not get turned into energy – or you’d feel energetic after eating, eh? — but get turned into palmative acid aka triglycerides, a leading indicator of heart disease. But lets nt science get in the way of listening to our industry funded and guided health care system.

    • Yes, hla-dq2 is associated with both celiac and type 1, along with several other autoimmune diseases. Its likely gluten is the cause of all of them in people with that genetic mutation. The only reason we see BS articles like this one is due to the farm industry, or perhaps really stupid doctors that should have never gotten a license in the first place.

      If you saw one of my other posts I think the increase in gluten problems probably can be traced back directly to the Seven Countries study in the 1950s which led to fat phobia and the direct vast increase in grain intake to replace the calories. Even with the problem if you don’t eat much gluten you might never reach the tipping point of having major problems, eat bread/flour at every meal and you will. Once you reach that point though it can take over 2 years before the antibodies clear from your system.

    • Exactly! An LCHF diet is naturally gluten-free – and the remedy for countless health issues. In my family, eating LCHF and quasi-paleo or primal has reversed or prevented Type II Diabetes, ADHD, chronic fatigue, IBS, GERD, insomnia, depression, and headaches along with weight issues. I have been ketogenic for 2 years and my SO joined me this past year. Yesterday, we completed a century bike ride in heat, hills, and wind with energy to spare. We did not eat before or during the ride, just drank water, and each had a couple of hamburger patties and a pickle afterwards. Punchline – he is 71 and I am 60!

  31. FACT: there is no GMO (genetically-modified) wheat grown in Canada. There is no GMO wheat in Canadian flour.

  32. There’s “gluten-free” and there’s “safe to eat.” Substituting starches and other sorts of “flour” for wheat does not increase the healthfulness of a food. In fact, for many, those substitute ingredients cause a similar inflammation reaction to regular old flour. If you’re not dealing with an autoimmune issue (as I am), perhaps the sensible thing to do would be to eat all food groups in MODERATION, including those containing flour? (And Cathy Gulli, please research “vocal fry,” and consider what you’re doing not only to your vocal cords but to your listener’s ears. Thank you.)

  33. For the special groups who NEED to reduce or eliminate gluten, it bears noting that there’s “gluten-free” and there’s “safe to eat.” Substituting starches and other sorts of “flour” for wheat does not necessarily increase the healthfulness of a food. In fact, for many of us, those substitute ingredients cause a inflammation reaction similar to that of regular old flour. That said, if you’re not dealing with an autoimmune issue (as I am), perhaps the sensible thing to do would be to eat ALL food groups in MODERATION, including those containing flour? (And Cathy Gulli, please research “vocal fry,” and consider what you’re doing not only to your vocal cords but to your listener’s ears. Thank you.)

  34. I have tried a wheat-fast a few times now and have found (like two other people I know who have tried it) that I lose 3 lbs over a 48 hour period. We are healthy people with no appreciable gut symptoms, but we retain at least 3 lbs of water when we eat wheat. I feel it in my ring finger. Whether it is gluten related or has to do with wheat’s high glycemic index starches, something is going on there.

  35. That the grains that fatten a cow for slaughter in 16 months and produce excellent “marbling” should not be at the base of our food pyramid.

  36. This video/article is a bit misleading. Of course prepackaged gluten free items aren’t necessarily the healthy choice, prepackaged food in any sense generally have a lot of unhealthy ingredients. Going gluten free isn’t by any means dangerous and a lot of people have found it beneficial whether or not they have been diagnosed as a celiac etc. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to receive medical help for digestion issues. I live in Canada, with so called “great healthcare” and I have to wait 6 months for an appointment with a specialist. I will continue to be gluten free as long as it makes me feel better.

  37. Cathy Gulli is more of a blatherskite than a journalist. ::X

  38. So someone decides to label consumer avoidance of gluten a “craze”?
    The wheat products we’re consuming these days are hybridized versions that did not exist decades ago. As it turns out a lot of us are sensitive to the gluten that’s in these hybridized versions especially the GMO type.
    You don’t need to buy “gluten-free” products. Just avoid wheat and experiment with what else doesn’t disagree with your digestive system. Try organic ancient grains. It’s a process of trial and error and the only bigtime loser in a gluten-free world are the product manufacturers, poor darlings.

  39. As usual the comments on this type of “health” articles show more sophistication than the article itself. It’s as if the media and the medical/pharma industry are desperately clinging to the bad old days when they were the dispenser of all wisdom and where we were the sheeples that just followed blindly along. The Internet is changing all that. People are comparing notes, and actual real experts are being heard instead of just the usual industry sock-puppets. The truth is coming out. And we are getting it. In growing numbers. We are taking back our health from the grasp of big pharma. Sure that is scary for the health care system. They run the risk of making themselves irrelevant. That’s why they warn of the danger of foregoing “important” celiac tests. But seriously, if you feel 10 times better when you avoid gluten, do you really need a test to confirm the obvious? Maybe that’s important for statistical purposes, but to the average patient it’s pretty irrelevant. It’s not if a diagnosis of celiac or wheat allergy is going to change the treatment : eliminate gluten.

  40. I also object to the misleading title, which ruins an otherwise good article. I have not read, within this article, one bit of compelling evidence that going gluten free is “dangerous”. Wheat is not especially nutritious. Removing it from your diet and replacing it with nutrient dense food can only improve your health. Removing wheat from your diet and replacing it with gluten-free carbage, not so much. However this isn’t what someone would infer from the title of this article

  41. Something that I haven’t seen mentioned. Going gluten-free takes a good deal of dedication, and dare I say it, sacrifice. Lets face it, wheat is delicious, and maybe even addictive. It hasn’t been so valued so highly for so long for no reason. Some people manage to totally give it up and not even care. However if you were to ask most people, myself included, what they would choose for their last meal on earth, it would probably feature some sort of wheat containing food. Maybe a lot of it. People don’t give up wheat because it makes them feels superior to the wheat eating throngs. And by Jove people don’t give up wheat because gluten-free food is so darn tasty. It’s a pale imitation at best. People give it up because it makes them feel better. Period. It’s pretty dismissive to call that a fad. Nobody WANTS to have to give up wheat.

  42. Gluten-free food is way overpriced in Toronto stores. Unless you are rich, you stay sick for ever.

  43. Gluten Free is a choice people a making based on the information they receive on the dangers to your health, or the idea that they can feel better, not a craze. Like people choosing GMO free and Organic. However, people taking on a GF or Wheat and Grain Free diet without the information they need to substitute the things they will be missing. Much like going Vegan, you need to eat proper foods to substitute what you give up
    with meat or a Vegan diet will make you sick.

    Other than those with Celiac and wheat allergies, no one has to go gluten free, it a choice. Yes, there are more products on the shelves mainly because of demand. I would hardly say that gluten free products are jumping out at us in the grocery stores; you have to search or have it ordered in. It’s not like they are removing the products with
    Gluten, so to that I would say SUCK IT UP, like any new product it requires to be seen to gather attention. I don’t hear people complaining that they are putting a new cookie in an action isle to gain attention. I am sure you have trouble finding foods containing gluten, because they tuck the bread and muffins and cookies away in a tiny little unknown corner of the store….. not likely. The gluten free industry are not the only people making money, the information missing in this story is how much the NON-GLUTEN FREE INDUSTY is raking in. However, that still DOES NOT MEAN that GLUTEN FREE is healthy or better for you, you have to be very careful to read the labels. Wheat/Grains are not essential to our diets; anything that you gain from wheat/grains can be taken from other food groups. If it makes people feel better to give up wheat and other grains, who is anyone to say it is dangerous provided you are not
    replacing it with an unhealthy substitute, or not replacing those nutrients. BE
    CAREFUL thought the gluten free items can be just as harmful, higher in salt,
    sugar and fat, and lacking vitamins and minerals, lower in fiber etc. You have
    to make sure you are selecting the correct products and find the ones that are
    produced with your health in mind. I agree with Adena, no one has ever died
    from eating healthier, as for Gerlinde, just cause this is not something you
    believe or are not educated in yourself does not mean it doesn’t have value. Gallbladder
    issues, cholesterol issues, so the food you were eating was high in cholesterol so maybe the foods you thought were good for you were not so good. The same could be true regarding gluten or wheat.

    The reason people don’t talk to their doctor is simply most of the time doctors don’t listen, they treat you like they don’t have time for you, and most don’t want to hear of anything that they can’t write you a prescription for. Some of them seem to have no idea
    about nutrition, and don’t want to refer you to a nutritionist. I tried going wheat free as a last resort to put an end to horrible headaches that my doctor could not figure out the cause of after 3 years….the headaches turned into headaches and vomiting. No one could determine the cause. I tried removing other food too, but with no improvement. Waking up and going to bed every night with a headache is no way to enjoy life and allergy pills and headache pills provided no relief. I was tested for allergies and celiac and all returned negative. Still I gave up wheat…and after a few days I started to feel better, I did get cravings but I got through it….days and weeks went by with no headache. I still was not convinced, so I had some pasta, and ended up with a
    headache and vomiting. I went wheat free again and felt better. Then I tried
    more wheat weeks later to see if it was just something that happened by chance,
    and nope, sick again. It worked for me, maybe it won’t for everyone. In
    addition to not having a headache all the time I also lost some weight so that
    was just an added bonus.

    I believe the reason people are having so much trouble with the information about going wheat free or grain free is for years we have been told that it was good for us and essential to our diet. If you do a bit of research you will learn there are people that
    lived healthy lives without ever eating grains, even whole tribes or settlements.
    To those of you who think that gluten is a new issue, learn some history….Celiac has been around for a long time. Gluten and wheat are have been added to many foods that really have no need for it, increasing our exposure, maybe because it has an addictive quality.

  44. Here’s what anyone quickly learn on a “gluten-free diet”: you don’t eat “gluten-free” foods on a gluten free diet. Good thing that they taste aweful most of the time. It’s just about starting to eat real single ingredient foods: vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and dairies (if you’re tolerent with them). Wheat is the worst offender, but other grains suck too.

  45. I am not a follower of fads. I am, however, a long-time victim of rheumatoid arthritis, a disease seriously affected by inflammation, as are many serious diseases in our society today. Someone had told me about a friend’s success with the no-grains philosophy of the “Wheat Belly” book in respect to inflammation, so I tried it last fall. It didn’t take long before I noticed a serious reduction in the inflammation in my body and, most importantly, a general feeling of wellness that I hadn’t had for over 40 years. I also lost some excess weight, which was a pleasant surprise. I immediately notice disease symptoms and that bloated, full-tummy feeling whenever I go off the no-grains diet and indulge in some wheat products. This has been like a miracle for me: now if I can just stick with it!

  46. From observations online, talking to friends and colleagues, and general observation of the world around me, I have come to realise that while Celiac is real and serious, gluten sensitiviy in all its forms, is primarily self diagnosed. I can really accept the premise that a self diagnosis, followed by a change to healthier eating habits will increase well being, but not necessarily becuse of gluten elimination. Many of the gluten-free processed baking-type food products are rice flour, corn starch, and potato starch products. High glycemic and definitely less nutritious. Do your own baking and use pastry or cake flour – it has very low gluten.

    Eat real food you have made yourself. The food industry is cashing in big time on this latest fad. I’ve seen ‘gluten free’ olive oil, give me a break!

    Wonder what the next fad will be.

    • As someone who shops for gluten free food, I only commend companies that have started to abide by the new laws by labeling their food. Since I get so deathly I’ll by ingesting the tiniest amounts of gluten, I will not buy any product unless clearly labeled in some manner. It takes triple the amount of time to read all the labels to make sure that I am safe, I only wish every processed product on the shelves had a standardized symbol on the front bottom of the package (GF or X Not GF. I’ve even gotten sick from companies that label made from wheat free products but processed in a plant with other wheat products. Sorry for rant but I’m tired of getting sick and hearing everyone else complaining about a symbol that makes our life just a little better.

  47. On another note: you will never find the French going gluten free, but then, they don’t eat industrial bread.

  48. Some doctors are better then others. When I was first diagnosed with celiac, my doctor couldn’t be bothered to provide me any guidance and specifically told me to look on line for information. The only guidance she gave , which was actually pretty good, was to shop around the outter edge of the supermarket.

  49. What a horribly biased and dismissive article. What branch of Monsanto do you work for Ms. Gulli?