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Why It’s Great To Be A Canadian Traveller

Canadians are known as polite travellers


Yes, Canadians are known as polite travellers, and that’s no bad thing, making us welcome in many places around the world. But a warm welcome isn’t the only perk of being a Canadian traveller, according to online travel seller Cheapflights.ca. Here are some more reasons why it’s great to be a Canadian on the go, on Canada Day or any other day:

That Politeness Thing: Polite may not be exciting, but generations of well-mannered Canuck travellers have built up a pool of goodwill in many destinations. No wonder those southerners stitch Canadian flags on their backpacks.

We Know Good Beer: Canada measures alcohol percentage by volume, not by weight, so when we get to Europe or the U.S. we can sample all their fine brews without ending up on the floor.  Watch out for the Aussies though… their legs are hollow.

The Loonie Is Flying: Our rising dollar has made our travels more affordable than last year. For $100, Canadians this year get $97 US, £64 or €78. Last July 1st, it was $86 US, £52 or €61. That’s a 12% gain on the US dollar, 23% on the British pound and 27% on the Euro. Woohoo, let’s get outta here!

Visa Free Travel with Canadian Passport: With Canadian passport in hand – and 70% of us have one — we can travel without visas to over 150 countries.

So Many Places To Go: Canada is well served by domestic and international airlines and new air services are being added all the time, recognizing the value of the Canadian market.

Weather Or Not: When you come from a place where it’s minus 30 in the winter and plus 30 in the summer, extreme weather isn’t that big an issue.


Why It’s Great To Be A Canadian Traveller

  1. Is this a paid advert for Cheapflights.ca?
    Furthermore, I don't find it's very accurate — at least not the politeness thing. Americans tend to be far friendlier and more polite abroad. Perhaps it's down to years of having to fighting negative stereotypes. Canadians act like boors, or stuck up.

    • Have you been living under a rock?

    • Who said Americans are friendlier? That must be a joke.

    • Canadians acting like boors!!!
      Come on we say sorry when someone else bumps into use, saying sorry to the people that need to be the ones saying it……….. i don't think that anyone can get more polite then that

  2. this is based on statistics. you can't generalize that americans are friendlier than canadians

  3. There's a reason why Americans have had negative stereotypes for years. I think that, yes, Americans are friendly but in other countries its the loudness that seems to make the locals view Americans that way. Just my two cents.

  4. While in Beijing for the Olympics, wee wore only shirts with Canada written somewhere. We were surprised how far people would go out of their way to show us to transportation routes. On one ocassion, three people wearing USA logos approached, and asked for directions to the stadium we were headed. The local who had been practicing his English on us while escorting us, looked wide eyed at the Americans and shrugged his shoulders, pretending he knew no English.
    We were in awe! He would not explain his actions. He wasclearly stereotyping.

  5. I hate to say it, but as I travel on my own quite often (a single white woman) and in Asia (Europe in the summer), people call me "American" as I do speak English, but once I tell them that I am from Canada they are indeed nicer to me. The local people also love the fact that I do indeed try to speak their language (and I have learned several Asian languages since working abroad!)

  6. We know good beer?? Well we know not to drink Canadian beer….