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Why we should all be tree-huggers

Infographic: More trees on your block could improve your health as much as a $20,000 increase in income


The benefits of urban foliage have long been known: Improved air quality, reduced cooling and heating costs, and a pleasant view are just a few. And now, a paper published in Scientific Reports suggests we can add improved health to the list. Using Toronto as its subject, researchers found that people living in neighbourhoods with a higher density of trees on their streets report a significantly higher health perception and fewer cardio-metabolic conditions. In fact, the health improvements of 10 more trees on a city block were comparable to an increase in annual income of $10,000, or being seven years younger. Add just one more tree, bringing the number to 11, and cardio-metabolic conditions are decreased in ways comparable to a $20,000 boost in personal income.

The study was conducted in Toronto, which has tree coverage of about 27 per cent. If you’re looking for a Canadian city with more urban forest, though, head to the coasts. Both the Greater Vancouver Area and Halifax boast tree coverage of more than 40 per cent. Halifax alone has 58 million trees—that’s about 130 trees per person.



Why we should all be tree-huggers

  1. Cool…..literally.

    I have a variety of very nice hardwood trees on my land; including walnut, maple, chestnut, butternut, and elm, and Aspen.

    guess I won’t be making furniture out of them after all.

  2. Let’s save open nature areas from being covered with expensive and useless Industrial Wind Turbines.

    Nature groups on White Pines wind power: “bad for nature”.
    Wind Concerns Ontario. July 22, 2015.

    PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY – Disappointment in last week’s decision to approve 27 wind turbines in southern Prince Edward County ranges far beyond the borders of the municipality,

    A trio of conservation groups, including Nature Canada, Ontario Nature, and American Bird Conservancy have joined Mayor Robert Quaiff in lambasting the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) decision to approve the White Pines Prince Edward County Wind Energy Project in an internationally designated Important Bird Area (IBA).

    “There are so many things wrong about this decision and the only reasonable conclusion is that it is bad for nature” stated Ted Cheskey, senior conservation manager at Nature Canada, in a joint release. “More populations of species at risk will be threatened and more critical habitat will be destroyed. Nature Canada is not opposed to the project as a whole, but several specific turbines should not have been approved. We are also at a loss to understand why the Ministry would approve this project without waiting for the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal in the Ostrander case.

    • there are quite a few windmills in the region I reside. The most outstanding feature of the structures is not the size, as one would imagine. It is the hundreds of dead birds and bats surrounding the base of the structure.

      • The irony of this is that Ontario for all its money spent on subsidies for renewable energy, is not even reducing C02 emissions. We have been sold a bill of goods by our government, and by the environmental movement in general. Neither wants to admit that this scheme has been a huge failure.

        OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers) have written a number of reports that show the difficulty integrating intermittent wind energy into the electrical grid. For details look at the document “Engineering Expertise Vital to Success of Ontario’s Electricity System: OSPE”, Jan 16, 2013.
        www DOT ospe DOT on DOT ca/news/113930/Engineering-Expertise-Vital-to-Success-of-Ontarios-Electricity-System-OSPE-.htm

        Engineers’ reports are significant because they are legally bound to report success (or failure) of their projects. Reading the reports you’ll see what we have suspected all along. Engineers must follow government mandate (move to Green energy), but they cannot show a reduction in C02.

        • Richard….follow the money.

          the Green Energy act was implemented by the Liberals under the guise of saving the planet, but the main player behind it was Gerald Butts (currently Justin Trudeaus number one advisor…so you can imagine this scheme would be implemented nationwide regardless of whap people think or want). It is surely a conicidence that the President of the Liberal Party at the time……..had business interests in Green Energy. The fact he made about $400 MILLION dollars…..is surely a coincidence.

          The “Man-made Climate Change” mantra is just another way of scaring people into giving the various levels of Government more money. At least harper and the Conservatives are aware of the scheme and won’t force Canadians to pay for the activism of the nutters in the environmental movement.

    • I’d like to take one of those giant fans and see how far i can shove it up Wynnie’s wrinkled As#.