Majority of Canadians support marijuana legalization, says survey

And many of those polled expressed a cautious willingness to try eating pot-infused munchies

Marijuana is pictured in a vending machine at the BC Pain Society in Vancouver, B.C., on Friday August 29, 2014. The society, which sells marijuana and supplies, is the first of its kind to integrate gift cards to be used at one of their 3 marijuana dispensing vending machines. (Ben Nelms/CP)

(Ben Nelms/CP)

HALIFAX – A new survey suggests a large majority of Canadians support the legalization of recreational marijuana use, with many expressing a cautious willingness to try eating pot-infused munchies.

The poll by researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax found that about 68 per cent of people across the country favour the impending legalization of pot, with the bulk of that support in B.C. and Ontario.

The aim of the survey, done over four weeks in August, was to gauge Canadians’ perception of recreational marijuana as a food ingredient when it is legalized next July, if they would use it in their diet and, if so, how they would prepare it.

Just over 45 per cent said they would buy food containing marijuana, with 46 per cent saying they would purchase pot-laced baked goods like brownies and muffins if they were legal.

Despite their apparent willingness, the bulk of survey participants indicated they didn’t know how to cook with marijuana at home and most said they did not consider it a healthy ingredient.

More than half of those surveyed — 58.5 per cent — said they had concerns about children and youth having greater access to recreational marijuana when it is legal.

The project surveyed 1,087 people and had a margin of error of 3.1 per cent, 19 times out of 20.


Majority of Canadians support marijuana legalization, says survey

  1. Along with ‘energy drinks’ and supersweetened ‘refreshments’, edible pot products could be the equivalent of the now unpopular coffin nails. Pot will slow many of us down, a lot. Getting the pot in edible form – through fatty and sugary foods – not to mention the after pot munchies , should, within a fairly short time, produce a generation of couch cabbage to rival the spuds produced by the television.

    This is a real threat.

  2. A survey provides general information. A study provides knowledge.

    Did the people surveyed indicate that they knew marijuana has been proven to cause mental illness?

    Did they know that marijuana stays in the brain for months compared to alcohols hours, and make the connection that more frequent use ensures the user is never sober?

    Did they demonstrate the knowledge that law enforcement has at this time no consistent and fair method to determine impairment from marijuana or its cumulative effect with alcohol to keep citizens safe in public and on our roads?

    Of course not, because our propaganda of public misinformation is singularly biased as pro legalization.

    Why? Trudeau has no interest in the knowledge a study would provide because it would contradict his foolish plan.

  3. The sooner pot is legalized the better. While marijuana may cause mental health problems in some people, the fact is that it is already out there and people are buying it now. Properly regulated, people will know exactly what strength of marijuana is being sold and the possible side effects. It is a big step forward. The only real problem is Trudeau’s lack of leadership in establishing how it will be sold and regulated.

    • Did you go to the trudeautard school of logic?

      Every crime is already out there, so legalize them, eh?

      Think of all the savings when all departments of the justice system are no longer needed.

    • Regulated? Are you on drugs?

      The plan is that every person can grow about 10 pounds each per year of whatever strength GMO psychotic strain they want.

      Kids will be getting as much as they can carry from backyard grow ops.

      That’s trudeautard regulation.

  4. Think about the impact to all international Canadian travel when Canada is recognized as a drug source country.

  5. Trudeau is setting us up to be Mexico north.

  6. Have any of the surveyed lived beside someone growing even 4 of these 10 feet tall plants outside? Have they smelled the pungent stink that will drive you indoors? If not you have no idea.