How to describe Canadian women’s bronze in soccer? With lots of exclamation marks:


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  1. they won gold in most peoples minds; with notable exception from the ref who seemed to disagree.

  2. What is everybody screaming about, Its another Bronze, fooled everybody!

    • An AMERICAN! GET OUTTA HERE!!!! hahaha

      • An american born in canada

        • Hmmmmmm………..Tony watching CAN vs. USA…70th minuteTony: “Go ref’s go! Go refs go!” *the ref calls an indirect free kick inside the box* Tony gasps, can’t believe his good luck. Breathing starts to accelerate. Hands shaking with delight. Tony: “The refs have done it! Mother! Come quick! It’s a miracle!” Tony immediately puts his hair in a pony tail and begins the re-enactment of the inspirational moment that has just occurred. Tony: “Nuh uh uh girlfriend! You have taken far too long! Time for a free kick and its going to be SPICY!” *tony shoots his imaginary ball……and SCORES!!!!!!!*

    • Hey Tony, go back to playing video games! While you were typing that, a hacker was spawn camping you and made you look like a total noob. Do our country proud and win that video game!

  3. what another GOLD! WOW!

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