Live from the Perimeter Institute: The Most Wanted Particle

Live at 7 p.m. ET: CERN researcher and physicist Jon Butterworth considers the quest for Higgs boson

Jon Butterworth (Gabriela Secara photo)

Jon Butterworth (Gabriela Secara photo)

Dr. Jon Butterworth is a CERN researcher and head of physics at University College London. In tonight’s lecture from the Perimeter Institute, he considers the excitement and tension surrounding the quest for the Higgs boson and his own research at CERN’s ATLAS detector. Watch as he discusses the exciting breakthroughs that still await the world of high-energy physics:



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Live from the Perimeter Institute: The Most Wanted Particle

  1. I like the concept of high frequency trading using neutrinos through the Earth. Maybe C&C submarine communication too. It has been suggested by baseball fans from out of town to use diplomacy to stop AI from happening. To me, it looks like it will be important to use sensors and communications but not to use too much supercomputing. It has been suggested the threat will be from a few centres, and the potential area and Earth amenable to an anti-AI-R+D sensor network is everywhere. I was asked if Al-Qaida-like entities are the main potential actors that will give birth to such a WMD. And the answer is no.
    I think was on the right WMD track a yr ago. My best small biz idea was piezo-screws that record entry into servers…The power consumption of near-term computers can be tracked.
    I’m hoping neutrinos can be used to image subterranean WMD labs.
    I’d like to see a Tobin Tax or some finance authority fund R+D into neutrino msg transmission through Earth. I’m thinking it should be possible to image the Earth by sending the neutrinos towards an Ice Moon orbiting Saturn or Jupiter.
    I’m not sure the best way to prevent AI. I have some info but I don’t know how much I want to know.

    • I want a divorce so I can enter a socialist hockey pool. Their city isn’t as hic as mine. I think the intent of their comment was that there are more than two world that have developed intelligent life independantly. Their government was only a little like ours. Only a few nukes were supposed to be used, but their leadership was assassinated and they used all their stockpiles.
      Their world was entirely deoid of animal life for the most part. Their (animal?) ecosystem had already been pushed over the edge. That is when they came to the religion: no one is worthless. I think they’d like Quebec now.

      • …I would’ve moved near there if they didn’t drain all their sphagnum fuscum bogs in the GMA.
        I asked them to relay a msg to other world when the other worlds are ready: hi from Earth.
        It was the military units that used the nuke stockpiles. Probably undisciplined like the unit that shot down the AIDS plane and whoever was dumb enough to fly through an active war zone.
        I don’t remember my few questions in 2007 consciously. I was also able to interrogate an animal in 2013 a bit. I’d appreciate it if intelligence agencies don’t monitor such encounters too closely as it brings me a great deal of cdn pleasure to be in nature. One of my hypothesis at the time was that social animals produce genius animals that were able to repeat human phrases…and then a bird said: “we hate it that u think these stupid birds are talking to you…”
        I feel guilty. I was at a job search place downloading scientific papers and a guy came in talking about always having worked in a bar. I asked him how he makes an Alabama Slammer. I don’t like with rums and hate Triple Sec (even though I ran a casino out of it). Then mgmt said no alcohol talk and something about AA…and he exclaimed: “Well, I guess I can’t talk about anything here then. And he left in a huff.”

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