Podcast: Hunting for planets

Astronomers how think our galaxy is filled with billions of planets. Kate Lunau on the Biggest Discovery Ever


Astronomers recently discovered that our galaxy is filled with billions of planets. Now the race is on to see how fast we can get there.

In this podcast, Maclean’s writer Kate Lunau talks with Jessica Allen about Maclean’s cover story this week: The Biggest Discovery Ever.

Hear them discuss the possibility of interstellar space travel. Find out about the search for life-sustaining planets and what scientists are doing right now to get us to another star. Listen to Lunau explain what the discovery of a Tatooine-like planet that revolves around more than one sun could mean for Stars Wars fans across the galaxy.

Lunau’s feature story is in the current issue of Maclean’s, now on newsstands. Watch for it on the site next week.

While you listen to the podcast, use your cursor to scroll over the planets below.



Podcast: Hunting for planets

  1. Although the discovery that planets are plentiful (and that earth-like planets are typical) is intriguing we still don’t have any data on the probability that life evolved elsewhere. The reason is that it appears that all life on earth is derived from a single genesis.

    I am delighted that (assuming I look after myself) the issue of life on other planets will likely be resolved in my lifetime as the ability to measure the atmospheric gases on distant planets becomes possible.

    • LIfe is everywhere. Even different kinds on THIS planet.

  2. I heard/read this when I was young and now married with children I keep reading/hearing the same old news about probability how many stars/planets there are in universe/our galaxy. I laugh when I read “Astronomers recently discovered that our galaxy is filled with billion planets” from the article. What on earth have they been doing for the last 20-30 years? I discovered that our galaxy is filled with many many many stars/planets ages ago when I was little.

    Tell me something new that I don’t know.

    • Sorry – we did NOT know or have any evidence of planets pre 1995 and even at that it was very tentative. Stars yes, planets no. Not till Kepler have the discoveries come flooding in. I take it you don’t follow science.

      • Cheers Chris, I wanted to reply along the same lines. The Kepler satellite has drastically sped up the process for hunting down planets orbiting other stars. This is a break through in the hunt for an earth like planet. Here’s a tip watch some Ted Talks, that should get you up to speed ‘SameOldNews’.

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