Video: NASA announces major Mars water discovery

Watch highlights from the NASA press conference, held at 11:30 a.m. ET


A Martian mystery is solved: Far from being an arid, freeze-dried desert, water, it seems, flows on Mars even today—that’s according to new research being presented in the journal Nature Geoscience. NASA told us more in a press briefing at 11:30 ET. Watch highlights of the event below.

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Video: NASA announces major Mars water discovery

  1. We could have landed on Mars in 1990 just like Kennedy wanted if the will was there. Instead we built that ridiculous International Space Station. Many critics of the program within NASA said the space station bled everything else dry. In fact, work towards one very plausible Mars mission – using the moon as a secondary launch – was scratched because it did not include use of the ISS. Too many egos and careers wrapped up in that thing.

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