Snowboarding @Sochi: Why you should always wear a helmet

Sarka Pancochova’s helmet splits open in crash

by Aaron Hutchins

Even the world’s most talented snowboarders should always wear a helmet. Sarka Pancochova demonstrated exactly why during the women’s slopestyle finals this morning. The Czech boarder took a serious fall, splitting her helmet open.

Not only did Pancochova get up, but she got back on her board to ride the rest of the way down.

Once she got to the bottom of the hill, her teammates saw up close the reason why they wear helmets.

On the strength of her first of two runs in the slopestyle finals, Pancochova finished in fifth place.


Snowboarding @Sochi: Why you should always wear a helmet

  1. Amazing she’s still alive….and she kept on going!

  2. She was knocked out cold from what I could tell

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