Céline Dion bans ridiculous pictures of Céline Dion

Why even the silliest blogs deserve to be defended


The publisher of the Tumblr blog Ridiculous Pictures of Céline Dion has scrubbed the site of all but one ridiculous picture of Céline Dion, citing a threatening legal note from the singer’s representatives as the reason. The site is almost certainly legal, but its author Duckumu writes that  “though this blog is well within the realm of ‘fair use’, I don’t have the money or time to get a lawyer to respond.”

Too bad. When it comes to hyper-sensitive multi-millionaires and their aggressive lawyers, only “important” cases of celebullying get challenged. If you’re trying to expose crazy Tom Cruise’s bonkers Scientology tape, Gawker’s got your back (and is happy to collect the web traffic). But what about the silliness of it all? Those who blog not for holy causes or big pageview numbers but for shits and giggles deserve protection too. Perhaps we need some sort of Electronic Foolishness Foundation to fight for our right to have a laugh for its own sake (note to self: we do; it’s called 4chan).

Meanwhile, if Dion wants to scrub the Internet of ridiculous pictures of herself, she’s got her work cut out for her.

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Céline Dion bans ridiculous pictures of Céline Dion

  1. Reminds me of the comment made by Ana Netrebko to the effect that she is careful not to make funny faces when she sings.  The result, IMO, her singing isn’t as good as it could be.  Netrebko has a beautiful voice but her singing has never evolved to its fullest capacity and now she won’t sing Traviata anymore.  Joan Sutherland certainly had no problem about being photographed looking weird, and could she look weird while singing but what a face, what muscles around the mouth, what a voice!  Sutherland sang until she was in her early sixties, and beautifully.    Singers shouldn’t be so concerned about what it looks like to sing your heart out.  Concentrate on the quality of the sound – particularly true for Dion (I’m no fan).

  2. I doubt it was Celine Dion who closed this blog, but rather her management. There are two reasons why Im saying this: Celine loves to make faces, be funny and entertain AND some of those pictures were ridiculously… sexy, nothing wrong with them. It was more the name that drove attention and not the content itself. My oppinion!

  3. I agree with Cristina – I highly doubt that Celine had any say in this. I am sure the lawyer did this without her permission. Celine has one of the best sense of humors out there and pokes fun at herself on a regular basis. She loves making the funny faces and is fully aware that people can take pictures. Celine would be disappointed that her lawyer is spending time on such a small issue.

  4. Celine Dion and Rene Angelil are by their own admission extremely, and I do mean extremely, litigious, which is why you don’t seem much about her in the tabloid press. But quite frankly who really cares about this?

  5. Doesn’t she realize the more you draw attention to something- the more the vultures will come out to look…. bad, bad move- laugh at it instead of creating a media circus to show as much of the controversary as possible- it is accomplishing just the opposite of what she wanted.. 

  6. Dion can contort her face in more ways and faster than rubber face Jim Carey.  And she wonders “why” people would make fun of her expressions?

    Nobody can ban ridiculous pictures of Celine Dion – they keep recurring every time she opens her mouth!

  7. The Celine Dion pictures totally want to be Streisandeffected now.

  8. If Celine had any emotion available to her other than rage in this matter it could have easily been resolved… For less money than she paid her lawyer to send threats via the mail she could have undoubtedly purchased the site from the owner, quietly dismantled it and removed it from the net without ANY press attention. Praise be the righteous!

  9. simple: Celine should stop looking “ridiculous in pictures”