Facebook hiring 3,000 people to monitor videos for crime, suicides

Videos and posts that glorify violence are against terms of service, but reporting still largely relies on users

FILE - In this May 16, 2012 file photo, the Facebook logo is displayed on an iPad in Philadelphia.  Facebook is adding more Snapchat-like features to its app. The company says it wants to let people's cameras "do the talking" as more people are posting photos and videos instead of blocks of text. With the update coming to users starting Tuesday, March 28, 2017,  Facebook is adding a camera icon to the top left corner of its mobile app.. (Matt Rourke/AP)

(Matt Rourke/AP)

NEW YORK – Facebook says it will hire another 3,000 people to review videos and posts of crime and other questionable content following murders shown live on its site.

That’s on top of the 4,500 people Facebook already has for such reviews.

The announcement comes from CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post Wednesday.

Facebook has been criticized recently for not doing enough to prevent videos _ such as a murder in Cleveland and a killing of a baby in Thailand _ from spreading on its service.

Videos and posts that glorify violence are against Facebook’s rules. But in most cases they’re only reviewed and possibly removed if users report them.

News reports and posts that condemn violence are allowed. This makes for a tricky balancing act for the company.

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