New iPads likely at Apple event in San Francisco next Tuesday


CUPERTINO, Calif. – Apple is holding an event in San Francisco next week to announce new products — likely updated iPads.

The company announced its most recent iPads around this time last year. The announcement included a smaller version, called the Mini, for the first time.

New iPads would get Apple’s latest operating system for mobile devices, iOS 7. The invitation sent Tuesday includes a graphic that mimics the colour scheme in iOS 7.

Next Tuesday’s event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, a venue Apple has often used in the past.

It follows last month’s release of new iPhones with iOS 7 — the 5S model with a fingerprint sensor and a cheaper, 5C model with a variety of colour options.

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New iPads likely at Apple event in San Francisco next Tuesday

  1. Why does all of the media insist on giving free marketing to Apple all the time? It’s ridiculous. They’re not even making any impressive announcements anymore, just adding color to the same products they’ve been making for years.

    How about at least throwing in a bit of actual “news” about how the iPad mini has been a complete and utter flop? But no, just hype the plastic garbage maker up some more.

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