Vikileaks: a bad way to make a good point

Canada has learned a lot more about Vic Toews than it needed to


“Vic wants to know about you. Let’s get to know about Vic”

Thus begins the Vikileaks Twitter account, a mean-spirited, vindictive, and very effective effort to humiliate and discredit Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. The account claims to draw its material from publicly available court documents from Toews’s divorce. In less than 100 tweets (so far),  its anonymous author assassinates Toews’ character in ways personal and professional. I learned more about Toews than I cared to.

I won’t pass along the dirt. I don’t have to. It’s out there for anyone to read—and a lot of people are reading. As I write, the account has been active for about 48 hours, and it already has over 7,000 followers. Even if the account is shut down, its revelations will live online forever. And it probably won’t be shut down. Publishing court records is perfectly legal.

Does that make it right? I don’t think so. As opposed as I am to the Lawful Access bill (excuse me, the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act“) and as appalled as I am by Toews’ disgusting assertion that those who disagree with him stand with pedophiles, I still think it’s indecent and just plain mean to drag the guy’s personal business onto the Internet, just to make a point.

But who cares what I think? It’s on the Internet, whether or not Vic and I like it. There used to be a time when journalists like me would sit around with our editors agonizing over whether or not we should run information like the this. We would weigh the newsworthiness of the story against the harm it would cause, and if we deemed the balance to be off, we would keep the dirt hidden, maybe forever. No more.

These days, the decision to spread information isn’t being made solely by journalists. It’s being made by technologists, too. If data is collected and connected, it will be leaked. Even if it’s wrong to leak it, it will be leaked. Even if only the police are supposed to know it, it will be leaked.

Point taken.

Jesse Brown is the host of TVO.org’s Search Engine podcast. He is on Twitter @jessebrown


Vikileaks: a bad way to make a good point

  1. Well isn’t that the whole point of it all????????????????
    Vic wants to know all about you , let’s get to know Vic

    As for ‘gutter politics” he started it all with the”if you disagree with me you a child pornographer”

    Most importantly, all these tweets are a matter of public record, so stop trying to down play them. And that’s also the point again.

    • It’s just too bad all this kind of hypocrisy wasn’t exposed years ago. We might have had better govt.

      The media was never supposed to be in bed with the politicians….just the opposite!

      • I agree, if the media had been half as intense in their pursuit of the hypocisy we would have been rid of Chretien and Martin years earlier. That point made, Toews is wrong on this and if sanity prevails the proposed legislation will be revoked or seriously amended.  That doesn’t mean that the progressive “tolerant” left is right in their current tactics.

        • Nope sorry…..nice try, but no cigar.

          Neither Chretien nor Martin ever preached about marriage and morality while carrying on affairs.

          It’s not WHAT they do, or have happen in their private lives….it’s the hypocrisy of preaching something entirely different in public.

        • Perhaps Chretien and Martin are not the best counter-examples, but it is an interesting contrast as to how the revelations re Jack Layton’s apparent indiscretion was received. OTOH, there is a certain amount of consistency: you had people who disliked Layton and the NDP gleefully going over the details of the incident and explaining how hypocritical he was, and now we have  people who dislike Toews and the CPC doing much the same.

          And, FWIW, I was as outraged as everyone else at being as much as told that I’m no better than a pedophile. AFAIAC Toews is at best an embarrassment to the government and should be relieved of any involvement with this flawed piece of legislation.

          • I think the difference is that Jack Layton never came out against prostitution. Indeed, he was in favour of decriminalizing it.

          •  That and there was no proof that he actually broke any laws (not that that matters to today’s conservatives, as we now know).

          • Prostitution itself is legal. However, I believe that most folks in favour of legalizing “bawdy houses” do so, not because they think facilitating the buying of sex is a good thing, but because the alternative (women on the streets selling sex) is worse.

            In other words, you don’t have to be in favour of what many people consider to be a dehumanizing, semi-exploitative job, to want to make that job safer. And if that was Layton’s position, all well and good. However, it becomes something entirely different to be a purchaser of sex.

            Now one can certainly argue that Layton was not charged, and there was no proof of wrong-doing.
            However, if pressed to make an opinion on a situation in which a man is found naked on a bed (not a massage table) in a massage parlor known for “happy endings”, an objective person would conclude there was a very good chance that that man was there for sex.

            So the question would not be whether it is hypocritical to favour relaxing restrictions on prostitution, But rather is it hypocritical if a person can on one hand favour the equality and empowerment of women, and on the other hand purchase sexual services from them in an environment ripe for exploitation. Again, Layton was not charged and there was no proof of wrong-doing, so this is arguably a hypothetical question. But the circumstantial evidence is what it is.

          • …”Jack Layton’s apparent indiscretion…” says two Toronto pigs who hate critics as much as the Tories. The cops stay quite for how many decades and use the disinformation hours before the polls open and without time to respond. I have watched elections world wide for a half century and do not recall EVER hearing about such explosive revelations that close to the vote. Toews is an adulterous polygamist who has sex with the help for the last thirty years. He knocked up a teenager after sleeping with her AT WHAT AGE?

      • No, in the normal course of events, I’m happy for the media to keep private and personal information on our politicians to themselves.  Unless it directly matters to something.  In this case, I think it does directly matter.  The only difference between this twitter account and what this law would allow is that the stuff on the twitter account is already public information.  This law would allow information to be gathered that isn’t public, and to which Canadians have a right to a presumption of privacy.

        Do I feel for the poor guy?  Yeah, I do, a bit.  But I also think this is exactly what he deserved.  Now he knows first hand what many of us object to in this bill.

        Learning it is a politician or a political staffer behind it makes me less pleased.

        • I should have explained further.

          During all those years when divorce wasn’t allowed, when you could go to prison because of birth control, when abortion was banned under any circumstance, when gays could go to jail…..what were our rule-making politicians doing in their own lives?  We didn’t know.

          We got oodles of comments on the sanctity of the family,  the absoluteness of religion  [ I remember one saying as ‘the family that prays together stays together]  the sacredness of life,  ‘demon drink’, and the ‘vileness’ of others and their satanic ways.

          We have since come to learn that many of the politicians of the time were whooping it up, wildly violating all the rules they made for others.

          Many of them are still doing so…but now it’s not hideable.  The media can’t be in cahoots with them anymore…..people can discover it for themselves.

          It’s the hypocrisy, 2Jenn….and the sheer nerve of it.  Thousands of lives were ruined by their moralistic nonsense…..while two-faced politicians did what they wanted, and conveniently had it hidden for them.

          This latest could have been released by a politician, a staffer, a cleaner….it doesn’t matter. It’s all quite legal. The same kind of ‘legality’ Toews wants to foist on us….except we don’t want Big Brother Toews swimming in hypocrisy and telling us how to live.  Those days are over.

          • You make a good point, OriginalEmily1, it is not just the hypocrisy, it is the power these members of our government have to put themselves above the law, and above the people they are supposed to represent.
            Social Media, love it or hate it, has changed the game plan forever.

          • I suffered the morality and purness issues of the last century and especially the achaic divorce laws (which in all fairness the court still allows to some degree through those wonderful family lawyers!)

            I also had opportunity in the 60’s to work in journalism and reporting.  we always considered what was legally moral and never for instance reported something like ‘a tragic death’ before the family was notified.  We took responsibility for our actions as did our editor.

            things have changed since cyberspace – some good, some appalling but in the case of Toews – he should have read bill he didn’t understand the implications – now he does but lucky him he is with a group that keeps the party intact and safe despite anything as in ‘who me?) deny, deny, deny: 
            this bill is a billion times worse for easy access……just like the various privacy laws of individual provinces and the same with the computer and insurance data…………they collect…….it is becoming
            a scarey world – in one we all stand naked and exposed, truth or not for others to make informed choice?  and to act morally responsibly or not.

      • You must have been born yesterday. Advertising agencies and the media make their living at it./ And the Libs are in there with the worst of them.

        • You’ve not only missed the point, you’ve missed the rest of the thread.

  2. There used to be a time when Canadians like me could go about their lawful, personal activities  without being constantly monitored by the authorities. Judges would weigh the validity of the case made by the police for the need to access the personal information of an individual against the rights of privacy, and if he/she deemed the case to be inadequate, would refuse the warrant, maybe forever.

  3. The author finishes this article with the statement “Point taken.” 

    Somehow I don’t believe the point would have been taken quite so thoroughly, even by the author, without the nasty stuff spread on twitter.  In fact it seems to me Canadians might be much better off today if this information had been twittered before the last election.

    •  Just like the the info about Jack eh?

      •  If the information about Jack was about the misappropriation of $50m public dollars, or if Jack had been a hypocritical family values moralizer who preached to others, then yeah – I guess they’d be exactly the same thing.

      • You left it very vague as to what information you mean, but I assume you mean the information that Jack Layton was living in subsidized housing.  There are many differences from the information about Vic Toews.  The information on Jack came from talking points issued from the PMO and promptly published by every conservative newspaper in the country.  The information was not relevant to Layton’s suitability for office.  It turned out it was false information, since for over 15 years Jack Layton had been reimbursing his housing coop for every cent of any subsidy that could possibly be attributed to him and the PMO had this information beforehand.  The information release by the PMO may have pleased conservative supporters, but the obvious ulterior motive, lack of relevance and falsehoods by the PMO helped to solidify Layton’s support, primarily in Quebec.  So yes, it was useful for the public to have this information prior to the election.

        The information about Vic Toews is relevant because it brands as hypocricital his loud moralizing about family values and marriage in the House of Commons at the same time as he was betraying family values in his personal life.  In addition, since this information about him came from publicly available court documents, it is obviously truthful. 

        • So-called subsidized housing refers to projects that have a mix of income levels and a mix of subsidies. The philosophy is designed to avoid ghettoes and to encourage diversity. To suggest that someone who makes thirty odd bucks an hour is getting cadillac service or taking advantage of the system or accepting a bribe is ludicrous. If the SupposeATories want scandal–how did ConMan Black pay so little on a Bridal Path property worth tens of millions? My aged mother had a townhouse in Galt that she wasn’t paying that much less.

      •  What info? As I recall, there was no proof that Layton actually did anything wrong.

    • Unfortunately, Toews’ adultery goes back to 1986. What you term “nasty stuff spread on twitter” are public documents about a guy who knocks up teenagers one third his age.

    •  “In fact it seems to me Canadians might be much better off today if this
      information had been twittered before the last election.”

      Which was exactly the point.  Twitter it AFTER the election, once the deal is sealed.

  4. Nonsense, the Vikileaks poster made his comment rather well.  Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (as it relates to privacy) and those preaching from the moral high ground shouldn’t be standing on quicksand (as it relates to morality).  The information wasn’t broadcast out of the blue, it was posted when a sanctimonious Minister called people he disagreed with supporters of pedophiles.

    Guy had an affair and a baby with his 20 year old babysitter, 30 years younger than him.  That’s the moral character of the Minister who runs his campaigns on family values, and preaches about marriage being a sacred union between a man and a woman.  It’s been well-known for quite some time, but never publicly aired.  God bless the Vikileaks guy for puncturing the bubble of hypocrisy that surrounds Vic Toews, the mainstream press certainly doesn’t think it’s relevant or that the “good of people knowing that would outweigh the bad.”

    • Absofrickinlutely!

  5. So Jesse, what exactly are people to do? Ask a majority government nicely to reconsider? Please.

    The tories started playing this game ages ago, now the internet is turning it around on them. Expect the internet to remain a thorn in the conservatives’ sides for a long time to come. Or at least until the  opposition gets some actual leadership.Digital democracy like the internet is a cruel, angry, and glorious thing.  

  6. “Thus begins the Vikileaks Twitter account, a mean-spirited, vindictive, and very effective effort to humiliate and discredit Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.”

    How very Conservative this strategy is.

    • Indeed! It looks like Vikileaks took his strategy straight out of the Tory playbook.

    • It’s like Conservative strategy in that it’s vindictive and cruel. It’s unlike Conservative tactics in that it’s actually truthful. Even anonymous internet cowards hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity than Harper’s Conservative government.

    • Indeed! 

    • Except, unlike the CRAP Coalition, the Twitter is based on sworn testimony in public court.

  7. A bad way?

    If Vic Toews wanted to avoid gutter politics, he shouldn’t have accused his opponents of standing with child pornographers and otherwise framing his bill and the debate around that issue.

    Secondly, there is no better way to protest the government spying on citizens than citizens spying on the government. 

    We shall snoop onto them as they snoop onto us.

    • In reality, government is a label of a group of individuals. There are real people doing nasty things for their own agenda, satisfaction, and enjoyment. Some bask in the limelight even if cast as villains. We need to remove them, not plead and beg with them.

  8. Remember the leak that came out last April about the $50m G20 spending scandal?  Would have been nice if journalists then had decided the good of people knowing the truth outweighed the bad of losing “access” to the government or the formality of patiently waiting for the government to reveal what the facts of the matter were until after the election at their convenience. 

    Sadly, it was only after the election that the press (stenographers) let us know that the G20 fiasco in the auditor’s report was all true. Too bad we didn’t have a Vikileaks guy for that information back then.  Maybe you guys should worry more about truth rather than process, it’s what the rest of us care about.

  9. You guys want to bury stuff like this go ahead.  You’re only burying yourselves.  See you in the unemployment line.

    • Why are you going to be unemployed?

  10. The Conservatives wanted a down-and-dirty American-style country. Well guess what, they got it now in spades.

    • But is this just the beginning? What happens when an internet smear campaign is launched against the new NDP leader? The new Liberal leader? Is this merely the signpost pointing to the new gutter of Canadian politics?

       I loathe the politics of Toews, but this is just bound to worsen things for the entire country.

      • Oh….you mean there haven’t been internet smear campaigns launched against Lib/Dem leaders before now?

        I’m amazed….cuz I’m sure I’ve seen lots of them

        So has everyone else.

      • Where have you been?

        The CPC has had a 24/7 smear going on the Liberal leaders since 2006!

        The only reason they haven’t started on the NDP yet is that they don’t have a leader. Besdies, I suspect the CPC think it’s easier to go against the NDP than the LPC.

        • I expect they won’t seriously start on the NDP. They know there’s not a significant number of their voters who will switch to the NDP — so they don’t have a lot of risk there. They also know that there’s not a significant number of NDP voters who will switch to them, so they don’t have much to gain either.

          If they do attack the NDP though, it might drive NDP voters to a different party.. most likely the Liberals, which happens to be the most likely place that any of their voters who are disaffected are likely to turn to.

          As such, I expect the attacks will continue in earnest mostly against the Liberals, while attempting to act like the Liberals just enough to lure in folks who aren’t paying much attention to the rest of what they’re doing.

  11. You’re either with the child pornographers or your screwing vulnerable your women young enough to be your granddaughter.

  12. Well this is going to be interesting – Ottawa Citizen tracked down the tweet – a dipper looking guilty!!
    “An IP address connected to what is known as the Vikileaks30 Twitter account — which has been burning up the Twittersphere with claims about Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ personal life — originates within the House of Commons.
    Aside from being used to administer the Vikileaks30 Twitter feed, the address has been used frequently to update Wikipedia articles — often giving them what appears to be a pro-NDP bias, actions that have attracted the attention of numerous Internet observers in recent months.”

    • Guilty of what? Posting public information?

    • What did you expect — someone from the PMO?

    • Considering how ISPs work, and how many computers can share the same one, this could very well be someone from the PMO trying to give themselves the excuse to get rid of a mnister who is becoming a liability – while trying to make the opposition take any heat. It also neatly serves as a distraction from the main event…

  13. Now that the boundary has been breached; such will be the tenor of political discourse going forward.  Vic Toews today, somebody else tomorrow.  

    •  It was already the tenor. This is simply the democratization of it.

      • best comment, Halo!

        ‘democratization’ and ‘antidote’ to the poisonous discourse started in 2006.

  14. since when has politics been about being fair? this “gutter politics” lol all they do is roll around in the gutter with greed and corruption and then blame the other guys. Vic teows is getting what he deserves next he she be removed from public office, simply because of his accusations of us all supporting diddlers. he sounds like a dictator, and hes proposing that we turn into north korea. . .

  15. Please…..I’ll feel sorry for Vic Toews when he stops calling critics of his bills child pornographers…or those who stand with child pornographers.

    I may prefer the #TellVicvEverything stunt better, but Vic Toews deserves what he gets when he dishes stuff out like that.

  16. Apparently, it’s someone in the house of commons who wants you to know all about Vic Toews.  Gutter politics is a good description.

    • It’s all true. I don’t think the CPC can play the injured party especially given their attacks are often fabricated.

    • The rot started with Steve. Now the CPC is starting to reap what they’ve sown!

    •  from the Conservative backbenchers?

  17. Forgive the sports analogy, but you fanned the puck on this one (after scoring a goal on this one).

    The “Lawful Access” bill was hastily rebranded “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act”. Good grief.

    And Vic Toews claims in parliament that you either stand with the government “or with the child pornographers”.

    Vic Toews is receiving everything he deserves.  He is a weak-kneed school yard bully incapable of any original thought; but who is really brave standing under under Harper’s apron.

    He is a moron. The current village idiot. He deserves to be outed.

    There is nothing wrong with “technologists” shaping the debate as opposed to mental midgets and facists politicans like Vic Toews framing it for us. He is so completely wrong; gets paids $230,000+ a year; and will retire with an outstanding pension.And he is making the laws in this country!?!?

    Sometimes the respect for privacy touted by the mainstream media culture goes way beyond what is reasonable. This is one of them.

    • I agree that Towes deserves everything that has come his way on this.

      But let’s not forget that Conservative MPs, even cabinet ministers, don’t say a word that isn’t scripted by the PMO. To me Toews looks like a useful idiot to Harper, who is actually pulling the strings.

  18. I don’t understand your angst.  This stuff is a matter of the public record, and quite a bit of the nastiest stuff came out when Toews first jumped into politics.  It didn’t seem to hurt his electability any more than his lack of experience or his tendancy to defame his political critics/opponents.

  19. When a public figure has gone on and on about so-called “Family Values,” and steadfastly attempted to deny marriage rights to minorities on the basis of the “Sanctity of Heterosexual Marriage,” all the while cheating on his wife and fathering children outside his marriage, he deserves all the public humiliation the world can heap on him. He has been exposed on YouTube as a liar, claiming on CTV that what he said in the House was “a far cry” from what was in fact an almost verbatim quotation of his “standing with the pornographers” statement. The man should be hounded from office and scorned by every decent person in the country.

  20. I disagree with you, Jessie; if ever there was an excellent example of letting the medium be the message, this was it.  It was all public information, just conveniently gathered and provocatively released.  We all could have read that stuff years ago .. but we didn’t.  It will be interesting to see if he runs again, or if it affects his election opportunities.  Something tells me the yahoos in his riding would applaud this kind of stuff.

  21. Well the commenters at Macleans have spoken: Gutter politics not only is, but *should* be the new norm! I’m looking forward to reading through the divorce records of every single MP or potential candidate on the internet.

    I’m sure Iggy’s divorce documents would have been very interesting.

    • They may well have been interesting; however Toews’s attracted all the attention because of his hypocracy.  It’s nothing short of sweet irony to read about the abuse and adultery of Mr Family Values.  These papers are all public, so have at it and post away.  But you will get more attention if you have a hook as interesting as hypocracy.

    • You didn’t read about Iggy’s divorce? The abandonment of his children?

      I certainly did. It’s on the public record.

      Frankly, it’s hilarious to watch folks like you do the wide-eyed, horribly offended, high-minded posture. If gutter politics have become more “mainstream” in Canada, you can point the finger squarely at those lying, cheating, smear-mongering thieves who run the Conservative Party of Canada. And save a little of your shock and outrage for the willing rubes who watched the Conservatives in action and gladly went out to the polling booths and cast their votes for the most degraded political party in the history of this country.

      • Now you’re just making yourself look foolish.

        • What a devastating critique! You sure told me.
          Do you remember when Stephen Harper suggested that Paul Martin supported child pornographers? Vic Toews remembers & he follows his leader.


          • I don’t agree with the trajectory of political discourse in Canada right now, including the two references that you pointed out. Or the absolutely stupid smear against the PM re: communion wafer, or any of the other idiotic things that are said and done on any given day.

            You defend said stupidity when it’s your side doing it, and condemn it when it comes from others. Fine. Just know that the please for civility and decorum from the opposition, it’s members, and it’s supporters will be completely hollow. Hypocritical even.

            Congratulations on successfully making our country a worse place. And don’t bother replying by saying that “Harper started it”, because that’s simply a lie that will make you look even more foolish.

          • Harper approved of it, Harper aided and abetted it, Harper loves having his 25-year-old jihadis acting out his own hateful impulses and aggresions. The followers reflect the leader. The contemptible, lying smearing, cheating, bullying Conservatives exactly reflect their contemptible leader.

            Clutch those fake pearls, Conservative hypocrite.

          • You’re not right in the head.

          • I’ll never understand why people are so lazy. In the time it took you to write this…You defend said stupidity when it’s your side doing it, and condemn it when it comes from others. You could have checked to see if it that was actually true.

            But you didn’t check… and it isn’t true…and I’m quite satisfied that you’ve proved something about your own foolishness and nothing about mine.

      •  This is the most stupid and void discussion I have had to waste my time reading. I don’t care what Vic’s divorce papers say, I support the proposed legislation because there should be no expectation of privacy when you use the internet. Wake up people, the internet is the new public space, it is not your bedroom. And yes, if you oppose this legislation, you probably do have something to hide, period. Wow, this makes me believe that the leftist liberal bunch really ought to get busy doing something productive, get a life people.

        • Says the anonymous poster. What was your email address and password again?

        • Simply put: The desire for privacy does not require “something to hide” to be justified.

          Everything from the right to free expression in the form of political dissention to the ability to do your banking safely online is at risk here. These idiots are trying to build a one-stop-shopping access to people’s activities online, one that hackers the world over will have a field-day with.

          Of course I wouldn’t expect someone who won’t even register an account under a pseudonym to admit that.

    • No u

  22. You are correct, Jesse, but working on one issue should not distract us from working on another. It is more than dishonest for politicians to use words to disguise a law, such as using the name “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act”. This is not leadership, it is manipulation buy individuals like Toews.

    Our society does not have a problem when a pedofile who has served their time lose all their normal rights to privacy forever. Toews is deliberate in his actions. There is no mistake. What makes his abuse of trust above reproach? Are these not devious, abusive people?

  23. Vic Toews’ divorce records are relevant because they expose the blatant hyocrisy of his loud moralizing on family values and the evils of same sex marriage.  If you can find similar hypocrisy in the divorce records of other public figures, have at it.  Ignatief’s divorce obviously had no relevance to his suitability for office or any of his public statements.  Of course that made no difference to the PMO, which want ahead and made all sorts of irrelevant statements about him, including about his divorce. 

    •  How bout Jack?

  24. Wah.

    Toews’ divorce is a matter of public record. Besides, he and the Harperites feel justified in snooping around in our personal information, so they have no right to complain about getting on the other end themselves.

  25. I have no sympathy for Vic Toews at all. When you and your party lay claim to “family values”, you had better make sure you have them. Also Vic was the one that lit the match for this firestorm by declaring almost all Canadians, except for those that blindly follow his party, supporters of child pornographers.

  26. If you were outraged (and wrote about it) about the scurrilous attacks by the Cons before, during and after the election and if you wrote about your outrage at the lies told in Irwin Cottler’s riding, if you are apoplectic about the contempt of parliament charge against the Harper govt and you wrote about it with equal indignation, then I will concede your point.  Otherwise, the opposition to this government is not getting a fair voice from the press and this one tiny victory is sweet (I don’t care about Toew’s private life (unless the babysitter was under-aged)). 

  27. Wow. How many weeks ago did the Toronto Police, Sun Media Corporation and the CRAP party release unproven allegations against Dr. Layton or as they call him Taliban Jack? Decades after the non-incident and mere hours before the polls open, it is front page news and top of the news on the new Fox News North. Liberal supporters in Ontario stay home rather than vote social democrat against the fright wing con men giving Harper his parliamentary majority. No complaint from the right wing billionaire media. A one million dollar insurance fund for a dying Chuck Cadman to commit treason and vote to defeat the Liberal minority in 2005. No complaint from the mainstream media over the interjection by the RCMP commissioner during the 2006 campaign claiming finance minister Ralph Goodale was under criminal investigation. The Liberals are overtaken in the polls and lose allowing Harper in. Newt Gingrich prosecuted Bill Clinton and had him impeached and placed on trial for lying about adultery yet it is no one’s business when the serial adulterer dumps his dying wife for his mistress and subsequently dumps her for yet another mistress after she contracts Multiple Schlerosis. The difference is there was absolutely no evidence against  Dr. Taliban Jack whereas Vic Toews has confessed and public transcripts attest to him committing sins that he’s made a career of denouncing. The National Post has confessed it kept several payments in three meetings in two countries (including one when he was in office in August 1993) secret FOR YEARS from the public. Mulroney sued Canada because the RCMP said he received money from the Airbus sale. He did. Cash. No receipt. For no other reason. We gave him $2.1 million for a letter sent confidentially to a foreign police force in compliance with a protocol established by, you guess it, Mulroney. He had the letter released and consequently ‘libelled’ himself. Let the public decide. Protecting Tory wrong-doers is obviously why the media spiked these stories and acts indignant or innocent when they are discovered whereas they have a frenzy over Layton or a Clinton. The media has no right to set a double standard especially when it suits their political philosophy.

    • Who is Dr. Layton?

    • You mean the unproven allegations contained in a police report?

  28. He left his wife for the babysitter, and the scandal is that anybody publicised it?

  29. Well, I agree with you, Jesse. You’ve put into words my discomfort with this situation.

  30. He knocked up the babysitter. That’s enough for him to resign. PIG.

  31. A lot of nonsense. Any half-assed hacker can go where he will on the internet so why is everybody upset if the govt does – but has to make it legal by an act of parliament?  The wonder is that so many people young and old put so much of themselves up in various aspects of the internet..

  32. and you get paid for writing this ‘nothing’ pseudo-article!! shame on journalists….

  33. Why are journalist so afraid to report on policitians in the Governing Party? Whose eyes and ears are they anyway?  The politicians’ or the public’s?
    There are stories that get muzzled about a much much higher-up politician’s wife who separated 2 years ago and lives with her new partner–yet they appear together and pretend they’re still ‘together’!! When will we find out more about this couple. It matters to taxpayers for voted for the Family-Pretend guy who’s making Canada in His own image….

    • Remember, journalists have no obligation to us. They have obligations to the advertisers who pay them.  As such, if they can’t get the stories that get our attention, they don’t get paid.

      Since the government controls who gets the stories, is it any surprise they don’t want to dig too deep?

  34. A major issue about this bill is that ISPs will have to provide information about customers to police without a warrant – for example, IP addresses and the names and addresses of the people who use them.
    Interestingly, in this instance the police seemed to have no difficulty getting this information about the Twitter poster anyway…

    So why do we need this bill again?

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