Magnotta's motive is almost as disturbing as what he did -

Magnotta’s motive is almost as disturbing as what he did


CP, Service de police de la Ville de Montreal

I am frightened by Luka Magnotta, but not because he is a suspected necrophiliac cannibal killer. He creeps me out because I can’t shake the suspicion that he doesn’t really like killing people and then violating their corpses. I fear that (if guilty), he did it just for the attention.

Yes, Magnotta certainly portrayed himself as a psychotic menace, fueled by sexual deviance and blood lust. When his kitten-killing video made a stir, he warned a British newspaper that “next time the victims won’t be small animals” because “once you taste blood, it’s impossible to stop.” He called himself a “lunatic” on the Internet and wrote a blog that he titled “Necrophilia Serial Killer Luka Magnotta,” well before the alleged killing and necrophilia. He clearly wanted the world to see him as ever so dark and twisted.

But I just don’t buy it. I hate to be glib, but doesn’t it all just seem a bit too on-the-nose?

Lin Jun’s killer used an ice pick, just like the killer in Basic Instinct. He hacked off body parts and put them in the mail, because that’s what happened in Seven. He videotaped the murder, but didn’t hide it for personal use, a la Bernardo and Homolka. Instead he immediately uploaded it to the Internet. The murder was set to the soundtrack of American Psycho. Magnotta was arrested in Berlin while Googling himself at an Internet cafe. It’s all so meta.

Montreal police are taking heat for not acting on the many clues Magnotta left on the Internet through the years. But there are lots of pathetic dudes acting scary online. Before the murder of Lin Jun, it would have been difficult to tell Luka Magnotta apart from thousands of teenage Marilyn Manson fans who present themselves on the Internet as crazy psychos. Many post videos of their extreme and evil behavior; some real, some faked. Police can usually be excused for ignoring these.

It’s clear to me Magnotta’s “psycho” persona was just a pose. The only difference is that unlike all of the Internet’s other faux-psycho poseurs, he allegedly went ahead and did it. And that’s what’s really psycho.

On the Internet, we have a word for people who say dumb, self-aggrandizing things, who use melodramatic language borrowed from bad movies to mythologize themselves, and who post shocking material just to get a reaction and earn themselves some infamy. We call them trolls.

Luka Magnotta is the world’s worst Internet troll. It’s a new kind of evil, driven not by compulsion for violence or for sex, but by compulsion for attention. It’s very scary.

Jesse Brown is the host of’s Search Engine podcast. He is on Twitter @jessebrown


Magnotta’s motive is almost as disturbing as what he did

  1. Narcissism isn’t new, and there were cases of narcissists killing before there was an internet.

    • Agreed: there have been narcissists all the way back to … well … Narcissus.

  2. Your assessment is right on the nose.

  3. Sane rational people don’t murder and dismember someone…for any reason.

    • You’re dead wrong. Rationality isn’t about what people want, it is about how they accomplish it. Murder – even and especially graphic murder – is useful for accomplishing a number of objectives that rational people might have.
      Let me present a few examples:
      -A king kills a seditious peasant with an axe and dismembers his corpse as a warning to the other peasants.
      -The impatient husband of an heiress kidnaps his own wife, kills her, and sends body parts to the parents in order to extract ransom.
      -a radical nationalist seeks to polarize his country in order to help his cause, and shoots up a summer camp for young members of a political party he dislikes.
      -Luke Magnotta’s lifelong goal was to be famous. By dismembering his boyfriend he accomplished that goal.
      It is not irrational for people to want power, wealth or fame – most of us do to some degree. There may even be instances when killing and dismembering somebody passes a cost-benefit analysis. It isn’t moral, and should never be acceptable, but I think it is a cop-out to say “oh he’s just crazy”.

      • I have no idea why people keep saying the victim, Lin Jun, is Magnotta’s boyfriend or lover. Yes, Lin Jun was gay, yes Magnotta has sex with men. Yes they met once, but that do not make them lovers or boyfriends. Its an insulting to Lin Jun’s memory to call him the boyfriend of that disgusting monster.

      • And you regard any of that as sane rational behavior?

        Magnotta is a psychopath. With narcissistic tendencies.

        Psychopaths have no empathy…no fellow-feeling. It’s been discovered recently that the structure of their brain is different.

        • Yes, the cases I indicated could be examples of sane, rational behavior, undertaken by people who don’t have disorders listed in the DSM. What is irrational about a king wanting to stay in power (he might still feel emphathy for the peasant, just not enough to counter the benefits of killing)?
          As for Magnotta, maybe he is a narcissist/psychopath, but you lack both the information about Magnotta’s psyche and knowledge of psychiatry to make that diagnosis. Have you seen a scan of his brain? Have you sat on a couch with him? This is the kind of shoddy pop psychology that leads people to label 90% of ex-spouses and 95% of their bosses as narcissists or sociopaths.

          • They COULD be an example of a lot of things, but sane rational behavior they aren’t. The only close one is the king and the peasant….long time ago, different morality, especially by kings….and peasants weren’t considered anything more than farm animals anyway.

            Kindly don’t pull the gimmick about official disorders, and brain scans. Or pretend that hacking someone up and mailing them around the countryside has anything in common with your other ‘examples’

            We also allow murder on special occasions….like war, but the combatants aren’t considered psychopaths.

          • Emily, the fact of the matter is that in a legal sense “insanity” implies that the murderer didn’t know what he was doing was wrong. When a person suffers from a psychotic disorder, they cannot tell what is real v. what is fantasy so when they hear the devil’s voice telling them to kill someone, they follow the orders. They typically don’t run from the scene though because they think they did the right thing. They also are incapable of organizing an escape to Europe. There are certainly people lacking all empathy and ability to relate to others…they are sociopaths and people with anti-social personality disorder but they are definitely sane and somehow in their own minds they do rationalize their behaviors no matter how abhorent.

          • Oh I think we can safely assume that this man is a sociopath (meaning he has no empathy for others). To be a psychopath, he would have to dissociate at times into a kind of “fantasy state” where he withdraws from reality (ala American Psycho).
            You are right that we cannot assume anything else about him. You are also right that “insanity” would suggest that he cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy and there is NO indication that this is the case. In fact, his fleeing the country and hiding out would suggest he made logical, organized decisions and people in the midst of a psychotic episode are not capable of doing that.

          • ok now we’re all mincing words here….Torture & murder, dismemberment, taking the time and trouble to MAIL body parts ….not the kind of attention most people want! So I think the adjectives like insane, psychotic etc. are exactly appropriate!

          • No sorry. Psychosis is a state where you cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. People tend to have hallucinations or delusions. The hallucinations are usually auditory (like 5 tvs all on different channels saying derogatory things to you and telling you to do bad things). Delusions tend to be of a persecutory nature (someone is trying to kill me) or a grandiose nature (I am the Pope) or that my mom’s body has been taken over by an alien. They might think the tv is sending them messages.
            Psychotic people tend to try to spend time alone because they are frightened of others and the voices are overwhelming (they believe they are real). The hygiene of psychotic person tends to be poor as they don’t really pay attention to the real world mundane issues of showering, getting haircuts or washing their clothes. They hardly would be capable of arranging an international escape across Europe. They might however buy a Greyhound bus ticket and on a whim stab and cannabalize another passenger infront of a whole busload of witnesses because they thought that passenger was the devil…. Truly psychotic people rarely “run” from the scene of their crimes. They don’t change their hair color to avoid getting caught and they don’t usually post videos on the internet. This isn’t “mincing words”, it is the way the criteria that courts, the DSMIV and courts use to determine whether someone is not legally responsible for their crimes because they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong.

      • oh, so your examples had motives, and that made it not acts of murder? I think Quebec & Montreal’s laws with animals or lack of laws should be looked into, and create jobs to analyse these internet gore freaks.

    • By that standard it would be impossible to convict anyone in this crime ever, since by definition their crime is insane…

  4. I was thinking the same thing.

  5. too bad you ruined the thesis of your article by feeling the need to insult marilyn manson fans.

    • mmm…not really.

  6. Am I the only person who doesn’t think “why” a person murders/harms another should be taken into account? Lots of people do crazy things for attention (think porn industry for one) but the majority of them don’t become murderers. So why should the “why” matter? Knowledge of “why’ won’t protect any person from a pervert. But I do think very punitive results do deter most criminals. I think there would be fewer sexual assaults on children if chemical castration was a mandatory consequence; fewer murders if jail time really was uncomfortable and there was no parole system. Take a life of any age and you should pay with your own.

    • Wow! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Kappa, I think you just solved the murder problem!

    • “won’t protect any person from a pervert”…um a pervert is not the same as a criminal, first of all. I think motive does matter, and tough jail sentences do not always deter crimes. So you are making a generalization that is not true in many cases.

    • Evidence is pretty conclusive that severe sentences do not deter these kinds of crimes. Deterrence assumes some kind of rational procedure for deciding whether or not commit a crime and in these cases reason is not a factor.

      • The only one that can say for sure why?. Is magnotta him self and when (if) he does, people will try to analyze it. What ever the motive(s) what he did to that person who could have very well have being anyone, needs to be the only thing
        relevant to his punishment. Its human nature to want to know (WHY) but to understand can also lead to justification which has no room in this kind of evil crime. Just think if the victim had been one of your own family member would you want people to try to understand the criminal? no the answer is no! yes in a perfect world the environment that created these monsters should be the first thing to be fixed but since this is not a perfect world and will never be! so i agree with -Kappa- very much. As a father I say OFF WITH HIS HEAD (no pun intended)!

  7. Oh come on. He is just your everyday pervert.

    • everyday pervert? LMAO
      I assure you many perverts have regular jobs, they could also be your co worker, hell , even your own parents can be pevert, or you could be one.

  8. Are you really going to compare Magnotta to Marilyn Manson fans? That’s so columbine 1999. Many Marilyn Manson fans are intelligent music fans, why dont you get some originality, Jesse Brown

    • Marilyn Mansion fans are intelligent music fans? OMG, God save us all.

      • well, someone can understand the value in their music. That such a heavy judgement on your part. You can like Zappa and Marilyn Manson. If I like Hank Williams, does that make me old and boring? I can appreciate anything and I’m a trained jazz musician. I also like Death-metal. Stop labelling people!

  9. This is definitely not a normal person just wanting attention. I agree that attention seeking has a MAJOR factor in what happened, but I think it’s something more because being able to cut people up and torture kittens in cold blood…a normal person wouldn’t be able to do it without freaking out. This dude seems to only have certain emotions: Anger, Insecurity, etc. But no guilt, compassion or whatever.

    You figured out one of the peices, attention seeking to the extreme, but I’d be interested in what has to happen to be able to take a cute fluffy kitten and torture it in cold blood while it screams and struggles for life.

    • I want this freak to die, and would happily do to him, what he did to those cats.

  10. Why does the technical columnist keep writing about the psychology behind this crazy murder? Because the guy uploaded a vid onto the internet? Man, he also used an ice pick — maybe the food columnist could write about the use of kitchen gadgets and what it all means?

  11. If you were to look at most criminals…. they usually come from dysfunctional upbringings.

    Not all children who grow up in dysfunctional families end up murdering people, most don’t. But the majority of people who do end up doing major crime DID come from a tumultuous past such as Magnotta…. an abusive grandmother, a gang rape and so forth.

    Perhaps a good way to prevent these heinous crimes would be to ‘fix’ all these dysfunctional families (not likely, I know). Nobody is born evil…. it’s what happens after you are born that determines what you become.

    Sadly, we live in a sick society and nobody wants to get help… so the crimes just keep happening and happening… from one generation to the next. Making the punishments more and more severe is not going to solve anything…. it never did in the past either.

    Dysfunctional does not always mean violence nor does it always happen in poverty. A dysfunctional family can look quite normal on the surface… but it can be a very unhealthy environment for a child. Mainly it’s because the parents themselves have issues that were never dealt with and pass on their unhealthy ways of parenting to their children.

    Magnotta may have an abnormal, over-the-top need for attention… but this did not just appear out of the blue. There is a reason for everything….

    • If Magnotta is a psychopath then the details of his childhood would have very little to do with it. Of course it hasn’t been determined if he’s a psychopath or not.

      • Yes… but strangely enough, the majority of people who suffer from psychopath tendencies do not become criminals, murderers, etc… it’s a fact that’s not well known actually.

        Most people who do crimes such as what Magnotta is alleged to have done are either insane or not insane… so they CAN suffer from psychopathy but it doesn’t mean that every person with this ‘label’ becomes a ‘monster’.

        Which makes me wonder if when a person with psychopathy or mental illness … or neither for that matter …is subjected to an unbelievable amount of unhealthy, negative ‘stuff’ in childhood and beyond… does this not make them more prone to committing such an act than if they weren’t?

        Sorry… I just don’t believe people are born this way. I believe they become this way.

        • The crime that Magnotta is alleged to have done was NOT done by someone who is legally “insane”. He showed premeditation, methodology, organization and behavior revealing that he knew what he had done was criminal by disposing of evidence and running.
          People with diagnosed personality disorders are held accountable for their crimes, as he will be. He was NOT psychotic, the legal requirment for the insanity defense.

          And, “abusive grandmother, a gang rape” ? … Please !
          This guy lied everytime he opened his mouth, or haven’t you been following this story.

          In the end, no matter his background, he made choices.
          He could have just killed himself !

    • i back that. a person’s upbringing has SUCH a huge influence on how they turn up later on in life. if you want to fix disturbing issues like this you have to go to the source, and the source is often the childhood and teenage years.

    • I agree, David. Unfortunately, this occurs more often than not. My children & I are on our own as of the past couple of years due to dysfunctional families. I knew something wasn’t quite right as I was growing up. There was lots of abuse (all kinds, including sexual), manipulation, etc., and it wasn’t until I found out that my ex-‘husband’ was molesting our children that I was able to pull away from everything (solidly & with finality), and everyone, calling it as it is/was! And you are absolutely right about unhealthy parenting being passed on and usually degenerating through generations if someone doesn’t put a stop to it at some point. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do, but anyone CAN do it…and the efforts are greatly rewarded.

  12. Jesse’s cheap shot at Marilyn Manson fans notwithstanding, this is spot on. This doesn’t make Luka’s crimes any less horrible and offensive, but this article does put Luka’s (alleged) crimes into perspective, showing that he can’t be labelled as just any other psycho.

  13. Another reason the montreal police are taking heat is because people have been after this asshole for over a year over the kitten killing videos. Quebec has NO animal protection laws, and the government/authorities don’t take it even an ounce seriously. People that sadistically murder animals and film it are sick, and this is the stuff they are capable of.
    IF they had bothered to do anything at all, maybe this poor student’s life could have been spared.
    Also, they are racist as all hell. This is coming from a white female montrealer. Really, its shocking how corrupt our cops are.

    • From another white female Montrealer…I completely agree!

    • How can there be no Animal protection laws?……Is Quebec in the dark ages?

      • Yep, sort of- Very little animal protection or it goes on the wrong side; “don’t bother kill them” attitude = a real shame for me to see and hear. But very true.

        • This sickens me more then anything. Anyone who kills animals for the fun off it. Does not very behavioral scientist say this is a warning sign of things to come and still they ignore. Whats wrong with people? Where is Peta for things like THIS?

      • There are animal protection laws in Quebec. The real problem is that Quebec, and their municipalities, don’t bother putting enough money in law enforcement. So the cops do what they can.

        • It’s not that they’re not spending enough money, it’s that they’re too busy chasing easy revenue from seatbelt and speeding tickets and littering fines to bother with things which are much more objectionable but which yield less revenue for them.

    • Actually, THIS is a story to be followed up on ….Racism and no animal protection…time for new government! and new Mayor of Montreal

      • It isn’t just MTL…. It’s the entire Prov !! My home town is 12 hrs drive east of MTL and it’s the same thing there !! Makes me very frustrated when our GOV. allows this to happen ….. If they can do this to an innocent animal, what could they do to a child ? NICE GOV HUH ???

    • Tims, that is not true, Quebec does have animal protection laws, do the research and then comment.

    • Tims, you have a tendency to make things very dramatic don’t you…On what information do you base yourself on police corruption. And did you know that Magnotta was not in Montreal when he posted the animal abuse videos, thus it had nothing to do with Montreal Police, as I posted before, do your homework and research and please when you criticize something, please do back it up with some information.

    • If it is moral to buy or sell an animal, why is it immoral to then kill that animal? We don’t buy and sell children do we? If something is going to be deemed moral or immoral and that fact is going to be considered important enough to defend that it will be considered moral to imprison someone who violates that morality, then there should be something other than arbitrariness backing that up. The slippery slope fallacy is not sufficient justification for moral principles either.

  14. This is the very first time in the whole media coverage of this sad event that anyone has gotten things right. I’m so tired of continuous reports presenting that the feigned dry humping and off-screen “cannibalism” Magnotta made sure to act out in his video as if they represent the real thing. Magnotta is not a Dahmer, he just plays one.

  15. You took the words right out of my mouth!! Scary indeed!!

  16. I agree as well. I’ve had those thoughts since last Friday; the things that he did on the internet (excluding the kitten videos) were a cry for help or attention. No one paid attention to him. He had no friends or family (it seems) and he started off young on the streets of Toronto in drugs and prostitution. He already suffered from mental illness well before that time, so in a tragic way it seems that all of this is just a result of his life in the past decade. You ought to feel sorry for him, but his crimes are so horrific that you can’t reconcile the two emotions. The saddest thing of all is that in the midst of all of this the victim goes completely unnoticed. No one wants to talk about the victim. sad.

  17. I think this is bang on. Magnotta’s weeping on the flight to France underscores this, I suspect. This is all just a pathetic individual’s attempt to gain fame by pairing Charles Manson with the poses of Zoolander. Far scarier, I would argue, is that he’s getting the attention he sought. Is it a story? Of course. But the coverage needs to become more proportionate. No disrespect to the victim, but murders occur every day. Some editorial judgment is required. And we in the public need to move on. He simulated cannibalism precisely to feast on our attention. Not turning away means giving him exactly what he wanted.

    • Except Charles Manson didn’t actually kill anyone himself. He’s more like a Jeffrey Dahmer wanna be.

      • How are you so sure of that, he may not have killed any of the people that they are in jail for killing but there is speculation that they killed many more people!

      • I believe that if he was’t caught he could have turned into another Jeffrey Dahmer, and he may also have killed before so there’s a possiblity that he was a serial killer in the making.

  18. I agree 100 percent. I look at this guy. I mean he is very attractive but yet his eyes are missing something and I don’t believe it’s a concious thing. It’s very lonely eyes. We heard that he was disowned at a very young age and turned to drugs and prostitution. He was probably raped and battered and who know what else. I feel terrible for the victim don’t get me wrong. Whn I see interviews it’s not real his behaviour to me. I think it’s all non reality and he knows it but he knows how to survive He has been surviving not living for a very long time.

  19. Obviously not very intelligent of a troll. He trolled all over internet forums since May 16 about this video, way before the killing happened. Every picture of him says Zoolander. Every video of his interview was attention seeking and self aggrandizing. Most people figured it out quickly and leave it. I feel bad for the poor victim.

  20. You have no idea, zero, none, about what “motivated” this guy Jesse. Really dumb post.

  21. Yup, he did everything for attention. He deserves to be in solitary for the rest of his life: no internet, no attention.

    • I am thinking that he possibly could have needed the ‘attention’ in order to ‘define’ the reality of his ‘being’ to himself. It is possible that he at some level is/was unable to distinguish between himself and his ‘victim’, which may explain any possible archaic symbolism inherent or attributable to a ‘cannibalistic’ act.

      • No.

  22. Just because he didn’t want to eat the victim he cut up, or have sex with the parts, does not mean he has a conscience. Sure, if he’s sane the process was a tad “icky” for him, but he has a pathological and psychotic need for attention. So much so, that he was “willing” to do whatever it took. Does he have a personality disorder? Ya, sure he does. Is he insane? I don’t think so. As you said, everything he’s done has been very deliberate and staged.

  23. Sorry, murdering and eating a guy doesn’t count as Dark And Twisted because he didn’t REALLY enjoy it, he just did it for fame. What a fucking poser. Fucking hipster

  24. narcissistic sociopath.

  25. I see right through you Bill, you didn’t enjoy raping and eating your grandmother , you just did it to be cool. You’re not psychologically twisted, or dark, or evil, lmao. Just another poser, nobody is buying it Bill, you fucking Hipster. It takes a lot more than a murder and a little bit of cannibalism to qualify as Evil, you have to put your fucking heart into it

  26. oy, did you actually just play the marilyn manson card? IT’S 2012 – GET OVER IT.

  27. I assume, because he at human flesh because he could, he is a psychopath. They don’t care about others, they can’t care. It is some mystery of evolution that 1/100 are like this. Maybe they have a function. If killing and cannibalism is good for the species. They are not new. Words like outlandish, outlawry and maybe were wolf, cyclopes are all because of this 1%. Old ballads are full of their false, faux, manipulating and killing of young women ways. Many of these ballads have morphed over time to be love stories. They lie that they care, that with practice becomes manipulation. I contend they are attracted by conservatives because of their ability to lie and their strange counter intuitive respect maybe fear, for authority. They tend to give deference to authority for deference sake, note this guys comments to German police. It is not their fault. They can not be fixed. They are not broken. They are psychopaths, avoid them and even faux psychopaths, any one who lies and manipulates. Who knows, they maybe the real thing.

  28. Decline and fall of civilization

    • This type of thing has been happening for centuries. It’s nothing new.

  29. He’s also suspected of killing Hervey Medellin earlier this year in January. His head was found in a plastic bag near the Hollywood sign. His hands and feet were found just blocks from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s home.

  30. What is really sad is that this pathetic loser did not have the courage to just commit suicide. Cowardly! His deep regret, and the emotional scars left behind from living as a homosexual prositiute could not be contained and he acted out for attention. If this is not a case for capital punishment..what is? He doesn’t want to live, he just didn’t have the fortitude to kill himself. Shouldn’t we, as the bleeding heart liberal society we are, help him? Let him wander the general population of his next home!

  31. Then let’s keep the population safe from these psychos by also arresting the fakes.
    If you fake to be a bomber at an airport, they will arrest you. What is the difference here?

    • Well, no. You’d be outlawing faux shock and a very large and lucritive part of hollywood with a preposal like that. As creepy as it is, the entertainment value that fake gore, low bugdet internet posers provide is no different than say the producers of, say, the Saw movies.

      • *excuse the extra “say” this phone lags and makes it hard to see what I’ve typed :(

      • Well no, to you….monkey see monkey do? Gore entertainment….the two words don’t even go together….outlaw is the wrong word…investigate backgrounds, and anything that suggests harming someone….lucrative part of Hollywood?…no, it’s real life that aggrivates these sickos and xbox games…..they now produce them from books.

        • if you go to gore sites you will see that most of the pictures are leaked pics of war victims, suicides, accidents, autopsy pictures. You will not find snuff films and the such. The one site that first hosted this video had no idea it was real, they believed it to be fake and from San Francisco! Do you watch scary/horror movies such as saw? If so then you have seen worse than most of the stuff that gore sites host!

          • You don’t believe that Luka is the person in the kitten killing, or icepick videos. Now a defender of Gore sites. …. *rolls eyes*

      • No way… leave the gore to the professionals in Hollywood. Why give a stage to people like Luca Magnotta? It’s easier to distinguish real and fake in a Hollywood movie than it is on a gore website… They can easily license the gore entertainment industry and make it an across the board rule that anyone producing any media containing death or gore in any way must be registered/licensed and include Hollywood producers in that rule.

    • Let’s make it law that whoever proposes such a law has to be the one to enforce it, so they have to be willing to seal the persons’ fate themselves, not just pay someone else to do it via taxes, as if that makes it any less potentially immoral.

  32. you can say that he did this for attension,but that doesn’t change the fact that what he did was INSANE.and he belongs in an INSANE ASYLUM FOREVER.btw,on a subliminal level luka magnotta projects evil.and there are NO pictures of him online smiling.

    • No, he should not be in an asylum – he should be in a box in the ground. I am not convinced for a moment he’s insane, only delusional, and there’s a big difference. I believe the author of this article was quite right in saying this guy is a world class troll poseur – he had a motive for everything and a clear understanding of his culpability. This guy needs to be put down like a bad dog.

  33. ARGH can everyone PLEASE stop referring to this piece of garbage by his fantasy name??? This is simply feeding into his whole “I’m a model, cannibal killer, porn star” delusion and it needs to stop NOW. His name is Eric Newman.

    Oh and I hope he gets torn apart in prison… not just for what he did to Jun LIn (and possibly others) but for what he did to those poor innocent kittens too. The world needs to flush this turd down the toilet and be done with it.

  34. What’s the word for someone who kills for fame? Oh yeah, MORON.

  35. Oh he liked it alright. Don’t be naive.

  36. He clearly did have a compulsion for violence and for sex. He killed, dismembered and slept with a dead person. Him writing “Necrophilia Serial Killer Luka Magnotta” is just proof of his twisted fantasy, which he’s probably been building on since childhood. He’s a narcissist with a god like complex which is why he seeks attention. He is nothing new or unsual even. He is simply a killer who either wanted to be caught, or thought he was to good to be caught, so he taunted the authorities.
    The fact that he stated Serial killer is the scary thing because he wouldn’t have stopped and he knew it. At least thats what i think.

    • Wouldn’t have stopped, or couldn’t have stopped. Is it possible that there are conflicting motivations in the reasons for instance behind why he sent the mail packages? I don’t want to speculate about what inner meaning, association, symbolic representation, conscious or unconscious memory, underlies such choices. Also: Couldn’t he BOTH (concurrently) have wanted to get caught and not have wanted to get caught?

  37. I am very certain he thought after he got out from jail, he would have movie/book deal that would set him for life. Think about it, the guy is poor & getting old, he can’t make it as a prostitute any more, he lives in a garbage dump place. He would die from starvation anyway. So he killed to be famous & hope that someone would give him a book/movie deal about his own pathetic life. And I am certain there will be movie/book about this as it is big across the globe. This guy certainly killed for money. I hope he will be in jail for life so as he won’t be able to enjoy movie/book deal profit.

    • Don’t forget that our legal system allows people out on weekend breaks for good behaviour too…..what a deal…place to live, food to eat and weekends off all on the taxpayer’s dime….ridiculous…

    • I read he had an obsession with Madonna…..she named her son Rocco.

  38. I completely agree with everything you said Jesse. Very well written article. It’s a sad reality.

  39. Yes it seems that he is following a formula for fame but it doesn’t matter. He is a pathetic psycho who should have been locked up long ago!

  40. this article is a pose itself, a pose in a desperate search for originality of thought, trying to capitalize on the moment (oh, human nature): suggesting that M. ‘didn’t really like to kill etc, but only wanted attention”, and then, concludes that he is a ‘psycho,’ which is self-contradictory in many ways.
    Then, the author goes on to compare him to a mere troll? And then, goes on further to suggest that all those internet ‘trolls’ that post bizarre and disturbing stuff are mere ‘trolls’ and police is right to ignore them. But in a following paragraph mentions how police failed to pick up on M’ cues… WHAT A BUNCH OF NONSENSE!!!!!
    All those who post sick stuff online SHOULD BE checked by police and put in some sort of registry : being on police radar will bring to senses the ‘fakes’ and will help catch the ‘real ones’ before they go on a killing spree.
    This day and age disturbing stuff online SHOULD NOT and CANNOT be ignored anymore.
    As for Marilyn Manson bastards, there should be censorship so as to protect easily impressionable teenagers and other feeble minded people: so that they don’t get any thoughts.

    • It’s true. When I was young there was much more censorship. ‘Freedom’ or is it ‘licence’ has been extended to the point where it not longer accepts or acknowledges the relevant responsibilities or (Hegel etc.) necessities that are entailed. Today it’s ‘anything goes’. This case has been most disturbing to me because it has given me an insight, which I am still attempting to express and qualify, into some of the ramifications of this technological age.

    • I agree. It seems the hack writer here is guilty of sensationalising for infamy’s sake. If the police and investigators involved don’t yet have a clue as to what Luka’s motives are, how can a feeble minded journalist have such insight? Conjecture and hyperbole is how. For years, Maclean’s has offerred writers devoid of intelligence. This is yet another case of it.
      I suggest this writer is feeble minded for, among reasons, not knowing the dynamics of the subjects involved in his hack job. Case in point, Luka was a homosexual. To anyone with even the basest knowlegde of pop culture (usually the white noise we pay no mind to unless it’s an easy target) they would know that young urban gay males just have no use for the dark and non sexy stylings of Mr Manson; and far prefer the drivel made by ‘accepted’ purveyors of musical garbage like Simon Cowell.
      And the last line should not have slipped by any editor… “we call them trolls” is better read as “they call us trolls”. Sorry Jesse, you are the pot calling the kettle black in that sense .

  41. I think Its the influrnce of this stupid violent tv shows like Dexter, movie collector and all other violent movies , games and show, I dont know why there is no Govt. body who’s looking over the content of this shows. I remember the Killer in Norway He also just want the attention of People that he killed almost 70 plus kids because of his political ideology and belived that his only way of sending his thought is by making that hehenious crime. He also admitted that H eliked watching Dexter…

  42. He had a video killing kittens on the internet. Does anyone do anything? Nope. Oh don’t worry, these are just the warning signs of a sociopath and just animals right? That sickens me. They were just as innocent as the victim. Well now he’s moved onto humans. Maybe if something had been done it could have changed the fate for the poor victim. No one deserves to die in such a terrible way and I feel awful for his family having to deal with this. Man up Canada and get some real laws and hand out real prison sentences. If I hear a “life” with chance of parole I think I might move to the States. At least they have a justice system that hands out sentences that mean something. I can tell you Karla Homolka wouldn’t be walking around free had she been tried there. There’s my rant of the day.

    • if you look at the still pics from the kitten video and the lunatic video the noses are completely different and both are different than Lukas!

      • I noticed that too. Also, Luka looks very slim in all his pics and videos that I have seen, and the person in the lunatic video looks a little wider in the rear. I’m not convinced it’s him in the video.

        • i guess you forgot about that torso outside his apartment building ? (!)

      • He had his nose done as he said in the audition tapes.

    • There are many people who will kill animals but never move on to kill humans, so I don’t think we ought to lock someone up just because they bought a product from a store and decided they wanted to destroy it, whether or not that product is organic.

      Maybe the problem is that animals are able to be bought and sold like objects in the first place, and not that we need to imprison everyone who MIGHT move on to increasingly dangerous behaviour. There are no easy answers in the realm of ethics if you want to be completely consistent.

    • Yes I agree, the American Justice System means something and hands out sentences that are real and gives justice to the victims of crime as well as adequate punishment to criminals. Canada is way too soft and people here get away with murder. Canada disrespects the dignity of victims… it is a shame.

  43. Don’t really care why he did what he did. Heinous crimes, sins. Animal murder, torture. He killed and dismembered a human.
    My sympathies are with the victims.
    This sounds so like “My teenager killed the neighbor because he played violent video games.”
    Gimme a break.

  44. Why no on talk about the guy who killed his kids in Montreal , if he was “John smith” or ” Ryan McDonald , u guys won’t say a word , racism is a crimE

  45. This is one of the most ridiculous articles I’ve read. Wish this dude would stay away from psychology as he doesn’t know the lst thing about it obviously.

  46. Those who should have been watching him closer, failed. They’re just as much to blame for what happened.

  47. I thingk Magnotta is just a joke….lol

  48. The media and everyone seems to be saying that he wanted attention by posting pictures of himself…HELLO PEOPLE, all the millions that have facebook! You alllllllll post photos of yourself and most write blogs and change staus”s, probably have other accounts, and have more “friends” then they even personally know…you are allll looking for attention…Luka was also a model and trying to advertise himself to get work and do better as a model… that not what people do to sell themselves to agents and whoever?
    All the hate that was towards luka, all the negative rediculous comments and shit you left for luka….shame on you! That would hurt enybody, and eventually make them feel afraid and grow cold
    I feel bad for what luka had to go through in his life, and because all of this happened, it really shows how messed up as well as braindead and emotionless most of you are.
    And as for saying you think he copied this movie and that movie …if he did do it, he didnt copy parts of each movie…comeon…haha it is what it is
    P.s. You do not have enough proof to say he did the kitten video, or all of what hes put on the net…

    • oh my, we’d better be looking into your head!

  49. Nice article, except for your reference to Marilyn Manson. Nice way to feed into a stereotype. You want a better example, target Mayhem the metal band who used for the cover of one of their albums, the picture of their band member who blew his brains out. That’s right..brain splatter. That’s intentional psycho.

  50. Watch TB Joshua SCOAN Church – the thirst for blood is demonic and had he got help form TB Joshua or any Christian that realizes we are in a spiritual warfare this would have never happened. He needed deliverance!

  51. This guy clearly has no care in the world anymore, except to be the center of negative attention and neo repulsion, a VERY messed up person. This is his backlash at a society he feels has rejected him to the cracks. It’s painfully obvious. He exhibits some clearly sociopathic behaviour. This goes beyond the “seeking-negative-attention-cry-for-help” stunt common in these black clad, Tim Burton loving, Marilyn Manson worshiping, emo-ish scene kids who cut their arms out of fashion sense rather than emotional turbulence . We just got over the Michael Rafferty case, and now this guy begins to act up. Clearly he wants to be Canada’s #1 sicko…and to knock out anyone else holding said sad title. Things are getting pretty gritty in our citizenry…what next??? I don’t think I want to know….

  52. Jesse you need to come up with your own ideas and stop fishing social discussion websites for ideas

  53. The internet opened the door for these types of attention seekers but yet we complain about internet privacy. If you have nothing to hide, why be concerned about privacy. I’d rather my privacy be somewhat compromised if it means stopping psychos like Magnotta in their tracks before they can do what he did. People are so concerned about keeping their flaws such as infidelity private that they also help psycho’s remain hidden by internet privacy laws.

  54. Here is how you eliminate the “fakes” or “trolls” online. License the “gore entertainment industry” or simply make a law that prohibits anyone from producing any media containing death or gore in any way without a license to do so. Also have mandatory membership registration with verification on those sites so that anyone who wishes to view such gore must do so on their own private login and must prove who they are and when doing so they must also agree to let go of some of their internet privacy rights. There is no reason why anyone should find entertainment in watching what Luka Magnotta did and if they do find it entertaining they are a threat to society and should be on watch…

  55. I find it hard to believe that Lin Jun was his first victim (besides the kittens of course). I truly believe he’s done this before and perhaps more than a couple of times. To be that practices on video? He’s suspected of a similar horrific crime in Hollywood and potentially one in Miami. Are we really feeling sorry for him, that he had a dysfunctional childhood? How do we possibly call into question the police for “missing” this? Ya killing the kittens was sick and twisted for sure but as one previous poster said – there are no animal rights laws in Quebec and there are a lot of people being murdered daily. How could they have known for sure that he would move on to people? It may be a precursor but not a certainty! He will come back to Canada and our lax justice system will deem him incompetent to stand trial and he will be locked in a facility for a while until he convinces them “he’s better” and he’ll be allowed to change his name and wander freely amongst society (just like his “friend” Karla)!!!

  56. There are other ways to get attention. I don’t believe that anyone — including Magnotta – would do something this horrific unless something was very wrong with his psyche. Not even a need for attention and fame can turn a regular person into a psychotic killer. Was he reaching out for help, attention, fame? Yes it would seem that way. But to feel that hacking someone’s body to pieces after hacking small kittens to pieces is just a means to an end is a severe understatement in relation to an individual capable of such pure evil and lack of reality.

  57. What does Marilyn Manson fans have to do with anything? You people sure like to stereotype as much as possible. The media are the psychos who love when bad things like this happen because you love the high ratings you get.

  58. Is sad to see that everyone here is more concerned about the kittens that this lunatic killed than for the murder of a human being….. I feel terrible for Lin Jun and his poor family, hope this murderer spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

  59. There are a lot of things wrong with this individual. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a persistent and pervasive pattern of behaviour, which he most certainly displays. A significant portion of psychopathic killers are also narcissistic – craving the attention and notoriety of their crimes. He is pathetic really. He needs to be thrown to the general population in prison. They’ll like a ‘pretty boy’ like him.

  60. I’m 99% sure that he saw the good life that Issei Sagawa is living now and thought that his could be the same. Commit a horrible crime, get massive amounts of attention and a huge following, serve his time and then be set free with a celebrity status. Japan should be ashamed of itself for letting that man live a happy, carefree life. That is exactly what Luka’s future looks like at this point and that was his plan.

  61. Well apparently it worked because you and other media and news outlets are giving him the attention that he wants!!!!

  62. Are you a psychologist?
    Didnt think so, so maybe you should keep your diagnosis to yourself instead of posting articles on a well-read news page as if these are facts. Cant you people just WAIT UNTIL THE TRIAL? Instead you go out and want to take a peice of this as your own and go around making statements. Leave it to the doctors and lawyers.

  63. His picture discusses me…

  64. The worst part of this article is stating that Marilyn Manson fans are all freaks who could be potential cannibals. Jessie Brown, you’re an idiot! And the name Marilyn Manson comes from Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, but Marilyn Manson himself does not promote cannibalism in anyway, and nor do the fans want to take part.

  65. Good article, and I tend to agree with everything except the part about Marilyn Manson fans… His fans aren’t crazy psychos and the reference actually makes the author lose a bit of credibility if you ask me. If you’ve seen Bowling for Columbine you’ll know what I mean.

  66. Leave Marilyn Manson and his band, the fans out of it. It’s called personal responsibility Mr. Brown – not who can we point the finger at.
    Mr. Brown – not who can we point the finger at.

  67. i don’t think that’s actually “meta”

  68. I agree in reference to the comment that disturbing stuff online should not be ignored anymore.

    That’s why I’m posting this link, it’s incredibly disturbing.

    Hopefully someone will take it seriously as I have already sent this information to Crimestoppers and they refuse to do anything about it without an address.

    This guy had posted a video of a boy of 4-5 years on his knees facing away from the camera, crying “I want my mommy,” after which point the camera zooms to a counter where the man shooting the video has a large hunting knife, hack saw, and plastic wrap. It insinuates on this Youtube account that the man has killed the child in the video. This youtube user has since deleted the video which contains the boy, but the others remain.

    Some people online are not just regular trolls – we have seen that with the LM case. Time to start taking this stuff seriously.

  69. Has anyone mentioned his unatractive features for a porn st– Actor?
    Not hot. There I did it.

  70. I agree, that’s exactly the impression I got after researching some of Luka Magnotta’s web trail. if you look at all Magnotta posts on yahoo questions (he had several nicknames there Aevian, Andrew, John Smith, Luka Magnotta, some female names etc) you will find that he usually posted questions about himself and some current headline at that particular moment. For example, when Michael Jackson died Luka claimed he slept with the singer. When Karla Homolka was on the news he connected his name to her. I bet he wrote those posts in the white supremacy/nazi stormfront forum because of that norwegian mass murderer Anders Brevik who posted there and even wrote a manifesto. Also Galliano offended jews and made the news around the world. This stuff inspired him, he was willing to do anything to become famous, we could see how desperate he was on the CoverGuy reality show audition, he said he could gain weight, he could get muscles and anything else required to remain in the competition. I believe that all Magnotta wanted was to be seen,to be noticed, he knew he was a loser and nobody cared about him, what was the most recent shocking headlines in the last month? the miami cannibal episode! Magnotta probably thought that he should make something just as shocking to become famous, he clearly enjoyed all negative attention he got from the kitten killing videos, to him it meant people knew he existed. And he posted about the ‘snuff video’ in a psycopath forum few days before it was even made and released, before the murder took place to make people interested and pay attention to his ‘masterpiece’. He even asked if someone who did such things in the video would be considered psycho or deranded. I bet he mailed the bodyparts to get publicity as well, politics, school, sex, cannibalism, necrophilia, animal cruelty, all these words incite public interest and shock value factor. He is somewhat of a copycat emulating what is relevant at the moment. I think this is the way he worked and thinks. IMHO, Magnotta’s excuse for the murder was really to become infamous, I can’t think of any other reason but notoriety, the guy was clearly a vile narcissist desperate for attention, he was really unhappy for being a nobody. So I doubt his acts has anything to do with racism or politics like some websites are talking about. Don’t you think that he could be the type of person who would do anything for ‘fame’? I think so! This is just my opinion

  71. This is a poorly informed article. If ‘Magnotta’ was a copy-cat, there’s as much evidence that he was copying the _thrill_ itself as that he was copying the act of thrilling spectators. In other words, those rip-off behaviours were something he incoporated into his own sadism… and found titiliating. Commentators should get a bit of depth before they spout off.

  72. So if he did these things for attention, why is the media , including our national news magazine featuring him and likely hundreds others who would do such things just for the attention ?? He isn’t refusing to be sent back to Canada because this is where all the lights are on him . Shame on MACLEAN’S for such a ” in your face” report . The same goes for the arrogant non-Canadian Conrad Black we’re harboring who ruined many peoples lives and the 5 page spread on him . MACLEAN’s editor is losing focus by features like these two.

  73. I agree with everything you’ve written in this article, except you fail to emphasize that he is indeed a psychopath. I don’t believe that he is particularly interested in murder, necrophilia, and cannibalism, however being that he lacks any form of remorse and feeling for others, he has no problem engaging in these activities to further his own purposes. So while yes, he is a “troll,” as you put it, that is only incidental to what makes him truly scary: his psychopathic personality. And psychopaths since (at least) Jack the Ripper have been obsessed with garnering as much attention as possible. It drives them and turns them on. I feel fairly certain that Magnotta isn’t even close to the first person to heartlessly kill just for attention. He is just using the latest technology to do it. Also, I don’t think that he necessarily derives NO pleasure from murder. He probably enjoys it to some degree. It just doesn’t seem to be his primary motive.

  74. I’m sute that he’ll be declared mentally incompetant and will be back on the street within 5 years…after all, this is Canada, right?

  75. Tim… we do have animal laws. I always make caca my pants.