The PMO's 'ill-advised' invitation for Prince William and Kate

The PMO’s ill-advised invitation for Prince William and Kate

The government appears to have broken protocol in making the invitation public before it had been accepted. What if the royal couple doesn’t come?


Prince William; Kate

The public revelation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invited Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, to visit Canada came days after the start of a year-long countdown to the nation’s 150th anniversary on July 1, 2017. The possibility of two extremely photogenic families, both with young children, at public events must have PR officials across the country salivating. Trudeau and his wife, Sophie, have three children, while William and Kate, who were last here in 2011, shortly after their wedding, have two.

The Globe and Mail got the scoop directly from Kate Purchase, the PM’s director of communications, who said, “The Prime Minister certainly has invited William and Kate and family to come to Canada whenever they are available on their schedule.”

Yet no one is ordering bunting, at least not yet. “It is a possibility, but again, we don’t have any confirmation,” she told the Globe. Though the Canadian government is awaiting a response to the official letter sent to Kensington Palace, home of the duke and duchess of Cambridge’s household, Purchase says a visit could happen within months, perhaps as early as this autumn. “From the Prime Minister’s perspective, we invited them whenever their schedules permitted it,” she said.

That a government official would comment on an invitation sent to members of the royal family requesting a visit is unusual, to say the least. Until dates are carved into stone, there is usually radio silence, as everyone is aware that anything can happen between the time of the invitation and acceptance or rejection. If William and Kate don’t come to Canada but instead travel elsewhere, that could be seen as a royal “diss” to Canada. One former insider familiar with the mechanics of royal visits in Canada calls the decision to go public without a confirmation “odd and ill-advised,” adding that, from a protocol point of view, it’s “not really good form to set up public expectations without advanced negotiations.”

Reportedly there has long been a plan for William and Kate to visit Canada in 2016, to help build excitement for the 2017 celebrations. But it was waiting for the new Liberal government to sign off on it. They aren’t expected to be here for the big party on July 1. That’s apparently pencilled into the diary of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla, who have visited three times since 2009.

If William and Kate do come to Canada, don’t get hopes up for a bonding experience between the royal children and their Trudeau counterparts. For one, Prince George is in nursery school, and they are hardly going to end their ultra-protective attitude toward their children by dragging a three-year-old on a high-profile visit, to say nothing of toddler Charlotte, who has only been seen in public three times (her birth, her christening and this year’s balcony appearance after Trooping the Colour.)

Indeed, the conservative couple is likely to play down any celebrity angle of the trip. The political fortunes of a charismatic PM can fall as quickly as they rise, and no royal wants to be too tightly linked to one politician, even Justin Trudeau.


The PMO’s ill-advised invitation for Prince William and Kate

  1. OMG! Please Macleans – grow up, you and all the other stuffed shirts. All Trudeau has done is issue an invitation to a fabulously popular royal couple to come for a visit at their leisure. We all understand how busy they are. If they come, terrific – if they don’t, another time. Geez-Louise!

    • Fujikats Maybe you should grow up,obviously in your environment there is no protocol or structured form. This is not calling up one of the boys and protocol must be followed.
      Why don’t you call Bill Clinton for a barbeque and notice the silence.

      • If Fujikats happens to be a young female, then I would actually expect ol’ Bill to attend that BBQ.

  2. Oh great, thank god, it looked like we were going to go a full day without a fruity Trudeau announcement involving himself and his husband and nothing to do with running the country ! Everything he does is “odd and ill-advised.” At least the horrible dark mid-evil 9 years are over tho right ? When we had a Prime Minister.

    • You have Trudeau Derangement Syndrome. One of the worst cases of it on display across the Internet and there are so many cases to be seen!

  3. I regret to say the author of this article has engaged in anti-Monarchy sentiment in her Twitter writing and furthermore there has been highly inappropriate behavior. I gave her another chance today to behave appropriately and she has some very pronounced psychological triggers that are markedly unprofessional that would of course suggest she is mentally ill. MacLeans could do far better than this- perhaps hire someone who actually wishes to promote the Crown as a head of this country instead of using them to undermine our economy for the sake of a tiny portion of the population’s access to superfluous government jobs at the expense of all else.

    • Daemon Lane It is apparent you fancy yourself clever, however try to be to the point of this story and use plain english.

  4. i can picture it ! Willie and Justin and the girls sitting in the PM’s rec room passing the bong and doing Tequila shots ! just like most young adults that are friends do

  5. During the proposed visit maybe PM sh#t for brains will explain to William why he stripped down the picture of his grand mother from the Foreign affairs office buildings main foyer. Trudeau is a national and international embarrassment.

  6. trudeau’s ego would never allow him to think his invitation would be turned down…besides, trudeau needs all the photo-ops he can get…but poor little Sofie will have to face a real princess instead of the fake one she sees in her mirror

  7. Spare me allready, I hope they don’t come then we will be spared the endless platitudes, media fawning and endless selfies. Not that I have anything against the Royals but I can hear the endless bleating about our very own Trudashians who have never met a camera they didn’t like. Maybe Sophie will need to hire another nanny or a wardrobe person to help her out. Please, give us a break from endless photo ops and mindless adoration of a a couple of limousine socialists.

  8. The only people offended by the kids’ snap-invitation- would be the likes of his grace Lord Bilgewater of Blackharbour. If it wasn’t for the massive cost of providing the wheels and security and fine dining opportunities for thousands of royalty-admiring canucks there wold be ho problem a-tall.

    Having just come-off blowing the budget on NATO’s new ‘Eastern European Defence Scheme’ and a new free trade agreement with Ukraine that will probably involve us loaning them money to buy our stuff, are the Lib’s eyeing a tax increase to pay for all this?

    If so, best ‘get at it’ – before Putin’s hordes roll across the Dniepro, into transcarpathia and put paid to all out hopes ‘n dreams.

  9. TDS is at full force in this comment section. And all over next to nothing.