The World Cup’s biggest fakers -

The World Cup’s biggest fakers

Watch our top 8 best (or worst) dives


World Cup 2010 Special

Brazil v Turkey, World Cup 2002

Who knew that hits to the leg are felt in the forehead? Brazil’s Rivaldo, apparently. After receiving a ball to thigh, Rivaldo tumbles to the ground and covers his face in world-ending agony. It works: Turkey star Hakan Ünsal is thrown out and Brazil wins the game–and, eventually, the cup.

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World Cup 2010 Special

Slaven Bilić
Croatia v France, World Cup 1998
A rare case of overacting. France’s Laurent Blanc, held by Bilić, brusquely pushes off the Croatian. Bilić reacts by grabbing his forehead and pretending to be in excruciating pain. The ref didn’t buy it, and Bilić was sent off for the remainder of the tournament.

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World Cup 2010 Special

Jürgen Klinsmann
West Germany v Argentina, World Cup 1990

Here we see the dazzling German performing the trick of his career: a giant, windmilling exaggeration of Pedro Monzón’s slight foul. Close-up at 00:28.

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World Cup 2010 Special

Fabio Grosso
Italy V Australia, World Cup
Grosso manages to draw a foul by becoming suddenly and incomprehensibly flatfooted by tripping over Australia’s Lucas Neill, then looking at the referee with feigned outrage. It works: Neill is red carded and Italy wins the World Cup. 

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World Cup 2010 Special

Diego Simeone
Argentina v England, World Cup 1998
A classic bit of football camp. David Beckham is toppled by Diego Simeone, Beckham raises his foot in protest, Simeone trips theatrically over said foot and falls to the ground. Beckham is ejected. Advantage: Simeone.

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World Cup 2010 Special

Andriy Shevchenko
Ukraine v Tunisia, World Cup 2006
At 1:50 in this video (and roughly 70 minutes into the game), Shevchenko masterfully sells a huge fall after tripping over his own ankle. Penalty for Tunisia, Academy Award for Shevchenko. The resulting penalty kick won Ukraine the game, knocking Tunisia out of the tournament.

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World Cup 2010 Special

El-Hadji Diouf
Senegal v Uruguay, World Cup 2002
Diouf would have done well in the WWE. After being touched by nothing but a strong breeze, the Senegalese star topples and collapses near Uruguay’s net.

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World Cup 2010 Special

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portugal v France, World Cup 2006
In 2006, this month’s Vanity Fair cover lad went for a monster header near France’s goal, only to be brutally shoved mid-air by a marauding Frenchmen. At least, that’s what Ronaldo tried to sell. In actual fact, he collapsed on the ground untouched after completely missing the ball.

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The World Cup’s biggest fakers

  1. So not only do they hand out free goals like candy in soccer, but the ref doesn't actually have to see what happened?

  2. Soccer, or football, or whatever it's called, is a ridiculous excuse for a sport. It's a children's game played by overaged Eurotrash and Brazilian children in odd shorts. What does it tell you about a sport when even the so-called best (Rinaldo) share faking and whining duties with the average player?

    • Rinaldo is a no body, rook, its Ronaldo whos good, learn your shit before you speak

    • It's just your ignorant opinion. Either that or 90% of the people in this world is wrong. On top of that, you make a fool of yourself misspelling the name of an excellent player (In spite of his faking)

    • guy you could just say you don't like it but of course you can't. You are bread and butter America! leave the homeland once or twice before making comments. your name might be Italian( i think) but you've never been. there is no game with bigger fans/better fans. There is no game in America where the weight of your country sits on your shoulders. no American sport has that. The super bowl for all its hype is nothing and i mean nothing compared to the World Cup. the world cup and football is above and beyond the best game. your problem will be when it is the most played game in America. it will take a while but it will be. it's not called the beautiful game for nothing. If you disagree don't watch. but guess what. the games will be every where and on most TVs this summer

      • Apparently you've never been in Canada when our Olympic men's hockey team is playing for the gold medal.

        • No faking like this in hockey a game. Soccer is ridiculous in their faking adn I've watched all of these videos tonite. Adn I'm speaking of all or any of the Soccer teams.

    • i like sctv too, mr cabellero

    • It's ruined by poor oversight, but that does not mean it is not worthy as a sport!

  3. That's sure not Shevchenko.

  4. I have so much more respect for a players who does their darndest to stay on their feet and keep playing real soccer, as opposed to those who will take any slight breeze as a chance to pull a foul. But the real losers here? The refs who fall for the dramatics. It's a beautiful game when people take the chance to actually play, instead of play-act.

  5. And they wonder why so many North Americans don't give a hoot about soccer! What's even more maddening is that the officials fall for it so often. Serious lack of credibility there.
    These pansies aren't fit to carry the jock of real athletes like hockey players! Can you imagine the hysterics if one of these pretty boys actually lost a tooth ( or 7 ! )

    • Sure. Like looosing a tooth is a big accomplishment for an athlete. Besides, in North America (except Mexico, which is also a North America country, whether you like it or not) you have to choose between hockey, a game of bullies that fight no matter what, a game called football (copycats!!) that touch that ridiculous shape of a ball with their feet a couple of times a game, and baseball, that the "athletes" are overweight milllionaires that have to run just a couple of times in a two hours game.

      • the point is that soccer players are encouraged to go to hysterical theatrics is demeaning to them, their sport and their manhood. I woud be too embarrased to face my family after pulling crap like that on the field. If FIFA dosen't do something about this, they will not be helping "the beautiful game".

        North American football is a different kind of tough that you usually pay for with a shortened life span.

        Baseball players — don't get me started on them!!

        • american football is for pussys! take off the padding you queers!! same with hockey!

  6. Grosso vs australia was a foul, it was not a dive. Stick to hockey.

    • wait, seriously? The penalty kick? wow, I didn't know there was actually someone who believed it was a legitimate foul.
      It was clearly a dive, in my opinion. I thought i was with everyone on that. Damn…

      • Sorry, i just watched that again, and I'm pretty baffled that anyone can consider that a foul…

        • It was a deliberate attempt to fool the ref into giving a penalty. It sure as hell wasn't a foul.

          • No foul in here and so many players in Soccer teams do this fake stuff.

    • Austrailian guy intentionally stopped his progression from the ball, making NO LEGAL attempt at the ball, thus, it's a foul. And for all of you badmouthing soccer, change the channel. Billions of people must be wrong? Stupid, sheltered North Americans!

    • yeah.

  7. This is all FIFAs fault. They refuse to punish this kind of behaviour. Instead, they allow teams to get a large advantage by cheating. It will continue to happen until they punish it.

    • You're absolutely right. I understand that these players are all cheating but it's virtually impossible for the ref to see them at that speed. And I don't believe you can use instant replay for something like this. But why not review the tapes after the game and when it's blatant (like almost all of these here), slap the player with a 3-match ban. 2nd offense is a 5 match ban. End of diving or 'simulation' – gutless FIFA doesn't even call it what it is – 'diving'.

  8. soccer is for pansies. look sideways at a soccer player and they fall down and curl into the fetus position. a bunch of girlie boys.

  9. The game of soccer/football is my favourite sport,but some of these gouys go down way too easy.Have these guys ever seen a rugby match.No equipment and players are not crying for thier mommies.Even American football guys take some real shots .Better yet have any of these frauds ever see Pele play against Hungary and Portugal.The kind of physical abuse he took would make a hockey player shudder.But ultimately it does come down to FIFA giving out more tougher panalties for diving /faking whatever!.Go

  10. Its amazing, but the teams considered the 'best', like Brazil/Italy, are actually more likely to fake and encourage faking.

    Its quite frankly disgusting to me and I hope some

  11. First off, Lucas Neil was NOT red carded, so the researcher for this story is an idiot! Secondly, Lucas Neil's elbowed Grosso's knee, and Neil used his right hand to trip Grosso's left foot as Grosso was rounding him. It was a clear foul, and FIFA agreed, for that same referee was the 4th official in the World Cup final, unlike the infamous Byron Moreno who was sent home in 2002 after his debacle in the S.Korea-Italy game! This story is totally bogus! Learn about journalistic integrity before writing stories!

  12. The fakers or divers are always the players on the team you hate or want to lose.