Maclean’s Donald Trump Tweet Predictor No. 1: Results

How would Donald Trump respond on Twitter? You told us.

 (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times/Redux)

(Stephen Crowley/The New York Times/Redux)

Our challenge this week was to predict how Donald Trump would react on Twitter to the following scenario:

On Jan. 21, the new President awakens to discover that CNN and other news organizations are broadcasting images that suggest the public gathering for his inauguration was much smaller than the 2008 crowd for Barack Obama.

Dozens of people responded on Twitter using the hashtag #MTTP. Here are some of my favourites:


Maclean’s Donald Trump Tweet Predictor No. 1: Results

  1. Trump predicting life by Macleans. He’s too busy for that. Though I suspect some Canadians will rise to the task.

    He will complain about poor turnout, no doubt, eve if there were more people on hand that at Obama’s inauguration. Especially if anyone suggests attention is down. What’s perhaps worse, coverage of the boycott of Trump’s inauguration. That is going to be really fascinating.

  2. He’s going to get a record breaking turnout, of protesters.

    Love the tweets.

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