U of Ottawa to follow task force report on sexual harassment

University president Allan Rock says university will adopt the 11 recommendations presented by task force


OTTAWA – The president of the University of Ottawa says the school will implement a comprehensive plan to combat sexual harassment and violence in the wake of a sex assault scandal that swamped its men’s hockey team last year.

Allan Rock says the university will adopt the 11 recommendations presented today by a task force which was formed last year after a pair of sexual violence incidents.

He says the aim is to encourage respectful behaviour, prevent sexual violence and ensure that students and employees can work free of harassment and sexual violence.

Last February, members of the university men’s hockey team were involved in an alleged sexual assault and the team was suspended for the season.

That was followed by Facebook incident in which sexually derogatory and violent comments were directed against the female president of the student federation.

Rock says the university will teach students about sexual consent, train managers and staff on harassment and sexual violence issues and devise a fair and open process to deal with cases of misbehaviour.

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U of Ottawa to follow task force report on sexual harassment

  1. Allan Rock has no credibility. He is a ‘social engineer’ that uses everybody else’s money…whether as a Liberal using tax payer’s $$ as in the ‘Long Rifle’ boondoggle or now The University of Ottawa.
    Insidious is the first word that comes to mind when he ‘cancelled’ the whole hockey program prior to any police investigation. Out of 30+ hockey players 2 have had charges against them. 28 other young men are considered guilty because they are young men on a hockey team.
    Innately; Allan Rock is the worst kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing. ‘damn true justice to push my agenda’
    All U of Ottawa Alumni should be ashamed of this man…he will soon be leaving on the ‘big tour’ (USA and all) to raise funds for the University. Please say no to this strangler of freedom & justice…he should reside in some communistic hierarchy in eastern Europe or Asia.

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