Russian President Vladimir Putin disses Queen Elizabeth II

Vladimir Putin disses the Queen at D-Day events

His sulky, disdainful behaviour puts a damper on the 70th anniversary

Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, Queen Elizabeth II, Jerry Mateparae, Angela Merkel

Charles Dharapak/AP

The isolation of Russian President Vladimir Putin was on full display in Normandy, France, during the 70th anniversary commemorations of D-Day. He’s alienated Europe by invading Ukraine, gobbling up Crimea, and he is now destabilizing the east of that country. Yet, since Russia was an important ally during the Second World War, Putin gets a front-row position for the D-Day events.

Like a dyspeptic uncle at a family reunion, he didn’t even try to hide his boredom and disdain for those around him.

As Queen Elizabeth II, 88, negotiated steps to her position in the official world leaders’ photo op, he ignored her completely. It was left to U.S. President Barack Obama and New Zealand’s Governor General Jerry Mateparae to extend helping hands to the octogenarian. Perhaps Putin was irked that she was the centre of attention, and, as the only head of state at the event who served during the war, even outranked French President François Hollande at the later events on the beaches of Normandy. Maybe he’s still miffed that her son, Prince Charles, compared the Russian leader’s actions in Ukraine to those of Hitler during the Second World War.

Certainly the protocol officials knew it was going to be a difficult task figuring out where to position him during events so as not to displease another world leader. No doubt they counted their blessings that Queen Elizabeth II and her cousin, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe, were there to provide buffer room. At lunch he was kept well away from Barack Obama—as if they were two kids relegated to opposite sides of the sandbox—with both queens and Hollande giving the two lots of space. If things got testy, he’d have to go through not one but two steely monarchs. He may be in good shape, but in a diplomatic fight, it wouldn’t do to bet against the two long-serving sovereigns.

France D-Day Obama

Stephen Crawley/AP

The sulky behaviour continued throughout the day. One wonders why he didn’t send a deputy and spend his time riding a horse, shirtless.


Vladimir Putin disses the Queen at D-Day events

  1. Putin, stupid ass hat criminal thug………………him and his buddies have looted Russia’s companies and treasury………..Gazprom, the “national” gas company is all but broke, the country close behind.

    • Without USSR, you would be typing this in German..

      • USSR during the time of WWII has absolutely nothing to do with my comment.

        I am dissing a number of scumbags, that being Putin and his cronies.

        Try asking some regular Russians what they really think of him and his gang.

        • He has an 85% popularity rating.

          PS Russia is booming. High GDP, nothing for debt, huge market.

          • Maybe in your land of lollipops, fairy tales and unicorns;

            Russia’s economic freedom score is 51.9, making its economy the 140th freest in the 2014 Index. Its score is 0.8 point higher this year, with improvements in four of the 10 economic freedoms, including control of government spending, counterbalanced by declines in trade freedom, freedom from corruption, and fiscal freedom. Russia is ranked 41st out of 43 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is below the world average.

            Over the 20-year history of the Index, Russia’s economic freedom has been stagnant, with its score improving less than 1 point. Overall, notable improvements in trade freedom and monetary freedom have been largely offset by substantial declines in investment freedom, financial freedom, business freedom, and property rights, and Russia’s economy remains “mostly unfree.”

            The foundations for sustainable economic development remain fragile, exacerbated by the poor legal framework. Corruption, endemic throughout the economy, is becoming ever more debilitating. The state maintains an extensive presence in many sectors through state-owned enterprises.

        • Perhaps you could try again Billy Bob.

          Instead of lying.

        • Lordy, that’s western crud and for right now Billy Bob. As punishment for the Crimea.

          And your ‘Heritage’ url is a conservative think tank!

          Listen….if you’re that gullible I have some ocean front property in Alberta for sale………..

        • They’re FEEDING you ‘western crud’ Billy Bob…otherwise known as ‘propaganda.’ And you fell for it.

          Russia is booming, debts are nada, growth rate more than ours! Do you know they have a flat tax?…..they’re under attack at the moment, but they’ll recover….and soon all those people there today will be very sorry they weren’t friendly to Putin when they had the chance.

          And if you’re going to sulk…do it elsewhere. It’s boring. Maybe there are some kids on your lawn you can go yell at.

          • Move there if you think it’s so great and don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out

          • I’m not much of a Billy Bob fan, but he’s kicking your butt here Em. Plenty of links to back his claims while all you have are smart-ass comments. If you’re right and he’s wrong, post some counter evidence.

        • LOL Law and Order is an American TV show with a Russian franchise.

          As to fraud and illegalities and all….well I’m shocked. I really am.

          Almost makes me forget the Savings and Loan mess, and Enron….and the 2008 hedge fund mortgage mess crash, GM going bankrupt, ‘too big to fail’ banks….failing….and all that.

          The US takes a back seat to no one in sheer criminality.

          Quit while you can Billy, and go to bed.

        • LOL no Billy Bob it was doing fine before the Crimea.

          But tellyawhat….if you don’t want to invest in Russia….then don’t.

      • You got that right. The US didn’t win WWll, the USSR did.

          • Ahh now we’re down to the Russia of a year ago. Does that mean you’re almost done?

            Cuz I expect photos of Pussy Riot next, and your banjo music is getting stale.

          • The real point here is the MacLies should be embarrassed at this trite coverage of a country that is moving leaps and bounds away from their Bolshevic disaster, and becoming a true representative democracy under Putin. He may not be perfect, but just go on YT and listen to the things he has to say.

            When our media blathers on about Ukraine, ignoring the fact that the eastern part of the country WAS part of Russia 50 years ago, and that they have a huge naval base in the Crimea with a treaty allowing for 60,000 personnel there, you see the true nature of our cowardly, spineless journalists, happy to write any crap they are told for a pitiable paycheque.

            We are supposed to be icons of truth and freedom – yet we can’t see past our own vanity. I think someone here said it best when they poonted out that without Russia, we’d all be speaking German right now – if we were alive at all.

            No conversation about Russia should be without recognition and respect for the 25 MILLION citizens – fully 10% of the population then – who lost their lives between 1939 and 1945. Even under the worst despot of the last century, they saved our asses and endured unimaginable suffering in the process.

            If we were anything close to who we claim to be, we would be welcoming our brethren with open arms, and decrying the phony conflict so cynically affected between the west and Russia. Instead we bring in every ass backward nations hate filled misogynist pedophiles, while we threaten nuclear war upon those whose ancestors saved our cultures and way of life 70 years ago.

            I am embarrassed by this rag, and extend my hand in welcome and reconciliation to the Russian people, whatever their failings are (as if ours do not compare).

  2. CTV Power Play dissed PM Harper because he did not speak to Putin.I believe the two women are lucky they did not have to speak to Putin.

  3. Obama sulks,

    Putin is a God amongst mere mortals …

  4. Well for one thing, nobody is supposed to touch the Queen, no matter what….. so Obama and the GG of NZ were actually committing a massive faux pas.

    Secondly, the Royals earned the dissing….calling Putin Hitler was way beyond the pale! 30M Russians died fighting the Nazis. Why did the UK diss it’s rescuer in the first place?

    Thirdly, Putin and Obama did indeed talk…. for 15 or 20 minutes during the events. There is no childish ‘not speaking’ going on. Apparently class and courtesy are beyond Harper.

    • And he didn’t look ‘sulky and disdainful’…..he has long since cultivated a deadpan look for any and all occasions. It always cracks me up. Talk about inscrutable…

  5. You got that right. The US did not win WWll. It was the USSR.

    • This would be like Obama being Muslim, atheist, Kenyan etc, Billy Bob. Web junk. Obama and Putin are probably both listed as Lizard people as well.

      You were raised believing…..Russia = communist…= evil

      And you’ll never change from that. You haven’t done any objective search on Russia….or even an investor’s one. It’s all rightwing malarky…..altho the rightwing is keen on Putin’s anti-gay stance, the sexism, the racism and the Christianity.

      But at the moment they are piling on because another country did what the US does routinely. They can see their power slipping away, and they’re mad.

      And you believe every word they say….even when they U-turn. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you…’re a Believer. Probably an Old Believer at that.

      Yell at those kids yet?

      • You have not one shred of evidence to back up any of your claims.

        • There go those banjos again. LOL

  6. Why is the fact that US invested $5 billion of US taxpayers’ money into destabilizing Ukraine (leading to a coup) not front and center of all news reporting/analysis of the Ukraine situation? If Russia or China pumped $5 billion into destabilization and removal of Canadian govt we would be surely sitting back and playing ball, while our media would be reporting how our leader dissed the British queen?

    • That’s not correct, but it is on certain leftwingnutz blogs.

    • Exactly person who Knows the truth

    • No, it’s a sidebar. There are lots of sidebars in this…but only one NATO, and only one port.

    • Mmm yes, did you think it wouldn’t be?

      Are you sure you know what this is about??

    • Ports………………EIEIO

      • No….one port. Sevastopol.

    • Russia also has many ports….but it’s the one at Sevastopol we’re talking about. It’s home base for the Russian Black Fleet….and the only port suitable for the fleet….that is south. In winter, having your fleet in a southern port is vital.

      • You’re an idiot.

        Thanks for the entertainment. : )

        • Billy Bob grabs his banjo and flounces off

          Deliverance for the rest of us. LOL

  7. Russia saved the western worlds arse in ww2… know your history idiot ..

    He knows this and is thinking what the fuck is all the commotion about a queen who is a proxy for an empire well forgottten and lost only to be replaced by a aggresive neo colonial power ruled by a military macine that lines the pockets of corrupt senators ..obama is a puppet and your a fool to think nothing less of Nato being a dirty arm of USA in isolating russia for economic reasons and not democratic ones .
    Get of putin case you mother fucker and learn your history .
    Are you such a fool to think putin should be intersted in d day celebrations when he knows it was russia who stopped the nazis… get a life !

  8. Seems to me, the ole girl is dissing putin…