Welcome to Crosby’s tiny Olympic bedroom

It’s ‘what looks like a room of leftover IKEA furniture’


Steve Podborski shows the beds where the Canadian Mens’ Olympic team with be staying in Sochi. CP/Nathan Denette

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Welcome to Crosby’s tiny Olympic bedroom

  1. First off, props to the men’s hockey team in particular for wanting to stay with the rest of the Olympic team. It’s not unheard of for rich pros at the Olympics to take over a luxury hotel rather than staying in the village, but our hockey players seem to like feeling part of the big team, and that’s nice to see.

    That said, forget Sydney Crosby, I’ve been to conferences at tiny universities where they put us up in student residence rooms and they were MUCH nicer than what’s shown above. That’s just STARK. I’d be willing to bet that we have rooms in minimum security PRISONS in Canada that are nicer than that. Does anyone know what the athletes’ rooms in Vancouver looked like, just for comparison?

    On a positive note, I’m loving the rainbow colours in the word CANADA. Nice one.

    • Only one small difference on the jail cell the doors locked!

  2. Multiple toilets per washroom is weird, but I’ve stayed in plenty of hotels where they ask you to throw the toilet paper in the bin. Sochi’s going to be a LOT more crowded than is typical for the town over the next few weeks, so I’m not surprised that they’re concerned it would be too much for their plumbing system.

    The bad tap water is definitely problematic, though.

    • That’s a fair point about the toilets, I suppose, but is it perhaps not incumbent upon a city bidding to host an Olympic Games to maybe consider whether or not their basic plumbing infrastructure is sufficient to handle the Games?

      Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but if you’re concerned about the possibility of athletes flushing toilet paper down their toilets, maybe you shouldn’t be hosting the Olympic Games.

    • Water isn’t the problem they make it out to be. Many countries have water not fit to drink, but for athletes, if their trainers are worth salt, why they eat and drink is very tightly controlled in every way. If team management is any good at all, food and drink is supplied from the native country as not to waste athlete performance on adapting to local conditions.

      Multiple toilets is likely one shared bathroom per floor, and 2 or more not uncommon to have capacity.

    • Actually, there are 2 very simple solutions. One is to install a small grinding apparatus attached to each sewer downpipe; the apparatus grinds wastes before it reaches the sewer system, and there ya go. The device can be removed after the Games, or just left there.
      The second is to put sceptic pits at a distance of every few residence buildings or hotels. Pump ’em out for the 12 days of the Games, and there ya are, problem solved.

  3. Does any one know humility any more some people have no bed how much time will they spend there anyway?

  4. http://bzfd.it/1am0lFr
    Hope this is brought to light with the extra media in Russia. Very scary and disturbing, culture Putin as created.

  5. So are they whiners or winners?