Can you beat Ron MacLean at our Hockey Day in Canada quiz?

Our annual #HockeyDay Quiz is back! See how you do in our all-hockey trivia test, and compare your score to those of four sports icons



In honour of the 17th annual Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada on Feb. 18 (broadcasting live from Kenora, Ont. on Sportsnet and CBC), we’re presenting the third annual special Hockey Day edition of the Maclean’s Quiz, a weekly diversion designed by Terrance Balazo to test your trivia skills. For this specially designed test of your rink-rat know-how, we decided to place the Maclean’s Genius Peter Dyakowski on the bench. So who’s your trivia challenger, instead? Oh, only Coach’s Corner broadcasting legend Ron MacLean. (Frankly, for a magazine named Maclean’s, it’s amazing it took this long for this collaboration.)

And Ron MacLean came to play. He notched a top-shelf score of 87 per cent—a hard benchmark to beat. But if you’re ready to lace ’em up and try your hand to see if you can beat him, check out the quiz below, and tune into Sportsnet’s 13-hour national broadcast of Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada on Feb. 18. And if you liked that, try our weekly quiz challenges against Dyakowski here, or our daily all-Canadian brainteasers, where you can win a prize!


Can you beat Ron MacLean at our Hockey Day in Canada quiz?

  1. I didn’t try the quiz because I can’t stand hockey. I have watched some of it (due to my father and spouse) and the only good part of it was Ron Maclean!

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