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26 billion is the number of the week

What could you get for $26B? Amanda Shendruk has some ideas


26 Billion is the number of the week: During his fall economic update, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced that the Canadian deficit is at $26 billion, up a whopping $5 billion from the March forecast.

$26 billion sounds like a lot. But is it really?

What can you get for that amount? Planes, cars, boats, mansions, islands(!) don’t cost near a billion dollars, so what does? Take a look at this graphic for some quick context.

(What would YOU would do with $26 billion? Tell me in the comments.)

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26 billion is the number of the week

  1. Love the graphic. Very well done.

  2. You mean the deficit Cons promised they’d never have? Yup, it’s big, especially considering it’s a deficit, not the national debt.

    Me? State-of-the-art university/institute for state-of-the-art research.

  3. 6,500 gun registries

  4. Six million, five hundred thousand gazebos..

    ..oh wait.. the question is what *would* we buy..

  5. An ounce of political honesty