30 members of Congress have just endorsed the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline


Thirty members of the House of Representatives have written a letter urging Hillary Clinton and the State Dept. to approve the oil sands pipeline that Harper was advocating for in his meeting with Obama last week. The group is mostly Republicans, but includes several Democrats and members of influential committees.

They write:

“…In recent months, members of Congress have presented strong and convincing arguments in favor of the Keystone XL Project, including: the creation of jobs for thousands of Americans, millions in tax revenue for local and state governments, strict environmental regulation in Canada, and billions in indirect economic stimulus connected to the pipeline project. The benefits fo this project far outweigh any argument made by the opposition. But the Keystone XL Project is not only a matter of national interest; it is a matter of national security…”


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30 members of Congress have just endorsed the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline

  1. It's going to be a bit of a headache, but it will happen.

  2. strict environmental regulation in Canada

    News to most Canadians.

    • @ Dot, Agree….A lot of the public are really not aware of the Enviromental Regulations that are in place…

    • Sad that ignoramuse like you would make a political comment.
      You have no knowledge of the science involved.
      Just another eco-nut.
      Facts do get in your way we understand that.
      Fortunately there are people of science around.

      • Ignoramuse ??…For an individual that has a PhD following his name , one would think that he would conduct himself in a more professional and ''credible'' manner ……..

      • ignoramuse

        I hope your PhD isn't in spelling.

        You have no knowledge of the science involved.
        Just another eco-nut.

        Undergrad in Engineering (Applied Science), worked in Alberta's oilpatch for a couple of decades. Have you ever left the classroom?

        Facts do get in your way we understand that.

        I must still be living in 2006 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0DUJBAK8gI

  3. They probably saw your article about it being a windfall for Tea Party supporters.

  4. never any doubt – just check the latest fuel usages in the states WOW – they need our oil and I have been making a bundle the last few years investing in their need :)

  5. If America doesn't want it, then why don't we just sell our oil to China? Or use it ourselves?

    • No pipeline to the West Coast,………..YET.
      We could use it all ourselves if we all drove around this Country aimlessly!

  6. Don’t worry all you conservative oil mongers. America is a corporate autocracy with a cathartic illusion of “democracy” and “freedom”. This will make the corporate aristocracy too much money for them to not do. Rest easy conservatives. You will be able to rape our land with expediency unloading the cost onto the public which you will then argue needs to be privatized for “efficiency” after which you will invest your capital and increase your wealth to gargantuan proportions. Rest easy conservatives. We will all suffercate and die in the global oven you make while you build biodomes to protect yourselves and call us all terrorists. Evil evil terrorists. Spooky!! Drug dealers and communists who should burn in the global oven. This is the Final Solution. Rest easy conservatives. Rest easy!

    • Did you forget to put your tin foil hat on this morning?

      • Nope. It’s on good and tight. Can’t have any of those conservative mind control rays screwing with my head now, can I?

        • HEY ! I resent that – I have spent a lot of time designing our CPC mind control wave guide and just because I got kicked out of university for sticking my tongue out at a professor of ignoramuses should be no reason to not to put the helmet on – listen to my words and repeat after me – vote conservative vote conservative –

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