Romney vs. Obama: Round 2 -

Romney vs. Obama: Round 2

Could the stakes possibly be higher in a presidential debate?


Could the stakes possibly be higher in a presidential debate? The polls keep tightening and the president has largely cleared his schedule to hunker down in Williamsburg, Va., to prepare.

Tuesday night’s townhall style is one with which Obama has had a lot of experience. But with the momentum on his side, Romney only needs to not screw up — while Obama needs to impress. In the first debate, there seemed to be more time spent discussion what Romney would do in the next four years than what Obama would do. The president has an opportunity to change that.

It will be interesting to watch CNN’s Candy Crowley press Romney on the math of his tax cut and military spending plans, and to question Obama on his administration’s handling of the deadly consular attacks in Libya.  If anyone can get them off their talking points, Crowly can. The debate runs 9-10:30 pm ET.

Yesterday, Paul Brandus (@WestWingReport) and I discussed the VP debate and looked forward to Tuesday’s presidential debate on CBC with Nancy Wilson:


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Romney vs. Obama: Round 2

  1. “If anyone can get them off their talking points, Crowly can”

    The organizers don’t want Crowley to be the one running the show. The Democrats and Republicans don’t want Crowley to be the one deciding the outcome.

    Crowley needs to step back from running the show and sticking to enforcing the rules. She needs to let Obama and Romney go at it, let them decide the outcome. Nobody wants the referee to determine the outcome.

    Not only that, but Crowley has proven herself a loyal Democrat ( ). So the last thing we need to see is her giving Obama all the help she can, as we know she’d love to do.

    • I don’t think it matters. Romney has shown he knows how to handle himself. Obama’s reliance on constant media support is precisely why he has no idea how to defend his policies on their merits.

      For once, the media has accomplished something good for their country in spite of themselves. The irony is….delicious.

      • I agree that Romney has proven he can handle himself, and that the irony in the media’s enablement of Obama is tasty. But I don’t share the same level of confidence in the final outcome.

        Funny enough, Candy has doubled down on the fact she has every intention of breaking the contract agreed upon between the Repubs, Dems and CNN.

      • Well, whaddya know. Crowley took sides with Obama on Libya. What a surprise.

        • Yep, but she took it back afterward when most people had tuned out… so that makes it all good.

          Anyway, my impression is that Romney did well. Obama did better than before, but my lefty friends are still wetting their pants about the campaign’s current status.

          • Well, I cannot agree or disagree entirely.
            I knew I would be annoyed by Crowley, and I was.
            She cut off Romney 28 times vs Obama 9 times, while at the same time gave Obama 9% more speaking time. She even went so far as to take sides with Obama on that one occasion. Truly a disgraceful performance.
            This sums it up:

            But yes, I think you’re right, that won’t sway people much, it was quite clear to everyone that she was taking sides. Nobody trusts the media any more. And people don’t trust Obama like they did 4 years ago.

            With respect to your lefty friends, the campaign remains too close to call for anyone to be comfortable, on either side. It reminds me of the canadian election, which went well, and the us supreme court obamacare decision, which did not.

            It is somewhat encouraging to me though, that both NBC and Fox had a panel of undecided voters, and both panels swung towards Romney. On the flip side, the discouraging part is that Romney remains unable to nab more than a measly share of Hispanic and black support. The Repubs need to find a way to appeal more to those groups.

            I am quite impressed with Romney’s performance. On the Fox panel, many called him “presidential”, and I would agree. To me, Obama was not, he was flustered at times, he interrupted Romney, and he had a lot of cheap shots that were disrespectful. He took a page from the Biden handbook.

  2. You can bottle sour grapes and call the wine corked. I am a middle class consumer that can do without it. MR has no plan beside distracting the voters about other’s plans. Furthermore, when he talks of consensus building as Governor of MS, It sound more that he was dictated by the 87% majority of democrats that instituted the policies necessary for their state. Good Job BO.