’69 is a Liberal position’


Dale Smith looks at Liberal courting of the gay community.

Also at Montreal Pride this weekend, I was reliably informed that the Liberals were out in full force with a cheeky slogan that says “69 is a Liberal position” – referencing of course the fact that it was in 1969 that Trudeau’s bill to decriminalise homosexuality was enacted.


’69 is a Liberal position’

  1. Countdown to the Charles McVety update.

    • LOL – too funny

  2. It's surreal to think that before I was born forms of consensual sex between adults were illegal.

    Such a move in favour of human dignity and human rights is worthy of a party!

    • Har! Bryan Adams, rather reimagined.

  3. Hey, it's also the sign of Pisces

  4. Closeted homosexual Gerry Nicholls very recently was calling for Libertarians to join Liberals and form Libertine Party of Canada. It would all make perfect sense. All sexual perverts would gather under one tent and get themselves occupied with teaching each other new sex positions. If we are lucky such congregation of sexual perverts screwing each other constantly might over time produce some super resistant strain of HIV viruses, or other STD that just might wipe all of them out.

    On a serious note; it seems to me that pro Bob Ray fraction of LPC is pushing Michael Ignatieff to the wall. All these misguided efforts spell doom for LPC in the next federal elections.