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A Child Unlike Other Girls


I’m not surprised that Shout! Factory has acquired the rights to Small Wonder (though I’d like to see them get to releasing season 2 and 3 for some of the shows they already licensed). It does surprise me a little to learn that it is “among the top thirty most-wanted series that are unreleased on DVD” according to TV Shows On DVD voting. I watched the show occasionally and, though I was a kid with undiscriminating tastes, I didn’t think it was anything special. Though like all of you, I can’t get the theme song out of my head, not because it was good but because it was the most anachronistic song ever: it sounded like it was written in the ’50s.


I recall I had two problems with it: one, I hated the dad, thinking of him as a complete wuss, pushed around by his boss, unable and unwilling to reveal his invention to the world, because he was afraid of success or something. And two, I hated Vicki the Robot. I mean, if I wanted a fantasy character on a syndicated sitcom, I’d watch Evie on Out of This World because she had magical alien powers and used them to have fun. (And I’ll bet you that Shout! Factory is trying to get the rights to that show, too, though I don’t know if Burt Reynolds will let go of it.) But who would ever want to be Vicki, an emotionless, monotonic metal person? Apparently, lots of people identified with a super-strong funny-talking tin can, because they voted for her to come to DVD. But I’m going to say that in a battle of syndicated sitcom ’80s fantasy characters, Vicki would get beat down not only by Evie, but also Ethel the Angel from Down to Earth.

However, any of them could and should destroy every single horrible person on She’s the Sheriff.



A Child Unlike Other Girls

  1. I wasn't around so I never saw Small Wonder nor heard the theme song so it was a surprise for me that it seems to have been the inspiration for "Love-matic Grandpa" on The Simpsons.

  2. Like you, Mr. Weinman, I was a kid who wasn't too fussy about what I would watch. I even showed some distressing early signs of being willing to get in on things strictly for the irony factor, but I could not watch Small Wonder, not for one second. I hated the kid. I can't believe it – even now, to see that picture of him makes me start gritting my teeth.

  3. Embarrassing. I liked this show when I was young but my parents detested it so much I think I was always aware it was stupid. It's a fun, even hilarious, show to remember, but surely a dreadful thing to actually watch. There will be a lot of regret out there when whoever requested it sits down to view it. It will be kind of like when a genie grants your carelessly worded wish in a horrible, cruelly ironic way.

    Surely this show is only in the top 30 (read: 30th–right? Right? Please?) because practically every other show worth watching has been released by now. I hope the thirty-first series is The Adventures of Beans Baxter (I was so gratified to discover on the Parker Lewis DVDs that Tim Stack is the other person in the world who remembers that show, apparently because he was on it).

  4. Didn't you do a post about Small Wonder sucking back at your old blog? I remembered it as being one of my favorites of your posts, but maybe that was someone else. Anyway, Small Wonder was pretty horrible.

  5. Out of This World was wayyyy better. Her Zack Morris timestopping abilities were what hooked the 8-year-old me.

  6. It's interesting that you would mention SHE'S THE SHERIFF, because TV writer Mark Rothman devoted four recent posts on his blog to the hell he went through working on that show.