A double whammy


Setting aside Sheila Copps’ rather interesting interpretation of sexism, NDP MP Niki Ashton talks about not being an old white dude on Parliament Hill.

“From time to time it still happens where people want to see my pass because they assume that I’m a staff person,” Ms. Ashton (Churchill, Man.) told The Hill Times last week. “For the most part it’s funny and we have an interesting exchange over it, but I think it also speaks to just how a lot of us are not used to the fact that Parliament should be a diverse place and that’s problematic.”


A double whammy

  1. It could just be because she looks so young. I'm sure Pierre got that same thing when he first showed up.

    • I agree with Anon. Youth, rather than gender, is probably the determining factor here.

  2. Of course Pierre was a staffer prior to being an MP.

    I found it interesting that our young socialist wants voices of different people heard on how to spend more of our money on their special wants. How about the underrepresented people who want the Government to just do only what is absolutely needed and we can afford, not every little thing that is wanted by those with the loudest voices?

    • What about people who need help from the government? Not everyone is a great entrepreneur and shouldn't be anyways.

      • I clearly said "absolutely needed". People who need attention and programs should get it, sometimes such as the case of drug addicts, the solution may be creating "medical jails" where they are forced off drugs and given better medical care during than a normal prison setting.

        I didn't mention "entrepreneurs" or suggest everyone should be one, that was you imposing your issues to redirect what I said. Not everyone should be one, nor has the patience, guts or ability to do so.

        Are our definitions of "need" are difficult, when I saw Nikki's words I recalled a SSHRC grant of 50.000 to study strippers in Vancouver. We don't need some Grad Stud or Prof, spending our tax dollars on such academic pursuits. There of hundreds of examples of work such as this that we're paying for.

    • Yeah, those people are under-represented… Just because you don't get your way does not mean you are under-represented.

      • Seems like you're talking about those who are always whining for more govt handouts.

        • I listened to a call-in/interview program carried by the local CBC a couple of weeks ago.
          The principle interviewee was the head of the national CFIB.
          She gave the usual litany of red tape, lower taxes, blah blah. The stuff we've been hearing for years.
          The call-in portion was mostly small business owners demanding more gummint programs. For them.
          Funny how that works.