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A few bricks fly in St. Paul


I arrived in St. Paul this afternoon. The vibe here is quite a bit different from Denver which was a big rolicking political carnival. Here the energy is serious, even grim. The hurricane in the Gulf Coast has set a serious tone. Bush and Cheney’s speeches have been canceled along with the rest of the evening program. Parties are being turned into fundraisers. Cindy McCain and Laura Bush showed up at a breakfast for the Louisiana delegates and gave them moral support. A McCain campaign plane was sent to help evacuate the families of Gulf Coast delegates. All the boxed lunches that were prepared for delegates were apparently sent for disaster relief in the Gulf.

Then there are the protesters. The streets in Denver were dotted with cops. Here the cops crowd the streets in big rows, on horses or bikes, with piles of plastic cuffs and billy clubs dangling from their bulky padded body armour which gives them a look of Michelin Man meets Terminator. There are snipers on downtown rooftops. Of course, this is Minnesota and the cops, like everyone else, are super-nice. And if you’re not an anarchist breaking windows with bricks, they are friendly, smile at passers-by, and complain good-naturedly about their hot, uncomfortable suits.

The protesters are a motley group. The majority seem to be against the Iraq War, but I saw signs about everything from Ethiopia to Colombia to Palestine.

On the other side of the barricades and the x-ray machines and the bomb-sniffing dog, at the Excel Energy Center, I passed by Karl Rove and McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt striding purposefully surrounded by a gaggle of aides, perhaps on their way to a meeting to figure out how many houses babies McCain now has on the ticket.


A few bricks fly in St. Paul

  1. From these pictures, it looks like we have gone back in time – to the 60’s.

  2. Left wing groups always seem to like to riot and cause destruction so no surprise they are at it again.

    Obama is the son of a teenaged mother, Luiza, and I wonder why you didn’t feel the need to point that out. Is this post about politics or gossip?

  3. True. Right wing groups are much more direct, aren’t they Mrs. Kennedy?

  4. What’s up with the snarky baby comment? What are you, 12 years old?

    An insignificant blog from an insignificant blogger from an insignificant country. Snoooze…

  5. T Thwim

    Not sure what your comment is about, are you referring to JFK?

    If you are referring to JFK assassination, Oswald lived in Russia for three years and there is an audio recording of him from a radio interview just a few weeks before he killed the president claiming he was a marxist but not a communist. Unless marxists are ‘right wing’, I think you need to find another example.

  6. You see, people protesting the war with violence amaze me…hypocrites.

  7. So what about Palin? Well…she has a pregnant teenage daughter, “She has administrated a household, the PTA, the City Council, and got so good at it others encouraged her to run a city, and then a state. That’s more executive experience than Obama, Hillary, and Biden combined. In doing so she had to deal with issues that dealt with the security, welfare, and economic impact of those under her administration. She’s commanded the Alaskan National Guard. She has had to deal with international issues relating to the stewardship of territory with two nations that bordered her state – Canada and Russia. She had to tell Congress “thanks but not thanks” on federal monies that she felt would hurt the average American tax-payer even though it could have meant long term revenue for her state (bridge to nowhere.) She bopped the oil companies on the nose. And when she felt they were soaking the American gasoline consumer – and her oil rich state reaped the windfall – she returned those monies to the people of Alaska in the form of an individual tax-refund of $1200 per person this summer. She hammered her fellow state republicans when they behaved poorly (i.e. U.S. Senator Ted Stevens). And she could only have done any of it – because of her willingness to take on the corrupt old school, good-old-boy partisans in her state that worked against her.

    What did Obama do that came close to any of this? The Chicago Democratic machine is as crooked a group as can be found and Obama’s not only never opposed them. He’s spooned with them (ahem, politically speaking.) He’s never had to deal with foreign powers because he’s never had to make a decision that put people who depended upon him in the path of a decision with a foreign power. It was like pulling wisdom teeth on the guy just to get him to go put on a flak jacket and visit the troops, much less think of commanding them. When you consider that Obama has voted to increase taxes more than eighty times, you recognize that he would not have the good sense to return the people’s money to the people who earned. (And he says he’s for the working man…)

    And what about those issues that are important to women and children? Sure Obama has voted to mandate abortion’s legality – regardless of it’s health effects on women. He’s voted to deny parents permission to know or to give consent for their minors to obtain abortions. He’s even voted to prevent the requirement of the doctor to inform the woman of the medical impact such a procedure would have on her person, mind, and emotions.

    Equally wretched Obama has embraced a practice and fought to keep it embodied in law that would allow hospitals to test for Down’s syndrome and strongly advocate /pressure the parents to abort the child regardless of the reliability of the tests used to determine the case.

    But most horrifying of all Barack Obama is the only U.S. Senator to have voted to deny food, water, and other life saving medical care to Down’s syndrome children who have been born.”

    Bring on the bricks! That will not stop McCain/Palin 08 – in a landslide.

  8. Cheryl from Seattle

    I didn’t find her comment snarky at all.

    Actually kinda funny in a satirical way (I believe she is poking fun at the Dems who made it a big deal of how many houses McCain had, and now it appears this is the next irrelevant issue)

    Geez, when you have to explain satire to Americans…

  9. MiddleAmericaAnn

    re: lengthy post

    I believe the proper convention or blog etiquette is to use quotes or italics.

  10. MiddleAmericaAnn

    Should I infer from your post that the violence of broken window(s) = the violence of war?

    While we may both think broken windows as a mechanism of protest if generally idiotic your linking of broken windows and the death of innocent civilians, soldiers and officials in Iraq seems to be even more so.