A grand Central station for Chicago


Congratulations to the Chicago Black Hawks on clinching the NHL’s Central Division title seconds before their opening faceoff against the Flames today. It’s the franchise’s first such pennant since 1992-93, when the league’s divisions still retained their old, still-beloved names and the Hawks were champions of the Norris. Of the teams in existence before the renaming (which took place at the outset of 1993-94), only four have failed to win a “new-style” division title: the Islanders, the Kings, the Once and Future Jets, and—wait for it—the Edmonton Oilers.


A grand Central station for Chicago

  1. Yeah, but we’ve got a lot of assets!!!

  2. and—wait for it—the Edmonton Oilers.

    But Colby's not bitter. No sir. Not bitter at all.

  3. I don’t recall the Jets winning an old-style division title either…but they did win a couple of Avco Cups in the WHA.

    • I would argue that the last WHA team to defeat them head-to-head in a playoff series really has moral proprietorship of the Avco World Trophy.

  4. I think the league lost something when they decided to NBA-ize the division names. A few weeks ago, there was talk about re-naming the league trophies. Instead of the Hart Trophy, for example, make it the Gretzky Trophy, etc. Why not do the something with the division names?

    One of the league's great strengths is its heritage, including the Stanley Cup. I think they made a mistake when they sanitized the division names. Change them? Yeah. Completely wipe out their character? No.

  5. Atlantic: Patrick ~ Northeast: Adams ~ Central: Norris ~ Northwest: Smythe.

    the other 2? ~

    Ziegler might work. Only cause I think it has a ring to it. ["the Sharks move into first last night in the Ziegler"] I'll leave the Southeast to others.

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