A happier Halloween


At the request of Mrs. Harper, the Globe’s cartoonist mocks up a second jack o’ lantern stencil of the Prime Minister, helpfully demonstrating the great difference between Angry Stephen Harper and Joyful Stephen Harper.


A happier Halloween

  1. My favourite Canadian political cartoonist is Serge Chapleau, but Tony Jenkins is definitely in my Top 5.

  2. More hard hitting, investigative journalism from the keyboard of Jane Taber. Next up: what the Harpers are all going to wear for Hallowe'en. Stephen, of course, won't need a costume since he's scary enough already…

  3. First Laureen took over Maclean's with the PMO supplied photo spread, now she's got the Editorial staff at the Globe in tow. Please Ed Greenspon come back and put an end to this.

    • Uh, Taber was able to peddle her dross in the pages of the Globe during Greenspon's tenure as editor, as well. Not entirely sure why Stackhouse doesn't pull the plug on Taber's fluff pieces since many other aspects of the Globe have greatly improved in the last few months.

      • I guess you're right, but this new online Notebook seems to have taken into drossland. I guess they expanded the Notebook feature to daily online in order to counter Kady at CBC. But the CBC website is so confusing I can't find anything. Newman has shown up on there, but I just saw him by chance. But it's so crazy Kady and Newman don't even seem to be on pages that link to each other.

  4. Words dropped. New notebook seems to have taken a new giant leap into drossland and fluffdom.

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