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A prediction for 2012


Over the holidays I attended a discussion in which a group of Republican politicos and conservative activists debated the future of their party. No one could agree on who the presidential nominee would be for 2012, but their seemed to be a lot of agreement on who should fill the number two spot on the ticket. This guy.

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A prediction for 2012

  1. A Cuban teapartier who's both catholic and protestant…LOL

  2. Is the prediction that Rubio will actually be #2 on the ticket, or is it that everybody's #2 is obviously the most logical #1?

    • I think Bobby Jindal will be #1!

      • He'd be great. But if he's smart he'd wait. And I think he's smart.

    • Rubio’s not going to run in 2012; but he is the closest thing there is to a sure bet for being chosen runningmate by anyone who wins the GOP nomination. Rubio will then set up for a likely run at the #1 spot in 2016 (if Obama wins) or 2020 (if the Republicans win).

      Those who like Palin will be able to settle for Rubio, but Rubio can also appeal to more mainstream GOP and independents.

      That’s my prediction.

  3. This is one very cany cat and will be well worth watching for the future ps: sometime back I posted the same thing about Obama and most people replied Obama who :)

  4. "He understands the plight of the common man a lot better than most because of his background," said Jason Hoyt, the director of the Central Florida Tea Party Council, who embraced Rubio early.

    If the political and media classes weren't themselves so out of touch with "the common man," they would recognize just how ridiculous and deluded it is to make comments like that.

    • How so?

      • Because there is no "common man." The group he supposedly understands includes includes almost every citizen — entrepreneurs, gay activists, pastors, Moslems, groundskeepers, union stewards, firefighters, stay at home moms and dads, and so on and so on.

        And by the way, it isn't a "plight" (or difficulty, predicament, or quandary) to be born outside of privilege. Either experiencing that, or knowing it vicariously from someone else's experience, doesn't provide superior knowledge of a group that is by definition so large and so diverse it defies description. Ridiculous to pretend he has some special access.

        • That's not what they were saying about justice Sotomayor, who supposedly had some special insight due to her background.

          Anyway, I agree with you. This identity politics stuff is nauseating, and it appears to be getting worse.

  5. Am I the only one who saw the pic and wondered why the Republicans would nominate a young Tony DiNozzo for office?

    • Yes, you're the only one.

      • At least two people thumbed me down on it too!!!

        I mean, wow. I didn't think that simply pointing out such a remarkable resemblance would offend anyone.

        No one can tell me though that the above photo (partially because it's grainy) doesn't look EXACTLY like what you'd expect the NCIS production crew to come up with by taking a pic of Michael Weatherly and photoshoping it to look like an old college yearbook photo!

        Also, for what it's worth, if I were an American I would TOTALLY vote for Tony DiNozzo for office. Even if he ran as a Republican.

        • I don't think it offended anyone. I had to google the name just to figure out who you were talking about, and I figure most people would have to do the same.

          I also don't think there's much of a resemblance between a brunette white guy and a dark-haired hispanic guy.

  6. As time passes there appears to be a number of potential candidates. I know little about Rubio but he's surrounded by much hype, and anyone associated with the tea party has some appeal. Bachmann is also considering a run, another tea party affiliated individual. I think Daniels and Pawlenty have a lot to offer based on their governorship records. Paul Ryan is a favourite of mine. Then of course there are the possible runs of Romney and Huckabee, neither of whom are tea party favourites nor appealing to me. Palin is least appealing and I don't think she has a chance, too much flair and not enough substance.

    There are lots of good candidates. It could get interesting.