A short story from the stochastic web


Shopsins is a Manhattan restaurant known the world over for its enormous menu and its beloved but strict proprietor, Kenny Shopsin. You can view the menu online. [PDF] One of the sandwiches on the Shopsins menu is called “the Edmonton”. There is nothing especially Edmontonian about the ingredients; it’s got no bison meat or saskatoons in it or anything like that. As soon as I learned about “the Edmonton” I had the sudden sinking feeling I would die never knowing why a tuna-and-avocado sandwich on garlic bread would be called that. Fortunately it is 2010 and the sandwich is in Kenny Shopsin’s book. It is named in honour of a Shopsins customer, Alan Bleviss, who is also a familiar voiceover artist and one of the leading collectors of Civil War tokens. In some ineffable way this all makes perfect, beautiful sense.


A short story from the stochastic web

  1. Yup…. :)

  2. It IS 2010 and therefor nothing is secretive! I was on my computer when my name came up and led me back to you. I am Alan Bleviss and am going to now divulge the origination of "THE EDMONTON". I was a regular at Shopsins, which meant I ate lunch there Monday through Friday from 1977 until my return to living in Manhattan in 2005, as well as a few evening dinners as well, even though we livedin New Jersey.
    The Shopsin menu is lengthy and has been pared down, now that Kenny has relocated to the Essex Market in the lower East Side from his restaurant in Greenwich Village, but it is still full of variety. One day Kenny says,"What do you feel like having? Lets make up something new." I replied that a sandwich would be perfect (because I loved his Mexican Caesar_pronounced say zar- Salad as an accompaniment).
    "OK, what kind of bread?" he asked and went on with what ingredients did I like. Kenny was making "butter Broiled Breads" a type of garlic bread with added ingredients and I loved them with my Mexican Caesar Salad as that was an entire meal. Thus, he used one-half of a French loaf, the two sides on your plate as a butter broiled bread and added cheddar cheese, tuna salad and jalapeno peppers. That is "The Edmonton". When Kenny and his wife Eve did a cross continent tour with their five children, I had him call my mother with regards if he got to my birthplace, Edmonton, Alberta and told him she would most certainly have them for dinner. He did and she did and Kenny named after my home town, Edmonton. There was an Alan at the time named after myself, but it was not a good seller and was eventually dropped, although my wife at the time still has her namesake, Audrey, on the menu. Both are doing well. Isn't it funny what the internet has wrought.

  3. I understand completely. Because the Calgary Tower is named after me.

    • I thought it was named after my uncle. Well who can you believe today, I never did trust that uncle completely.