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A Template for the Pepe Le Pew Movie


What can I say about the news that Mike Myers will voice Pepe Le Pew in a 3D animation/live action hybrid film? These ideas are going to keep coming, and some of them may actually get made, and it’s probably a sound marketing choice in the sense that it will keep these characters’ merchandising alive. Myers probably won’t be as bad a Pepe as Dan Aykroyd is a Yogi Bear, but considering how many flatulence jokes there are in the average “family-friendly” movie (or sitcom, for that matter) it’s scary to think what they will do with a character who is supposed to be blissfully unaware that he smells bad all the time.

This does give me the opportunity to post this cartoon, which I think would be the only one that could serve as a template for a Pepe Le Pew feature. All the other Pepe cartoons have the stalker/attempted rape issue that Dave Chappelle and others have pointed out. But in this 1959 film, the girl cat is actually as interested in Pepe as he is in her. The problem is that they can’t get together because he smells so terrible that it makes her pass out (for which she’s taunted by June Foray as the narrator: “You are not going to let a little thing like breathing stand in your way?!”). It was written by the great Michael Maltese; oddly, the only cartoon that departs from the usual Pepe formula was not directed by the creator, Chuck Jones, but by one of his animators, Abe Levitow — leading many cartoon buffs to wonder if Jones would have accepted this change-of-pace script if he’d been in the director’s chair.


The article also mentions that WB is planning these projects because their cartoon characters don’t make anywhere near the money in merchandising that the Disney characters do. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I will point out something I’ve pointed out elsewhere: Disney, for the most part, allows Mickey and Donald and Goofy cartoons to stay on YouTube. Some of them have been there for years. Meanwhile, Warner Brothers is constantly cracking down on YouTube uploads of Bugs, Daffy and Pepe cartoons. Do they not think Disney cartoons might get some extra merchandising value from the fact that they’re actually there, on the biggest video site in the world, where kids can see them?

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A Template for the Pepe Le Pew Movie

  1. The other thing to note is that the Disney characrters' gearing towards younger audiences allows the company to show Mickey, Donald and the rest — albeit in 3-D — in the early morning time period for young children, which then makes them open to marketing. The Warners' characters just don't work when you target them implicitly towards the preschool-through-third grade set, which is why the company tried (and failed) with Baby Looney Tunes.

    Warners' target market is really 8-and-up, where the less gentle gags are more appreciated. But the company is so dysfunctional that even though there's an obvious location for the show in Cartoon Network, the folks and Burbank and the people in Atlanta can't get their act together to return the cartoons to a proper late-afternoon or night time position (you would think someone high enough up in the corporate hierarchy would go to one side and/or the other and tell them, "Do it or you're fired", but apparently marketing of the characters doesn't get too high up in the elevator at the Time-Warner building, and each of the little non-cooperating fiefdoms are allowed to go their own way).

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