A truly decisive government…


announces decisions that haven’t been made.

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A truly decisive government…

  1. I voted for Harper in 06 and I thought I was voting for someone like Joe Friday – not much personality, but he gets the job done. As time went on he seemed more like Dirty Harry – a son of a bitch, but he gets the job done. Then he started looking more like Columbo – a bumbler, but he gets the job done. Now – it’s Inspector Clouseau. Ah merde.


    Leaders make decisions.
    Then Leaders retract them.
    Stephen Harper is a leader.

  3. R. Keller : But he gets the job done – so who cares what someone looks like!

  4. What job? Making us look like fools in European newspapers?

    I miss the days when the Government didn’t care about foreign affairs. These staffers are so unprofessional it makes one’s head spin.

  5. Oh, sorry, Wayne, I just got your irony.

  6. Oh no! We look like fools in the European newspapers! Now I know exactly how Linsday Lohan feels…

  7. Yeah, exactly.

  8. It is comical to many of us who are not ideological (don’t generally have a political preference) and don’t belong to the media, the intense animosity the media has for Harper et al. Your headline is like a scratch from a school yard cat fight between girl rivals. There are all the classic signs of petty vindictiveness.

  9. Actually paul, some of us non-ideologues have a sense of humour and can appreciate a headline.

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