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A tyrant on trial


It can be lonely writing about and covering wars and humans rights atrocities in Africa. Nobody really cares – at least not as much as they might had the victims been from almost anywhere else on the planet.

Consider the coverage afforded to the civil wars in Liberia and in the former Yugoslavia. They happened at around the same time. More died in Liberia. How many reading this even know that Liberia was consumed by a horrific, anarchic conflict for much of the 1990s?

It was, and so was next door Sierra Leone. Charles Taylor – first a warlord and then president of Liberia – is now on trial in The Hague for his role in the latter conflict. He’s on the stand now. The Special Court for Sierra Leone is posting daily transcripts. They’re worth reading.


A tyrant on trial

  1. Whyever would anyone care about human rights atrocities that can't be maybe-kinda-sorta-almost-theoretically pinned on Stephen Harper? You obviously need to take better notes on Wherry's approach.

    • Well put.

      • I love your sarcasm. Very biting

  2. which came first the interest or the coverage? i am willing to bet that there were be greater interest if the quantity and quality of the coverage was better across canadian news coverage. to be clear this is not a slight on your own work. doesn't your question even point to this?

  3. "Nobody really cares"

    I don't think that's quite right. I will give you my view from the right – people care a great deal but are afraid to say anything lest they be accused of racism by people on the left. I have no idea why, but people get pretty heated when it comes to issues with black people and/or Africa in a way that is not true for any other race/nationality.

    I also think Africa gets less attention because a)situation seems hopeless and progress is scant b)Africans are killing their own people but have not yet taken their wars abroad.

  4. What a come down for the once haughty Quebec "reasonable accomodations" facilitator, McGill perfessor and NDP wannabe.